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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


26. Chapter 26

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Esme POV

Nine hours later found Carlisle and I still on our way to wherever he was planning on taking us. Thankfully, we were on board the private plane that Emmett had twisted Carlisle's arm, physically, into buying for the family. Why on earth do we need a plane? I don't want to know the ideas that went through our son's head when he thought of it. However, I'm kinda glad, in times like this that we have it. Taking into account the fact that if we were on a public plane journey, Carlisle and I wouldn't be alone, and fortunately, Carlisle was not one of the family members who could fly this vehicle (Rose and Em) so we had pilots. Meaning once again I had him to myself.

When we had left the house this morning, it had been quick. No goodbye's to the children or to Nessie, no time for my slight warning - it would have been directed mainly at Emmett - to make sure the house and one another were still in one piece upon our return. Whenever that may be. And throughout the whole flight, so far, if I wasn't looking at my husband, I was trying to gage where upon this earth we were currently heading. I had not seen any oceanic views; neither the flashing of lights in the black surface nor the ripples of waves, this had to mean that we were still upon the continent of America; be in north or south I am unsure.

One thing I am sure of is that no longer do I like surprises. Did I learn that from Bella? Or was it how I had been so eager for whatever waited upon the other side of our bedroom door, earlier this morning. Well except for suitcases in our place, and the knowledge of waiting a further god only knows how long until possibly we could do what we wanted. It may be the latter.

"Carlisle, where are we going?" I asked finally, my impatience finally leaking through into my speech. The same question had been running through my head for the last few hours or so.

Carlisle looked up from his contemplation of my fingers, joined with his on his thigh. He smiled widely; "Ah, my love, that would be telling."

I sighed at his totally predictable and vague, yet no less annoying, answer. And I let my eyes wander around the area within the cabin of the plane, noticing that the cockpit door was open. I eyed this suspiciously, hoping that even though we had been together for long enough now that we both had a kind of gift which only worked upon the other; Carlisle would not know my idea for present. I leaned forward upon the white leather couch, one hand still in Carlisle's clutches, my other coming forward to rest upon my knee and cradle my chin. "Excuse me-" I started, breaking the comfortable silence that had enveloped us from the start of the flight with proper speech not the whispered conversations between Carlisle and I or the conversing of both pilots and the cockpit radio, hoping that my questioning was loud enough to grab their attention.

As I opened my mouth to continue, a hand flew across it, stopping my advances. I could taste the scent of my mate's skin and feel the gold of his wedding band upon my bottom lip as I pouted into his palm. I guess my wish about mindreading has not come true. "No-" I mumbled around his hand as the co-pilot turned in his seat, eyeing me with a questioning look in his eye. Now I had his full attention I could try and ask again, not taking into account the hand still blocking my progress. "Do you know-" I started once again, raising my voice so the human would be able to hear the low muffle caused by my love's palm.

Carlisle's hand dropped from my face and triumph moved through me before I felt a familiar pair of lips press just where his hand was a moment earlier. This man was terrible when he wanted his own way. His hand dropped mine from his lap and came up to cradle my face between his warm, smooth palms, while one of my own hands completed the familiar path around his neck coming to rest, intertwined, in his soft, blonde hair at the nape. My second hand pressed against his chest, the two parts of my brain competing against the other, I considered pushing him away to get my question out, however, did I really want him to stop once he was actually there. No.

He released me once I had relaxed, without my recognition. He looked deep into my eyes and as I watched his eyes I saw them turn from a dark topaz back to the gorgeous gold, which never refrained from taking my unnecessary breath away. He smiled at the pilot once the eye contact broke, and when I looked up to the cock-pit, the co-pilot was quietly laughing at our embrace. Carlisle wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me back into his chest, so I could no longer see his face. The man winked from the cock-pit over my head, obviously at Carlisle. I knew when I felt the seat we were both upon shake slightly with my husband's silent laughter.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Cullen, but Dr. Cullen has told us not to tell you," the pilot answered the question that I'm sure he knew I was about to ask, with an air of someone who had been told what to say and practiced it until it became kind of believable. I didn't want to know the amount of money Carlisle had given the pair of them, not to tell me. However, I think that whatever I am able to bribe them with will not be enough, not by a long mile.

