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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


23. Chapter 23

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Edward POV

I looked down upon the headless form of Aro below me, crumpled, weak. I couldn't bear to turn around to see that there were still fights going on, or to look into the faces of friends of the dead, or to find another member of the guard rushing towards me eager to avenge their master's death. To be honest, he didn't deserve this, nobody deserved this. I, along with all my family, would not have said so a few hours ago when they came to kill us, but now with them gone, it was not something that you should wish upon them.

Something jumped onto my back, with enough force that I was rocketed forward just managing to stay on my feet. She sobbed into my shoulder, and as I swung her around and into my grasp I found the tiny face of my sister, with her disarrayed hair even worse and spattered with dirt. I picked her up and swung her around, placing my head on her shoulder as she did with me as her body thrummed with her break down. I sensed rather than heard my brothers coming up behind me, and it wasn't long until Jasper's hands substituted mine on Alice and Emmett jumped down onto Aro's body and started to dismember it, I didn't even have the energy to join him. Once he had broken Aro's body further he jumped up to face me, his curly hair in was in dismay around his face; and unlike everyone else I had come across today my brother's dimpled smile was the only one I saw.

He pulled me into a bone crunching hug, which would have done damage if I was human, as it was it did hurt. "We did it man," he laughed, as he dropped me on the floor in front of him. His thoughts running through the sights he saw today. He showed me Vladimir ripping up Alec and enjoying it at that, Eleazer winning against Caius, Jasper against Demetri and finally him winning Felix.

"Did anyone die?" I asked, really not wanting to know if a thing that happened a century ago had caused the demise of our friends, or even worse family.

"Nah," he smiled. He went over to pick up the bits of the body on the floor and I helped him, gently placing the pieces in my arms and together we walked over to one of the fires. My eyes concentrated solely on the dwindling fire, where his were on Rosalie and I could read the longing behind them.

"Go," I told him, my eyes coming up to find his, "go." He smiled placing his pieces in my hands, clapping my shoulder as he ran towards his wife. I continued to walk towards the fire, and when I was there I placed the pieces gently into the fire. "Goodbye, Aro," I whispered as the fire burned purple for the last time and then went out.

I stood up my eyes finally moving away from the already dead fire, and coming up to our side for the first time in a while. I was stunned by the different degrees of shock, friendship and love that were shown in everybody's postures. Carlisle stood off to the side with Esme not joining in the pleasure of a win, he was staring at a fire, his head bowed as Esme was tucked under his arm, her face in his chest. My Bella was hugging my, our, daughter, her eyes following my movements over Nessie's shoulder. Jacob was standing talking to the wolves all in human form. The Amazonians stood together their fingers linked, as did the Irish, the Romanians stood close together laughing gleefully, the Egyptians; Ben and Tia stood locked in an embrace as did Peter and Charlotte. Maria looked like she didn't belong with us. The Denali's stood close beside my siblings, and surprisingly there was a sixth member with them, Randall stood with his arm around Tanya's shoulder. And finally, my siblings stood together with their arms wrapped around each other. The only injuries I could see were a new scar upon Jasper's shoulder, visible through a hole in his shirt, Peter also had a bite mark on his forearm and Tanya's face and neck was riddled with scratch marks, that was all except the scratches that covered my back, we had fought well, very well. To beat so many, fifteen main guard, and numerous others and to not lose one, was something that hasn't been seen ever.

When I was finally over to them, Carlisle and Esme were the first to run over to me. Oh, thank God, my mother cried as she pulled me down to kiss my cheek as she wrapped her arms around me, Carlisle came next wrapping his arms around his wife and I. You did it son, I am so immensely proud of you. He felt pride? I did not deserve his pride, not when I was the one to bring this down on us, and made myself just as bad as the Volturi by mutilating any I could get my hands on. I moved out of their embrace, dropping my head to my hands, Edward, son, what's wrong? Carlisle asked worried, as I brought my fingers up to pinch my nose, a gesture I had learned and picked up from my father.

