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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


21. Chapter 21

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Jasper POV

I found her fighting my love. Her eyes that were solely on Alice a minute ago turned towards me with enough pain coming from her it nearly knocked me off my feet. As Chelsea was busy with her thoughts Alice jumped upon her, snapping her neck between her hands and throwing her whole into the fire. That's my girl. She looked up and smiled at me before running in the opposite direction to join the fight.

I looked up searching for Demetri and my eyes crossed my whole family. Rosalie was battling Heidi, not too far from where Alice had just been. Rosalie looked totally unharmed except a tiny limp when she moved; the same however could not be said for Heidi. It looks to me like Rose had taken great pleasure in mangling the beautiful "catcher" of the Volturi. Heidi's face was a state, with huge gashes and bite marks distorting all of it. It looked to me like Rose could have ended it a long time ago, she was having far too much fun with this than should be possible. I turned before I had to se anymore, Rosalie had been married to Emmett for longer than a hundred and fifty years and I have seen him maul a bear and take his time over it.

I looked across the field more and found my mother and father fighting back to back. Carlisle fighting Santingo and Esme another female member of the guard, whom I didn't know the name of. Both were thankfully winning, I started to run in the opposite direction before I was drawn into that fight like I wanted to. I needed to find my man, I needed to kill Demetri. If I did they wouldn't be able to find the ones who live today, ever again. As I ran I came across Emmett who was laughing as he ran through vampire after vampire tearing sections of their bodies off whole and drop-kicking them into the nearest fire. I came across Eleazer and Caius engaged in an almighty battle of wills at the centre of the clearing, Aro still stood at the southern edge of the clearing with Renata by his side. He had not yet joined in the battle, he thought he didn't need to; times would change in just a few moments. Marcus was on his knees with a man of our side standing over him, I didn't turn to see who it was but I heard Marcus's breath catch as I was running away, and just before the screech of teeth on granite skin there was a heartbreaking plead of "Didyme," and his emotions turned happy. I couldn't begin to comprehend the pain that man had suffered for two millennia, and to be honest I didn't want to. The wolves were everywhere, a blur of different colored furs as they ran at vampires, or mutilated the already gone.

I heard an almighty scream from behind my back and I turned to find Tanya stranded with a male on her back. His hands weaved through her strawberry blonde hair, and his teeth poised at her neck. The whole fight seemed to cease at this moment. All noises were cut off even though they were still going on; the only threat for our family at present was that the main feature of our cousin's family was going to die, just as her sister went. And if she did, the whole Denali would die also, and so too would Carlisle, Esme and Edward. I ran towards this fight, pushing my legs faster than I have ever went, the vampires teeth getting closer to her neck drawing me in. I was so close I could jump upon them and just as I went to I was thrown sideward's by a black blur which I thought that one of the Volturi had come to stop me from getting any closer. I looked up from where I was on the ground just in time to see Randall, his black hair thrown around his face end it all with a roundhouse kick to the vampire's head which thumped to the floor and rolled away. I smiled to myself as I heard Randall say to Tanya, "Well we couldn't have you dying could we?"

As I got to my feet I heard Emmett's large bellow of "Felix." And I looked up to see Emmett charge towards the largest Volturi member and my eyes looked around this man for Demetri and there he was, standing with a huge, smug smile on his face as he took in my brother running towards them. I ran towards him and met Em on my way, both coming together; the two fighters of the Cullens versus the two of the Volturi, and they were going down.

Bella POV

I plowed forward, every Volturi member that came towards me were thrown backwards by Ben or blinded by Zafrina; my guardians. I don't understand why I'm so important to have two of the most talented vampires in the world protecting me. I can think of far more worthy people; Carlisle and Esme for two and Edward, but maybe I was just bias. A streak of blonde flies towards us now, and as I watch it swerves around both Zafrina and Ben coming to a stop just in front of me. Grabbing my forearm was the familiar warm hand of my father.

I trace his face and he looks totally unharmed, and because of that I breathed out a sigh of relief. He smiles at me, grabbing my waist tightly as two groups of fighting couples move past us, so not to be separated. "Where's Esme?" I asked him as I looked around, Ben and Zafrina had cannily surrounded us two as we spoke as they had me so anyone that came couldn't get near us.

His face fell, and in his darkened eyes I saw a hell of a lot of pain. "I lost her," he whispered, looking around to signify the message that she was missing not dead. "Carlisle!" I heard my mother shout, running towards the pair of us and Carlisle's face spun towards her, a graceful smile pulling at his mouth. Upon reaching us, she grasped Carlisle hand pulling him away from me, not without a smile in my direction as Carlisle kissed my cheek and whispered "Be safe."

I patted Zafrina's and Ben's shoulders and once again we ran on. As we ran I saw Kate and Jane involved in a kind of battle of talents, and I could see that my barrier was still around Kate, so Jane's couldn't get through it. Kate was taking it in turns to pretend to wince in pain, then to laugh, then reached her palm out when Jane wasn't expecting it; throwing Jane to the ground writhing in agony. Kate launched herself onto the tiny vampire this time, circling her arms around Jane's torso and probably shocking her to the highest degree as Jane's eyes rolled backwards into her head and her jerking became worse. A member of the guard spotted this and left her fight with Peter, whom he had just knocked to the floor, to come and help. "Zafrina," I whispered to the tall Amazonian and as I was watching this dark haired arrival, his eyes became clouded and his steps faltered to a stop as he started to flail his arms around his head like he was running away from a swarm of bees. Peter saw this as his chance jumping from the ground to take down the vampire, as they started their circling dance once again.

As my attention snapped back to Kate I saw her smiling down at the vampire still in her grasp, then her smile came up to find mine. "Bella, my love," she joked, "would you care to do the honors?" she indicated towards Jane's head as her red eyes snapped open to bore into mine. I laughed at my cousin, and shook my head. I was having far too much fun watching this than I would have participating in it. Kate's smile got wider; her teeth came on show, glinting in anticipation. "More for me," she laughed as her mouth bit down upon her neck, tearing off a chunk and spitting it to the floor. A wolf came out of the dust to help Kate finish her off, and the first thing I noticed was the color of his fur. The color I would know anywhere, russet, Jake. "Hey Jake, is Nessie aright?" I asked as he pulled another chunk away from Jane's body. A loud, gruff, chuckle came from him as his eyes met mine and he seemed to roll them, I could almost read what was going through his head, a mixture of "God Bells you worry far too much," or "do you think I would leave her unattended?"

I smiled as I passed him, brushing my fingers against his shoulder as we ran on. The battles were coming to a stop, I could hear it, I could sense it, there was little noise except the remaining screams or the faint crackling of the burning fire. And yet, Aro had not entered the battle, he had stood protected by his own shield waiting until all of us were overcome then he would appear and grant those he wanted a chance of clemency, so it was them that I was now seeking. And it was them that I found; Aro staring at his dwindling horde of the guard.

I ran towards them only to be caught around the waist by Edward, he smiled and told Zafrina and Ben to join the fight, as and I quote, "we would take it from here." We ran towards them, and Aro's smile faltered a little and Renata squealed in terror. Edward veered off to the side, as I ran towards Renata and before I could reach her I was flying through the air, landing a hundred meters away with a loud bang and a few cries of terror.