I just conceded, without good grace, crossing my arms over my chest in a position I know looks like Emmett when he sulks, but I really do not care. I may be sulking. Carlisle chuckled, kissing my cheek roughly. "Patience, Esme," he murmured onto my skin.

Right on cue, as if the pilots were actually listening to our conversation, which to be honest I kind of knew they were, there was a sudden drop in pressure within the cabin, the ‘ding' of the seatbelt sign sounded and the sound of the wheels making their appearance from within the hold below us reverberated through the air. Finally we were here, however where again was here? I looked out of the window as we came down but all I could see was the sand colored surface of the runway, other planes either taking off or landing and the stars; crisp in the dark sky.

Once the wheels came down upon this concrete, the sound of the air floating over the wings was all that I could hear, as the plane decreased in speed to a crawl up to the airport. The stairs were placed to the door and together Carlisle and I walked outside and collected the baggage from a Hispanic looking boy. We walked over to the present taxi, Carlisle opening the back door for me and then getting in himself. The car started to move as Carlisle leant forward in his seat muttering away in Portuguese to the driver, it was not a language I had ever tried to learn but it gave me a better idea of where we were. "Ao Porto," Carlisle asked, before leaning back in his seat and kissed my knuckles. I knew enough Portuguese to know what he had just said. All around us in the taxi was the downtown area of a city; large sky scrapers and too many cars and standing centennial over the city was the thirty meter tall statue of Christ the Redeemer. Oh, now I knew where I was, this statue I had seen ever since the first time I had come here, and every time my husband's eyes lit up with inspiration. Rio de Janeiro had changed a lot with the times; the buildings expanding, enlarging, the historic sites decreasing in numbers yet most still appeared in the same position as always on the journey to our haven away from home.

"Carlisle..." I spoke into the darkness, a kind of warning tone making an appearance in this lone word. He turned to me, the gold shine of his eyes brightening the semi-darkness, that much more.

"Shh, it's been far too long since we last came here," he answered. That it had, it had been fifty years since we had been here last, even Edward and Bella had been here more than us in the past years; coming for their hundredth anniversary just a year prior.


"No buts," he softly admonished me. "It's our little escape from the world that is changing, to the world that never has and never will change," he smiled gently brushing his finger against my cheek, "that covers how I feel about you. No," he stopped himself, shaking his head lightly with that tender smile still present on his lips. "Of course that has changed," he spoke with reverence and passion, "that has became stronger."

"I love you."

"I love you more," he laughed.

"Well that's an impossibility," I came back with turning my attention from the captivity of the bottomless golden pool to the ever darkening city of our second home. As the city began to thin somewhat, my body again pulsed with exhilaration. Thankfully I was no longer human; if I was everything about me now, which were all impossible yet somehow always felt like they were happening, would give me away. Whether the traitor hammering of my heart within my own mind, the quiet hitching of my breath or a small blush as blood came to the surface of my skin.

The buildings thinned completely and disappeared leaving nothing but a total expanse of ocean broke only by a wooden dock and few boats; masts already blowing slightly in the mild, humid breeze. We both walked to the boat at the very end which was ours, smaller than most others but I knew it was probably faster. Carlisle jumped on board, trying I think to make it look as human like as possible, bless him he failed, and he turned to help me on board, even though I am just as able to do so. As I found my familiar seat at the front next to the drivers, Carlisle quickly unwound the ropes bounding us to the dock and came to sit by my side and started the boat effortlessly. As he was more inept at driving without showing some sort of attention, his human nature making itself known once again, unlike our sons, it gave me some time to remember the day a hundred and eighty years prior to this day when I had first lay eyes on the island which would appear from the water shortly.

