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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


2. First day back at school....

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Edward POV

I used to think of high school as purgatory, my own form of sleep. But now being back in the place where my life changed, biology class at Forks high school, it feels like the once purgatory lead to heaven with an angel right beside me, my Bella. The tedium used to be horrendous, I used to pray for the lunch hours when I would be surrounded by my non-boring family, but now, I would have happily stayed in this one place granting Bella was by my side, her scent was soothing; Freesia, Lavender and honey. The honey of my own, of my father, of my family. The teacher is droning on about mitosis, I could teach this class better than most people in the world, except maybe Carlisle and here I sit taking the answers from his head if he asks the class while looking into the eyes of my heart.

"Mr Masen. Do you have the answer?" I was startled by the teacher's voice and jumped a touch in my seat. He smiled, he won't know this one, he wasn't even listening.

"Interphase," I told him, eliciting a small smile and I mentally thanked the nerd sitting on the table opposite us. The teachers eyes widened, and looked oddly like he was about to snarl, which truth be told would have been funny. There is something weird about that kid. He knows too much.

"Where you in the advanced programme at your last school, Mr Masen?" he asked.

"You could say that," I answered and I heard a tiny giggle from my left. The teacher harrumphed and went back to teaching and I turned to Bella with raised eyebrows. She pushed her shield out, Very advanced I would say. You could teach this class, hell even I could teach this class.

I smiled, "you took the words right out of my head," I whispered so only she would be able to hear, "Stealing people's talents are we, love?"

She just smiled in response and the bell took this moment to ring and we packed away our belongings and went to lunch. Alice and Jasper were already at the table we claimed as ours over a hundred years ago, Emmett and Rose and Jacob and Nessie weren't here yet. We walked over to them and they both looked up and smiled. Rosalie and Emmett came in about three minutes after gym and Jacob and Nessie joined us after another five.

"Guess what, mom. I got an A!" Nessie squealed as she sat down to Jacob's right.

Bella's eyes widened and quickly checked that no-one in the vicinity had heard before looking back at our daughter and shaking her head with narrowed eyes. It was funny to see my forever eighteen year old wife telling off our daughter even though she looked the same age and was the same age in vampire years. The story we had told the people in coming here was that Jasper and Rosalie were once again the "Hale" twins, I was Esme's nephew whose parents had died and I was using my old surname for this purpose, Emmett, Alice and Bella were supposedly true siblings. Emmett, Alice, Bella, Jasper and Rosalie were adopted by my mother and father, Carlisle and Esme, when they were younger. Nessie was claiming to be my cousin from my father's side so she was also using Masen as her surname and we thought that the resemblance between us, namely hair colour, would suffice for this explanation. Jacob was acting as a close family friend.

My family's thoughts invaded my mind as I was sitting trying to make patterns out of how the light was bouncing off Bella's hair.

Oh, there's number forty-one today, obviously Rosalie, she had took it upon herself to count how many people looked at her on the first day and had been counting all day today much to my annoyance.

Ooh, thunderstorm tonight. Baseball! Huh, Edward? Baseball? Alice thought before relaying the news to my family.

I have never been so bored as I am now, even the students are bored so that doesn't help, Jasper, his eyes flickered over to Alice and he smiled and his thoughts took another route which was much better to listen to than his boredom.

What? Baseball, Edward you're going down! Emmett, understandably. "What? Baseball," he laughed, "Edward you're going down." It never felt like I was invading Emmett's privacy with my gift because everything he thought, he said anyway.

Woooooo, I got an A! Nessie was still over the moon about her latest pass, I looked over to her and smiled smugly she had obviously inherited her mother's human brain. Sorry Dad, I'll shut up now. She smiled and I just shook my head, I liked seeing her happy as much as I liked being called "Dad."

Look at how happy she is. Jacob's thoughts always held the most pride even though I was father. He was just happy to see her happy and it made his day when she was like this. Although it used to pain me to say this a hundred years ago there was no one better for my daughter than him. The bell rang quickly signalling the end of lunch period and we all got up in unison, Nessie and Jacob dumping their empty trays near the bin and the rest of us our uneaten food in the bin. We all walked through to the corridor to our lockers which were all in a line, and we opened the doors in harmony and closed them as one as well.

Just go over to her. She isn't going to bite you, I heard and then I could hear to footsteps coming up the corridor to where we were standing. I turned around and located the internal voice as coming from a tall boy about five metres away from us, walking towards us, his eyes set on Rose with a strut in his step which he thought looked very cool as I could tell through his thoughts. I nudged Emmett, who was standing with his arm around Rose's shoulder looking into her eyes, and tugged, on my ear lobe, our secret message that there was a "flirter" coming. His eyes narrowed on the boy but he couldn't see it his face intent on Rose's. You can do this, Mark, he was bigging himself up for such a letdown and it took all my power not to laugh.