"I don't deserve your pride," I whispered, pitifully. I felt two fingers under my chin, and as my face was pulled up to meet his, it was his honest golden eyes that I saw. His fingers flexed on my chin, "you do, Edward. Why do you think you don't? I have always been proud of you, always, and nothing ever will change that. You handled today like a man, now you tell me you don't deserve our pride."

Esme was watching this with wide eyes and through her thoughts I could understand what Carlisle was saying. She was remembering me putting Aro's body into the fire, how I had crouched by the fire for a while and whispered my goodbye. And how when I had done so, Carlisle had broken down into her arms. You are a man, Edward. But you are still my son, and if you don't want pride. Tough, because you're going to get it. I smiled down at my mother, "Thanks, mom," I laughed kissing her cheek. "I love you," she whispered wrapping her arm around my waist. Carlisle smiled down at his wife, and then kissed my forehead. Physical love was not something that normally passed between Carlisle and I, because I really didn't need it to know the feeling he felt for me, but when it did come it just conveyed it that much more. I, too, love you son. But you know that don't you? he smiled. "I love you both, too," I whispered as my brothers, sisters, Bella and Ness came over to us, Bella coming to stand on my right and she wrapped her arms around my waist, I love you, so much, she told me, dropping her shield once again. I smiled down at her and she shot a dazzling smile back in my direction, her fingers lightly tracing the marks on my back. As one all of my family walked together into a hug, "We love you all," Esme laughed , as Carlisle kissed her temple. "Aww, we love you, too, Mom," Emmett laughed, causing a smack across his head by Rose. "Hey, Rose," he whined.

The Romanians came over to us now; coming behind Carlisle and Eleazer looked up from where he was beside Carmen with narrowed eyes. "Carlisle, can we have a word," Stefan asked. Carlisle looked from where he was watching Emmett pout, and nodded dropping his hand from Esme's waist and walking away with the two Romanians as Eleazer ran to him, clapping him on the shoulder, and continued with them. My siblings and mother converged around me, all with misunderstanding looks on their faces; except Alice.

"Well, Carlisle, I am guessing you know why we are here talking to you right now." Vladimir started and Carlisle nodded.

"We would like to take our leave," Stefan continued.

"And journey back to our rightful home in Volterra, victorious."

"A new beginning."

"A new life."

What about the Cullen's? I heard from behind me, turning my head a fraction told me that everyone in the clearing was now watching the meeting in front of us. "What about the Cullen's?" Peter acknowledged the Romanians. "Aren't they the rightful leaders of us?"

"We were the leader's three millennia ago," Vladimir spat.

"I would feel much safer if Carlisle took care of us," Peter snapped back at him.

"But I assure you, Peter, this is not the job for my family and I," Carlisle interrupted, glancing wordlessly at Eleazer who nodded his concurrence. What do you think, Edward? What did I think? Well I knew well that the Romanians would be much better than the Volturi, but I don't really see the point in having rulers, I never have. Even though, we didn't need ruling that doesn't mean that others might not. Carlisle glimpsed at me with questions running through his eyes, I twisted my mouth up indicating the hesitancy I was feeling, then shrugged, and nodded a little. Carlisle sighed, looking up at the Romanians he nodded. They both took it in turns shaking Carlisle's hands and they ran into the forest for their new home. I hope that's the last time we ever see them, Carlisle thought as he was coming back over to join us. When he was over to us he took his wife into his arms and I smiled as he started to sway them with the wind, Jasper hugged Alice, as did Em with Rose, and Jacob came over hugging my daughter. I pulled Bella completely into my arms for the first time in what felt like a hundred years and over her shoulder I saw the clouds crack open right above the clearing, allowing the sun to peak through, throwing us all into sun as we threw rainbows all around the clearing.

It was of course, Emmett who broke the silence. "Are we going to stand here all day? You do realize that I have school in an hour."