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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


20. Chapter 20

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Emmett POV

"Ben, wait!" Edward shouted from my side, his arm flying upwards as I could see through the corner of my eye. The ground shaking stopped under our feet, and that stupid fucking mist still bounced against this invisible wall. There was no sounds except three breaths, three lungs fluttering, three heart beats and a gentle swish of the breeze coming through the trees, bringing with it loose debris, or snowflakes.

That's when I heard it, a small rhythmic noise; a crunching of twigs in the forest, what is it? More vampires? It can't be, the only ones that didn't come were Amun and Kebi and why in hell's name would they change their minds now. Wait up, now there isn't three heartbeats, as much as eleven. What the fuck is going on?

A sand colored object flies from behind me, brushing past me in the process to come to a stop to the right of me on Jacob's flank. Seth. The more I became aware of what was happening around me, the more I found I could take in. The crunching, of what now I know to have been paws had stopped, only to be replaced by those fast heartbeats, much more sped up than any human's I have ever come across. As I look at Seth I see on the other side of my russet colored wolfy-brother, a chocolate brown wolf in the form of Quil. I turn my head, just slightly to see the rest of them and I could see that the whole Quileute pack had joined us, including the sandy one, that looked clearly some relation to Seth, and the feminine, if that's the real word to describe a wolf. Yes, feminine one, Leah, standing further back than her brother and Quil with the older wolves and the two newest ones.

I looked back to the Volturi, who looked in my opinion kind of scared. Well except the leaders; Caius looked incensed, Aro thoughtful and Marcus apathetic, nothing ever changes his facial expressions. The whole guard did, I guessed they didn't like being outnumbered, well I don't anyway so I don't think they do. What, are they going to back out so quickly? Chickens.

"No," Edward answered my internal question. I sighed, one can hope. "Are you ready guys?" I whispered. I was weirdly eager for the off, I was eager for a fight a hundred years ago, even though it didn't come, god damn it! I am always eager for a fight, why the hell is today any different, that's because it's not. Unless you count that we aren't playing for money. This isn't Jazz and I, or Bella and I in the back yard running away from Esme's motherly scolding's, and the gentle teasing that goes with sibling rivalry. Now it was going to be bloodthirsty, and the only prize for us was death of the Volturi and instead of losing our money we could lose our lives, our loves and our family. Those were worse things to lose than material money.

"Emmett, I love you," I turned to find the most beautiful person ever staring at me with so much devotion in her eyes it made my legs kinda go weak.

"I love you, too, Rose," I replied, squeezing her fingertips lightly with my hand. That was the only goodbye we could afford, I wasn't going to turn my back on those and kiss my wife, however badly I wanted to. "Remember I want Felix!" I snarled my eyes finding the bulkiest of the guard and a twisted smile appearing on my face without my recognition.

"That's fine Em," Kate laughed, "I just want Jane."

"Alec," one of the Romanians chose from the back of our pack. Wow I really should know his name. Erm, Vladimir? No, he's Stefan? Aw, who cares!

"Caius," Eleazer spat.

"Heidi," Rose sang, my girl faces the beautiful Volturi, that bitch didn't have a chance.

"Aro," Edward picked, Alice started to stop him, but he held his fingers up to our sister. "No Alice he's mine."

"Demetri is mine," Garrett declared.

"No he's mine, Garrett," Jasper snapped back at him.

"Hey, Jazz. I don't mind sharing," Garrett laughed in response.

My brother's musical laugh, somehow tainted with worry, broke this predicament. "The wolves don't care. They just want to help tear and burn."

I laughed out loud also. Good wolfies. "So this is it?" my father asked from my side. Although each and every one knew the answer as he did also, there was no hope in trying.

"Yep, pops, this is it," I answered him.

"Okay, then. I love you, all, so much," his voice broke as his eyes came down to his mates one last time.

The Volturi, as one, sank into identical crouches; the only two left standing were the two wives at the very back, not taking part in what was coming. I copied them, my eyes once again finding my target, and I heard my family and friends do so behind me. Aro's lip moved, I read the words as he said them. "Now."

They charged and as I ran forward with Jasper and Eleazer on my sides I heard my sister shout from behind, "Keep Nessie safe."

Jasper POV

A snarl ripped from my chest, building in my throat and coming out as a low, furious growl through my clenched teeth, as I charged on. They ran towards my family and I, faces contorted in anger which I knew mine to be also. Their actions showed nothing but vengeance and as they came no emotion around me resembled fear, everyone was ready, beyond ready, and we were determined, furious and protective.

I saw a flash of some member of the Volturi guard run past me, their eyes trained only on one member of my side behind me. I didn't stop to think about it, they were the enemy and their only thoughts at present were to kill or injure a member of my family or a friend. I snatched into the air, grabbing the person to a stop. It was Afton, Chelsea's mate. He snarled as I pulled down upon the arm I was holding, breaking it at the elbow and throwing this decapitated section of his still twitching arm into the fire that was already blazing with a bright purple smoke that I hoped was only doing so with the burning bodies of the Volturi. I went back to the writhing, fighting body in my arms and placed my foot into his back as his tried to run from me, pulling both arms from his body and once again depositing them in the fire. As I turned back to him again his teeth sought my shoulder and the sound of ripping granite reverberated around the clearing along with the screeching of bodies being ripped and screams of fury and pain. I looked at the place where his teeth had marred my skin, nothing had been bitten out and his venom was mixing with my own leaving in its place a colorless scar. I found myself shrugging, just add that to my other's. I forced this man down to the ground my teeth finding his skin this time, just above his jugular vein which would have been pulsing blood if he was human, but as it was it just pumped venom and as my teeth broke the skin and I used this force plus that of my hands in his hair, it was that venom that pulsed to the ground. I threw his head into the fire as a wolf, I didn't really care which it was, came to help me dismantle Afton's still living body, throwing each tiny, miniscule piece into a fire before they could regenerate with one another. When we had finished the wolf ran off in the opposite direction and I turned my eyes seeking Afton's mate, Chelsea.