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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


19. Chapter 19

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Bella POV

Something had changed, yet nothing seemed to be different. Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Jacob and Edward were still crouched in front of us, there was a constant, ferocious hiss from the thirty or so other vampires behind me. There was a louder snarl from my very left and I turned just in time to see Jake push Nessie backwards a little giving himself space and the tremors rolled from his centre, taking with them the body of my friend and leaving the giant russet wolf, our protector, our alpha.

That's when it started, and there was probably only Edward and I who knew it at first. The same unpleasant stabbing sensation that I had already felt once today started again in earnest. Once again going for Carlisle, then Esme, then Alice, then Edward, then me, it was funny to see her face become all that more unpleasant and the number of pricks against my shield increase in fury directed only at me. I flexed that special muscle in my core, thickening the wall surrounding my family that much more.

The next thing that came was more jolts against the expanding barrier of mine, they weren't like Jane's they were more even, less unpleasant and of course I knew who it was from. I only had to move my eyes two people to the right to locate the whereabouts of these. The tall, leonine figure of the dark haired Chelsea loomed above the rest of the guard; her eyes snapped shut in concentration. As I try to monitor her talent it is obvious what she is doing, she is trying, without success, to break the bindings of a family so those they want will leave. I don't think she understands the depth of love in a family, our side is formed by love and friendship not the bitterness or convenience as many covens in our lands. It may have worked for those they have taken down before but even without my shield I would like to think that nothing would break the bonds of the Cullens and Denali's; nothing ever.

The last gift that was coming down upon us was the only one of the Volturi that you could see before it was upon you; the only one my family would be able to tell was coming. Alec. It came, seemingly, from his very fingertips, a clear haze that could only be seen because of the difference between it and the atmosphere. It crept, slowly and it gave all of our family enough time to see it, even though my shield had never let me down yet, it was not the sort of thing that you couldn't be scared of. Knowing that within that mist was nothingness, and then death; no sounds, no sights, no feelings, no memories. Nothing. Everything and everyone we loved would be removed from our consciousness and if we intended to fight the losing battle we would most likely kill one of our own. Personally, if I knew that death was coming I would gladly take Alec's way than any other way because of the pain you would feel as your dislocated limbs, chunks of body, unbeating hearts were burnt alive. However, I would not like to say that I didn't give it my all, didn't fight for my freedom, and didn't fight for my family. Do you know what? I take that back, I would much rather fight to my death; knowing I have done all I could to save those I loved is a good way to go in my eyes. It hit a brick wall, my brick wall and I favored the cloying, oversweet flavor that appeared on my tongue, it tinged my families, friends and allies scents with the novocaine sensation but I relished on it, that was as close as it was going to get to my family. It was only going to mingle with the scents not touch any other part of them.

It bounced again, floating upwards, around the side trying, incessantly, to find a breach in the cover, but it found none. A stiff southerly wind blew into the clearing from the forested areas behind us and I didn't need to look to see that Benjamin was trying to get it away from us, even though it could do nothing to us at present, if at any moment I was to drop this shield it would be in. The wind didn't work.

The next thing I knew was that there was a rumble deep under the ground, and the sound of rocks cracking apart, banging together or generally being cleared out of the way. A fissure opened up from the corner of my eye, once again coming in from the south.

"Ben, wait!" Edward shouted from in front of me, turning his back on the Volturi and shooting his hand in the air to try and still his movements. Wh-? Just then I heard the unmistakable sound of eight heartbeats, thrumming to a specific rhythm, in the distance. Running, getting closer.