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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


22. Chapter 22

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Edward POV

Oh no she doesn't, I turn finding the eyes of Corin, the telekinesis, and her narrowed eyes are concentrated solely on my Bella. I follow this girl's eye line and watched, powerless, as Bella flies upwards and lands upon the ground a long way away, too long of a distance, from me. From behind me the whole fight seemed to stop as this happens and all of my family's thoughts penetrate me, my gaze only on my wives moving form. Esme squeaked, Carlisle's thoughts screamed what mine were Oh no, Bella, Emmett swore, Jasper contemplated going to either help her or me, Rose, Jacob, Seth and Nessie were worrying profusely and Alice checked the future as she was running towards me to take Bella's place. Zafrina and Benjamin, Bella's protectors were battling two at once with Garrett and Peter, and to think I ordered them away. "Zafrina," comes my wives painful whisper because of Corin's hand pressed firmly into her windpipe. I take a step forward and another before I know I'm running and again before I know it Alice's body is in front of me turning me back the other way. She's okay, Edward. Look, she nods her head in the direction of Zafrina running and from her comes the thought; It's alright, mind reader. I'm on it.

Thankfully, the last thing Bella had managed to do before flying away from me was to separate Aro and Renata, and Alice was fully aware of that. She ran straight past me and onto the small shield, as Aro stared at me and I at him waiting for the opportunity where I could charge him. As Alice circled Renata I did not move my eyes from Aro but I let my mind move to my families and through their thoughts they were concentrating solely on what was happening with Bella, with the exception of Jasper. As I watched through Emmett's thoughts I saw Corin pick something up, I don't know what, and throw it at Bella, to which she neatly dodged never showing her back. Now she had the audacity to pick up a flaming log out of the burning, purple fire, and throw it at my love. Again Bella ducked and the log carried on hitting another member of the Volturi in the face, I very nearly gave everything up there seeing how close Bella was from death, a millimeter closer and the fire would have burned her arm and with that there is nothing that can be done, not like battle wounds, fire injuries are something that can't be treated, the person burns to death. As I watched the fight again I saw Zafrina appear in Rose's mind, and as she comes Corin stopped throwing and went blank. Thank god, for Zafrina.

Edward? Alice calls, her eyes set only on Renata's pinched face, are you ready?

I smile at my smallest sister as she bites down upon her target which means I'm free to circle mine, and I do just that. I walk towards him as he walks towards me; Bring it on, Cullen, he snarled internally before launching himself upon me.

Alice POV

As I looked up back from Edward, Renata surged towards my neck from where she was stranded on the floor. I moved backwards, punching my hand into her temple to stop her advance, with so much power that a small crater appeared in her head. As she was screaming I reached for her long, black hair, interlacing my fingers within it and I pulled, tearing off her head with just my bare strength and throwing it into the fire near my family. I looked up and Edward and Aro had started to dance, before I went about dismembering Renata's broken form still underneath me. Once I had finished I picked up the smashed pieces of her, running them to the fire nearest to me, before turning back to my brother's fight.

Where they had just been circling a minute ago, now Edward was on the back leg. His shirt had been ripped from his back, and through the whole was showing three scratch marks which were so deep that unmistakable venom was pouring from them. He plowed forward, his hands set into claws going for Aro's throat, but the elder sidestepped him sending Edward toppling into the already melting snow. I've never seen Edward so susceptible in a fight, his gift always helped him, why was today any different?

"Peace, Edward," Aro spoke as Edward got to his feet, "I have an offer for you." This did not stop Edward's onslaught. "Listen to me Edward. Everything could stop, right now, you could stop it."

"Don't worry, I plan too," he retorted, but Aro shook his head at him.

"You know that's not what I mean, dear Edward. Violence never solves anything. You can stop all this now; stop the suffering, if you join me. Have you seen your father or mother at all during this fight? What about your wife? I know your thoughts, and I know you haven't." This stopped Edward's steps but nothing in his future told me he was willing to accept, as it happens Bella, along with Carlisle and Esme stood safe on the other side of the clearing. Edward's face twisted in fury, his eyes coming up to mine, they're fine, trust me, all safe.

He nodded to me while turning his attention back to Aro, and he charged once again, this time seeing when Aro moved out of the way and quickly rounding on his open, exposed back, and seizing Aro's left arm with two of his own, planting a knee into Aro's back and forcing him to the ground. He placed his hand in Aro's dank hair, and whispered into his ear, "I don't think so." And he pulled, pushing his foot into the "master's" back, and pulling his hair so Aro's head came clean off his head with a satisfying sound before all I saw was a blur of black hair and white skin as the head whipped over my head and landed in the bonfire full of his own burning men. The fire burned once, the brightest purple of the whole fight, before all was still.