"Hey Babe," he said when he was finally over to us. "I hear you're new. Need a one-on-one tour. I'll be happy to do it." He obviously thought this was working as Rose hadn't interrupted him. Forty- two, Rose thought, please... a gangly idiot like him is trying to hit on me.

"I'm in a relationship," she said in a bored voice and I could tell that it was not the first time she had said that in the day.

Yeah with me, punk. Walk away, walk away. Emmett was looking at the kid with narrowed eyes trying to convey his message without words.

"Woah, babe, I understand. But you know what they say, long distance relationships never last. I'm your shoulder to cry on."

Alice giggled and hid it under her hand, and Bella and Jasper looked as if they would like nothing better than to laugh at that moment. "Actually? I'm with him," Rose told "Mark" while indicating Emmett who had now wrapped his arm around her waist. That's right punk. Rose is mine! Back off!

Mark's comeback was forgotten but I'm sure it would have been funny because he hadn't thought about what he nearly said. Woah, big bear man! He actually flinched at the sight of Emmett. "But you're related?"

"Like hell they are," Bella this time. "They're not related in any way, shape or form." Mark looked at Bella now, hmmm, she's nice! I prefer blondes but brunettes are nice too. If I can't have the blonde I can have this one. He was talking about Bella, I secured my hand around hers and she looked up and dazzled me once again with her heartbreaking smile.

"Fine then. How ‘bout you and me?" he asked Bella and I actually snarled and Emmett put a firm hand on my shoulder. Bella smiled as she lifted our intertwined hands up in front of his face. What she's with copper-head?What's the point in being a senior and an athlete if all the cuties are taken?

He turned his eyes to Alice and Bella noticed this as I did, "they're together too," she informed the boy pointing to Alice and Jazz even though she obviously didn't need to as they had their arms securely around one another. "And so are they," she added, pointing to Nessie and Jacob her voice turning hard as I think she was probably not letting her mothering instinct come through as I was trying not to do with my fatherly instinct. He looked around us once more before hunching his shoulders and walking back to where his friends had just seen him publically rejected, but before he was out of hearing distance he muttered, "freaks," which had us all growling in unison and he turned round audibly gulped and hurried quicker down the hall with the ten of us laughing behind him.

My next class was English with Alice, Rose and Jazz had Spanish, Emmett and Bella History and Jacob and Nessie Gym. We each kissed our mates, except the later and went our own way to class. Alice and I made it quickly to our next class and found our regular seats at the back. We were learning about 20th Century English literature one of my favourites as I had Carlisle as a father who had grown up long before these people but also because I was alive at the same time that these books were produced so I knew a lot about them, so I all but shut down allowing my hand to move in synchronicity with the teachers words while listening into the other buildings for Bella.

I found her in the same block as me, one floor below and three classrooms along. She sighed angry, and I heard Emmett laugh at her side.

"What's up sis?" he quietly asked. "Well aside from the fact that we know all of this stuff and we could actually teach this class."

"Speak for yourself Em; you were born when this was going on. I wasn't, my upbringing will be history in about fifty years."

Emmett laughed, "Okay, you're right there. You just made me feel old. But, are you saying that you could not teach this class?" This stumped Bella for a moment and I saw in Emmett's mind as she raised her eyebrows in confusion. He laughed and leaned in to whisper in her ear, "C'mon Bells. Our father in 460 years old! And our mother and your bloody husband are nearly two-hundred. "

She finally got it and smiled up at him. He laughed again and scrubbed his knuckles along her head and pretended to shove her, "you are so" he dropped his voice to a whisper, "human-like," returning to talking level while pretending to shudder from the prospect of being human-like, "sometimes. Did you know that?"

She looked up at him and scoffed, "Are you bringing this up again. My human nature, the fact that I'm not a real vampire," she added smiling.

"You've always been too tame."

"I beat your ass enough times," she added smugly. His smile disappeared from his face and went to shove Bella harder this time but she simply moved out of the way and he nearly toppled off his chair in the mean time. I had to hide my laugh as a coughing fit.

"You are a smart ass at times, you know?" he told her.

She mimed picking up a phone and talking into it, "Hello pot, it's Kettle. You're black. Just thought you might want to know." Emmett looked at her for a moment before snarling under his breath. "Whatever, Em. I was telling the truth!" she looked at him proudly and went back to barely listening to the teacher.

I know you're listening Edward. I will kick your ass and your wife's ass at baseball tonight. Bring it on, bitch! I'm bringing my ‘A' game. If she wants to be as smart as you try to be she'll get owned. I hid another laugh as he looked over to Bella and smiled his wicked, mischievous grin.

She just smiled back quickly before pushing her shield away from her for a minute. Whatever Emmett's telling you now, I want to know later. It's probably about baseball. Tell me later if I'm right. I love you. She told me before dropping her shield once again.

