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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


25. Chapter 25

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Esme POV

Night Edward, I called as my son and granddaughter left out of the back door and into the darkening atmosphere outside.

"And now it's just you and me," Carlisle laughed from my side, his arms finding their familiar position at the back of my knees as he quickly and effortlessly picked me up into his arms, slinging me into his chest. He walked gently up the two staircases which separated us from our bedroom, his eyes never leaving my face. And as his palm hit the familiar grains of the oak door of our sanctuary, our bedroom, my heart completed an exhilarated back flip.

As he opened the bedroom door his eyes finally lifted from mine, and a happy smile pulled up the corners of his mouth, his lips pulling back to show his teeth a little. I turned my head to see what was making him so happy and atop of our bed was two suitcases. I tutted, disappointed, as he placed me on my feet in front of the bed and went over to collect them, "Alice?" I asked him.

"Alice," he concurred, smiling wider as he caressed my forehead with his lips, before picking me up once again and running me down the stairs to his car.

Alice POV

You know me, I love to meddle, and I love to be trusted with secrets. Okay, well it's not so much about being trusted with them but about seeing them, but you get the picture. I mean if I didn't "see" Carlisle's plan, how else would my loveable, but useless in this specific way, father have had set this up? To be honest this family needs my help in times like this, that and fashion advice. If it wasn't for me today, my mother would have nothing suitable to take with her, probably no clothes if you left Carlisle to pack the case. Oh sure, he could get them there, but that was about it. You would really think that during the past days my mind had been solely concerned on the fight, wouldn't you? But I hated being stuck in our attic, like the vampiric bat in the belfry, with the scared spiders and minute amounts of dust, or staring out of the window at the ever darkening sky, looking for anything that would come. Anything that would show me that we still had a way out of that. But I found none, so I started to plan for the happier eventuality, the one which Carlisle had been planning for god only knows how long, but hadn't gotten time to do. And, thankfully, it had come true; all my planning had not gone a miss. Wait a minute I shouldn't really be pleased about that, no, I am ecstatic that we made it through unscathed ... and a tiny bit pleased that my plan got to be put to the test, yeah that sounds better.

"Alice, where are Carlisle and Esme?" Jasper asks from my side, as we walked through the back door to our house.

"They're taking a little trip," I smile at my husband.

"Did you have anything to do with this?" Emmett asks of me, coming up on my other side. Do they always have to think the worse of me? Actually, am I really that predictable? Okay yeah, don't answer that, I already have, I think.

"Yeah, I kinda did," I mumbled, pitifully.

"The house to ourselves?" Emmett laughed. The future of the next two weeks suddenly changes dramatically, swapping from one eventuality to the next, never stopping in one place for long enough. How old was this boy anyway? You would think, just as the humans we lived near did, that he was only eighteen or so. Well if you live in our house you know that he is about a hundred and seventy, but you would think that he was about twelve. No, I promised Esme - in a little note- that I would make sure her house was in one piece upon returning. Emmett is not getting his own way, not that he ever does, but you get the idea.

He runs over to the cupboard under the stairs, which is Esme's hiding place for all of the games she deems to be unsuitable for Emmett's youthful eyes. His large form disappears into the room for a fraction of a second before he returns, arms laden with small plastic boxes. How many times had Esme told him not to play them? We didn't need sleep, and we probably wouldn't go to school in the time our parents were away, Emmett would gamble everything in his power until he won, probably including the house and cars. I run over to him, ripping the twenty-odd boxes from his bear like grasp, and running them back to the room, with the pounding of his huge feet carrying his large mass behind me, shaking the very foundation of the house.

I turn, stopping him short about a foot in front of my much tinier form. "No Emmett," I tell him, in what I hope to be quite a stern voice, it isn't.

"Alice, c'mon," he whines taking a large step around me. I stand my ground, snarling at him, actually surprising myself with the guttural snarl that is coming through my teeth. Emmett's eyes widened, and the dimples of his smile disappear. "Geez, I thought Esme was our mom," he complained going to sit on one of the chairs with his lower lipped pushed right out, in the perfect position of moping.

When Rosalie ran through the door a few moments later she found the same sight, the pathetic figure of her husband. "What's Emmett doing?" she asked my husband and I, as soon as she came through the door.

"He's sulking," Jasper, answered her bluntly. This earned a quiet snarl from Emmett and a little laugh from Rose.

She ran past him and up the stairs, I heard their bedroom door open and shut and then a whisper of "Emmett." His eyes widened and a very cheeky, and exhilarated smile appeared once again on his face, before he ran, showing Jasper and I only a blur of curly black hair before the door once again slammed shut.

Why couldn't Esme have built us a small haven for just this night, did I really want to listen to them all night? To answer that, no. I also know that Jasper would not want to feel what was happening in that room. I took his hand in my own, running quickly past the lover-birds­ room and into our own. Living with four other perfectly matched couples, and in the same house as two of them had major drawbacks. Especially for Jasper and I. Jasper smiled once our door snapped shut, the noise echoing around the silent haven of our room, and he launched himself at me, landing with a soft thump, alone, on the bed. I had seen him coming. I smiled at the mock shocked look on my husband's perfect face, before I joined him on the bed. It was a nightmare to be in the same house as two of the most matched couples in history, probably the most matched in the case of my parents, when we weren't otherwise occupied. Tonight we would be, and to be honest there might as well be no one else in a hundred mile radius of us, the amount of attention we would pay to anything but the other.