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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


24. Chapter 24

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Jasper POV

Once we arrived home Emmett wasted no time in settling in once again, sticking his big feet onto Esme's white couch. "Emmett, dear, I thought you had school," Esme spoke sweetly with narrowed eyes looking only at his feet.

"Nah, I can't be bothered," he laughed, placing his hands behind his head. Nothing was ever different with Em, it is unbelievable, and after something like today he comes home and just sits like he has just come in from school. I'm actually expecting him to ask Bella or me for a fight. In three-two-one. "Hey, Bella do you want a fight?" It worked!

"I'd rather not, Emmett," she answered, not meeting his eyes.


"Nah, I'm fine," I answered him.

He tutted, and turned sneakily to Edward. "Don't even think about it, Emmett."

"Spoilsports," he muttered, crossing his hands sulkily over his chest. The rest of us who were still left filed into our house, either sitting in the vacant chairs or preferring to stand. Ben and Tia had been the first to leave us in the clearing after the Romanians, not without a promise to see us all soon, followed quickly by Maria who offered me a stiff, awkward goodbye.

Peter and Charlotte sat beside me I could tell that they were only waiting long enough for Maria to get well away before they left. So it didn't surprise me when they both got up about two minutes after walking through our front door. "Well Jasper, it was good to see you," Peter laughed as he shook my hand. I raised my eyebrows, "well not in the situation, but it remains the same." Charlotte hugged me once and they both walked out of the door, Peter turned, the sun hitting his marred skin and sending off glitters around him. "I'll see you again, brother," he called in farewell, before they both ran for the forest leading south.

I walked back into the house sitting on the floor in front of where Alice was seated on the couch by Emmett's feet. I leaned into her leg and closed my eyes; today had been mentally as well as physically challenging, probably more so for me than others. I basked in the happiness, love and pride that surrounded me, licking at my face, giving me little uplifts as I tried never to think back to the feelings that those I killed felt before they died. It wasn't just these I could sense, not just the agony of being torn apart from my own hands, it was from others, feeling the pain my family were causing on their opponents, the smarting of gashes upon my friends bodies, the anxiety Esme had exuded when watching Edward, the pure desperation Carlisle felt when his wife's hand was ripped from his for that small two minutes, or the shame that again Carlisle felt when staring into the fire that held the smoldered ashes of his once friends. However, like always there is no point living in the past, I should think about what I felt now and what I have felt since the fight; the camaraderie between different covens, the love that blossomed between two; a new couple, the ever strengthening love in the family, the protectiveness between wolf and wolf or wolf and the imprintee. Emmett's bellowed laugh snapped me out of the reverie I was in and as I opened my eyes looking around at the state of humor on everyone's face, I told myself to relish this humor; thank Emmett, for finding something funny at this one point and bringing everyone else inside it.

Edward POV

It was about two hours after the end of the fight and Carlisle, Esme, Nessie and I still sat in our family room along with the Denali's, Amazonians, Irish and Mary and Randall. Alice, Jasper, Em, Rose, Bella and Jacob were all out hunting. "I think it is time for my sisters, nephew and I to take our leave, dearest Cullens," Zafrina spoke, her warm gravelly voice surrounding the room. She came over and hugged both Esme and Nessie, Nahuel too hugged Nessie and my own personal savior left in the form, of the guardian of my life and love.

"We too, will go, Carlisle," Siobhan sang, jumping up from where she was sitting next to Liam. Siobhan approached my father, hugging him. "Are you going to thank me again, Carlisle," she taunted him, tapping her forehead with her index finger. My father's lips pulled up at the not very concealed sarcasm in her tone. "Very well, I thank you, Siobhan," he laughed, pretending to bow before her. She playfully swatted him on the shoulder, and Carlisle implored as he shook Liam's hand, "Please do find Alistair. I really do hate to think of what he'll do, without realizing we have new leaders." Siobhan smiled, her thoughts going through all different possibilities. "I will, Carlisle. Until next time, my friend," she spoke in farewell before leaving on the heels of the Amazonians.