I left their classroom and travelled into block "3" and found Rosalie and Jasper sitting at the back of their Spanish class playing noughts and crosses with one another on a scrap piece of paper while their teacher, Miss Diaz, spoke away in Spanish. Jasper was concentrating on the game more than Rose but still had much space in his mind for other things. He was translating everything his teacher was saying in Spanish, into English, then translating it into Korean and the other part of his mind, the larger part, was concentrating solely on Alice. Rosalie's mind was pretty much taken up by the amount of people who had looked at her that day; she was thinking how none of them held an ounce of what Emmett did for her. Even though both of them were different with their loves, Rose being overly lustful and loud about her relationship and Jasper more quiet and reserved I could tell that both of them loved their mates in the same degree.

I left their classroom and let my mind wander down to gym, where Nessie and Jacob were. Volleyball. Great. That would be what Bella and I would be doing next, the monotony of gym was almost worse than that of school. Nessie and Jacob were on the same team, it was nice to see that both of them kept their true natures secret in gym, not like Emmett was prone to do. It was fun watching how Jacob would spike the ball easily for Nessie and she would slam it into the opposing half, they worked in perfect harmony, and they would slap each other high fives or hug each other every time they would win a point. I smiled at my daughter's happiness with her life and with her husband, my son-in-law; I laughed again shaking my head.

I came back to my English class and could tell Alice wasn't paying any attention also, her hand moving quickly through the teachers words just as mine was but her thoughts were only concerning Jasper in the other block. She was listening to his conversation as well and I joined in with her. They had started an epic game of boxes on a full sheet of paper and as I was watching through Jasper's thoughts I saw him win. He placed the last line down on the paper and held his hand out to Rose.

"Pay up, sis," he laughed and I heard Alice join in beside me.

Rosalie snarled once but stuck her hand into her jeans pocket and placed a roll of money of Jazz's hand. He laughed and began to taunt her, "that's funny that you lost," he said, while pretending to count the bills, "I forget, do you like to lose?"

Alice laughed again to my side and I had to join in seeing the look on Rose's face. She snarled in his ear, "Bite me," and Jasper laughed with something that only our family would understand. "Bring it, tonight. Baseball. You won't be so showy once we beat you will you?"

"Don't make me laugh Rose. You know you'll never beat my side. How ‘bout we make this interesting? Me, Alice, Edward and Bella take you, Em, Carlisle and Jacob? I think your husband wants a crack at Bella, so what do you think?"

"Deal," she said holding out her hand. "Thousand dollars?"

"Deal," he took her hand and pretended to wince as Rosalie gripped his hand but his lips pulled up into a smug smile. Edward if you can hear me, bro. Ask Alice if she sees the decision.

I laughed and whispered to Alice, "Do you see the outcome?" She laughed once and then lapsed into a vision before coming back to me and smiling showing her teeth. We win! I think you should bet Emmett and Jacob. Carlisle, no way, but them two yeah. FYI, Esme will not be best pleased about the betting so try to keep it on the DL.

"Yes," I whispered in answer to Jasper's question. I knew he would be able to hear me. We win? Comes his thoughts and again I whisper "yes," and his internal thoughts chuckle.

I go back to listening to Bella's history class; their teacher is now talking about WW2. Bella and Emmett have started a game of boxes just like Rose and Jasper. "And does anyone know the year World War Two ended?" the teacher asked the students in his class. None of which knew the answer by the blankness that went through their minds. Emmett and Bella both sighed looked up from their game and quoted in harmony "1945." Their teacher held back a smile and the rest of the children laughed. Emmett and Bella looked at each other in astonishment for a moment before joining in with the other laughter and high-fiving each other. "Good one, bro," Bella laughed punching his shoulder and mussing his hair; he laughed too and punched her shoulder.

The bell rang I was looking into my brothers mind and I brought myself back to English class. Alice and I picked up our belongings and made our way downstairs. Alice met Jasper and he winked at me, See you tonight. Go team! Before chuckling and walking to Science with Alice. I could still hear them whispering and laughing about baseball all the way to the end of the corridor. I walked to Bella's History corridor and found Bella and Emmett locked in some kind of friendly fight, digging each other with their files.

"I see you had a fun lesson," I said coming up behind Bella and taking her in my arms and kissing her hair.

"I see you were being nosy again, Eddie," Emmett joked nudging my shoulder.

"I was bored..." I admitted sheepishly.

Rosalie took this moment to appear on Emmett's other side and slipped her arm around his frame. Emmett and Rose walked to Calculus that they had together and I heard Rosalie muttered to Emmett, "You better get ready for tonight, babe. I bet Jazz a thousand." Emmett just laughed and held her closer, "That's my girl," he murmured into her hair before turning to me and mouthing "One thousand." I laughed back at him and mouthed back "you're on," before taking Bella's hand in mine and walking to our last lesson, gym.

"What were you laughing about?" she asked, a small smile pulling her perfect lips up at the corner.

"Just, Em. He bet me a thousand dollars for tonight. Me, you, Alice and Jazz take Jacob, Rose, Em and Carlisle and two thousand dollars resting on it and a lot of reputation on Rose's and Em's part," I laughed and her tinkling laugh joined in. "Plus, do you know what?" I whispered into her neck.


"We win," I smiled and she broke down into a fit of hysterics.

"By the way. You were right about Emmett," I told her as we reached the gym doors.

She smiled up at me, "I knew you were listening."

"And do you know what else?" I told her, "I love you, too."

She smiled wider, and stood on her tiptoes in order to press her lips to mine. "Masen! Cullen! Get to class now!" a stern voice shouted and we both shot apart and looked up the stairs to find Emmett bent over and clutching his sides with laughter and before we could do anything he was back at class.

"I'm getting sick of him," Bella joked.

"I know just what you mean, my love."

"We'll kick his ass tonight, Cullen style," she teased before kissing my neck and walking to the females changing room with me leaving her to go to the boys. I changed quickly into the hideous gym uniform, I had successfully excused myself from every gym class the last time we were in Forks. All a vampire boy had to do was bat his lashes, like the pretty boy he was, and the receptionist would jump through flaming hoops for him but now I didn't care so much. There was no way I was going to get out of this class now. No way would I lose time in the presence of my Bella. I walked through to the gymnasium and found Bella already sitting on the bleachers in her uniform and it fit her better than any of the other pompous girls in that class. She had a bored look in her eye which disappeared as I sat beside me and she cuddled into my chest, laying her head on my shoulder.

Coach ordered us all into teams of two so Bella and I stood on one side of the court while our opposition came, no-one wanted to come and I smiled that we still had the same effect on the unsuspecting humans. The coach paired us up with a jock and his girl partner and I whispered to Bella, "Let's pretend this is Em and Rose," and she smiled back with a wicked glint in her eye.

I had never seen Bella play Volleyball when she was human except through the eyes of that vile Mike Newton so it was good to see her play it now, even if she was pretending to be human. We worked in tandem, similar to how I had seen Jacob and Nessie play just an hour ago. We spun, spiked, jumped and flew around the court making it look as human-like as possible, but pretending that it was tiring us out and that it wasn't an easy match which was a complete lie. Every time Bella or I would land the ball on the opposite side of the court the jock would swear in his mind and blame his partner, who in truth was a better player than he.

The coach ordered us to a stop after about half an hour and we each went to respective changing rooms. "My partner was crap," I heard the jock grumble to his jock friend. "Those other two were perfect," he grumbled again.

"Like parents, like children," his friend muttered back. Ah, jealousy. It was often directed towards me and my siblings, because we apparently had everything. We had a big house, nice cars, money. They are the material things in life that only when one is a vampire do you understand. Humans had mortality, they had a soul, although Carlisle and Bella believed we did, humans definitely had one; they had hearts and a chance of dying. Now I had found my true calling in life; being a husband, being a father and being a son and brother I had found out that the only thing to be jealous of in my life was the love in my family, the love I had for my siblings, the love for my mother and father, the unending love they had for me, the love I had from Bella and the love that came from my daughter. I smiled to myself, no-one should be jealous of me or my family, I had never heard it expressed in the way they had today, no-one had ever been envious of my parents but I could see where they came from, I would love to be like my parents; have self-control like Carlisle, have compassion like him, protect my family the way Esme does every day and learn to treat Bella better every day than the day before that, after nearly two hundred years together with my father and mother I had learned so much from them.

I left the changing room and found Bella waiting leaning against the wall outside. She still took my breath away. I reached for her hand and we walked outside and into the parking lot. We walked over to my new Volvo, it would have looked odd if I came to school in a car that was over a hundred years old but I still had my old Volvo in the garage at home, as we waited for my family to join us. Emmett and Rosalie were first to arrive and they jumped straight into Emmett's jeep and through Emmett's thoughts I could see the prank he had played on us just an hour ago and the joy it had given him for the whole hour that followed. Jacob, Nessie, Alice and Jasper arrived at the same time and Jacob and Nessie jumped into the back of my Volvo when Alice and Jasper got into Em's jeep.

Em revved his jeep and took off onto the main road leaving the school and leading home, and I was quick to follow him. Jacob caught my eye in the rear-view mirror and asked in his gravelly voice, "A thousand dollars on tonight, huh?"

I smiled, "Sure, Jake. Whatever you want." He laughed leaning over and grasping my free hand. "Deal." There was going to be some sulking tonight and I had a feeling Jacob, Em and Rose would be the only ones. I caught Bella's eyes and she dropped her shield quickly, Three thousand dollars, she corrected me and I winked at her slyly.