Mary stood when Carlisle sat down, "What about you, Randall?" she smiled at him from where he was sat beside Tanya.

"I wish to stay with Tanya, that is if you'll allow me too," he asked Tanya, his eyes never leaving hers. The rest of the Denali's eyes flashed up to Tanya's and I saw them smile encouragingly. Randall took this length as a no, of course, she won't allow me to. What am I thinking? He started to mentally berate himself,I have been the very epitome of what she hated for so long, how would she know she could trust me?

"You are more than welcome," Tanya answered, her fingers constricting on his, and Kate giggled in excitement.

Randall's eyes widened out of excitement and he smiled down upon my old friend, one of the first smiles I have ever seen grace his face. "What about you Mary?" he asked, to his friend.

"Randall, I am a big girl. I have handled it for a thousand years, I think I will manage again," she joked, smiling peacefully at him, before kissing his cheek and running from our house.

She's actually allowed me to stay with her? Wow, I need to promise myself that I will do everything to keep this diet on. Maybe I should talk with Garrett? I am not letting this go just when it has started because of my weakness around humans. No, I will learn!

I smile at the determination of his thoughts; he sounded a lot like the newest member of their family before his joining. But now looking at Garrett, it is not hard to imagine a hundred years time a new golden eyed vampire, a new husband, a complete family.

"Well we know when we're not welcome any more," Kate joked looking around at the rest of our family still present in the house.

"Kate, you know you can stay as long as you want," Carlisle admonished.

"I was joking, Carlisle. God, can't a girl have some fun." Kate jumped up, and went over to hug Carlisle, and then Esme, then Nessie and me and went back to stand by Garrett. The rest of the Denali's said their farewells to us and we promised them to say goodbye to the rest. As Tanya hugged me, I finally said the thing that I have wanted to for years. "I'm happy for you, Tanya." She smiled and kissed my cheek, and as a whole unit of six they ran from our house and over the river and back to their home.

Nessie sways gently on her feet, her eyes closing slightly, her human genes making themselves known. Today has been too long for her, she needs her rest. "Bedtime," I whispered into her ear, and she smiled up at me. You read my mind. "Night grandma, grandpa. Love you," she told her grandparents while walking drowsily out of the door. "Night sweetheart," Esme called after her. Night Edward, she called only to me. Night son, Carlisle called also. As we reached the river Nessie swayed once again, longer this time. I placed my arms behind her knees, pulling her up to cradle her soft form protectively to my chest as I bounded gently over the river. As we ran through the forest in the direction of the house she shared with Jacob, the hand that was on my neck showed me her dreams, although I didn't need this touch to know them. Her dreams disturbed me, she was remembering everything from the fight that she had seen from where she stood next to Nahuel, protected by Jacob or watching my fight with her grandparents. "Dream happy dreams," I whispered into her ears and her lips pulled up a little at the corner, her dreams first morphing into shapes, like a shape within another shape. Then just as her house came into view it changed into pictures of her family, of Jacob, of Em and Jasper fighting, Alice and Rose playing dress up with her, of me humming her to sleep a hundred years ago, the lullaby that lent itself to me as Bella's did as I watched my newborn daughter sleep, and finally of Bella, of all of the moments they have had together in the past.

I walked up the steps of their small cottage, being careful not to jostle her as I opened the door and walked into the open living room, kitchen, and dining room combo. I walked down the hallway opening her bedroom door and laughing at the door to the closet that Alice put in. I placed Nessie on her bed, her head on the pillow so her curls of my color framed her face like a halo, and I covered her gently with the cream blanket. Her eyes flickered open and I looked into my Bella's human eyes, the bottomless pit that I used to fall into as I fell in love with the human that was so much more than that to me, but this time I fell into the pit of my daughter, half me, and half Bella, my first and only love. I love you, daddy, she thought, her pale eyelids fluttering closed once again. "I love you too, sweetheart," I told her gently, placing my lips to her forehead. I touched the place on her neck where her skin met a cold, golden heart. The locket that she has never taken off in a hundred years, "more than my own life, my dear Nessie."