My first journey out of the country had lead to the very city we were now in. A trip on the railroad from Wisconsin, where we had lived at the time, to the port upon the very eastern edge of North Carolina, and then a journey upon a boat to Rio de Janeiro. If I were still human I could but imagine the irritableness that would have coursed through my body throughout the whole journey. However, I wasn't human, at that time I was a newborn vampire, little under three months old and out in civilization for the first time with slowly lightening eye, yet nothing deep within me was worried, for I had Carlisle with me. His love kept me safe upon the railroad; he kept me sane within every moment until we reached our destination. Upon reaching the strange land which was very different from anything I had seen before, the expanse of the city larger than the farms of home life in Ohio, the immensity of the ocean at the periphery larger than any lake within the state of Wisconsin, a weird thought came to me and I had forever to dwell on the idea that this was the first of distant lands I would encounter, the first of anything with Carlisle, the start of my life with a complete and happy family, my first day as a true Cullen. Esme Cullen, I remember smiling to myself at that prospect.

We walked to the shore of one beach that surrounded the city, my feet trailing over the sand, feeling the bits in between my toes, until I hit the sea; warm by a vampires standard which sent shivers around my body just like the touch of the man at my side. We swam; thankfully I had changed out of my wedding dress. Swimming, like any form of exercise no longer exhausted me mentally and physically so I continued until Carlisle's voice spoke out of the dark water by my side, my eyes taking in the glow of his alabaster skin and silver hair throwing beams upwards thanks to the moon. He pointed to the distance and as we swam closer, shapes came from the water; starting barely visible, even for me, and turning into more defined shapes and denser colors.

"What's this?" I asked as I pulled my form faster towards the shore of the beach upon the island.

"Well," Carlisle answered, "this is Isle Esme. I bought it when you said yes to me, and it's our own little haven, and it gives Edward his own at home."

"Wh-Why?" I asked, stuttering on my own voice, as if the non-existent chill of the water surrounding my torso and legs was finally getting to me.

"It's a place where we can be ourselves; newlyweds, in love and vampires." As he was explaining my toes touched the silky sand within the water for the first time in nearly half an hour. I stood up, my sundress dripping wet around my frame and the waves of the sea were lapping against my shins.

"You bought me an island?" I asked, dumbfounded. I knew Carlisle was something different, something amazing, however, never to that degree. He had already given me his love, his friendship, his family, a new life, and most of all him for all of eternity, and now an island? I felt pale in comparison to his greatness.

"Esme, I would buy you the moon if you wanted it," he told me, sincerely, how could I distrust him? "You have given me so much more than I ever thought to expect, could ever endeavor to deserve. Your love is so much more than anything in my world, even this island is a feeble gift when compared with what you have already given me, and I will never stop trying to make it up to you, for all of eternity, my love."

I could not turn to look at my new husband, so I let my eyes wander over what I could see in front of me, and he let me taking my hand softly in his own. The trees appeared taller than when I was in the water, a light was visible beyond them somewhere, the sand was bleached white from the glare of the moon, everything was beyond perfect. "I love it," I finally broke the comfortable silence which had enveloped us in our own bubble. "That doesn't even cover it." I turned to look up at him, "Oh, Carlisle, I love you," I cried, raising my hand, ignoring the shake, to brush along his cheek.

"As I love you," he smiled, "however, I think you may like the house even more." He laughed, lifting me easily from the floor and practically running me through the forest like growth which separated us from the front door.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Carlisle asked, above a soft thump which signaled the boat coming to a rest upon a much shorter dock than the one which we had seemingly just left. I shook my head as if that would chase away the wonderful visions I had just had, and smiled up at Carlisle.

"I'm just remembering the first time," I answered him, trailing off; I think that it may have been enough. His face went blank for just a moment, enough for me to see the change between this and the smile that was just on his face. When he came back to me he had a crooked smile upon his face, which I know he picked up from Edward among their time together, his teeth shimmered in the light along with his skin, and his eyes had a playful edge to them. He stood, indicating for me to do the same by offering me his hand, which I eagerly grasped, before I was pulled upwards into the air for a brief amount of time and landed in Carlisle's open arms, I remember this too from the first night. And I believe he does too.

He was right in what he said in the taxi, it was our own little world where nothing changed. Except maybe the nature and of course the people who visited. "There better not be feathers everywhere," Carlisle growled as he opened the white wooden front door, "don't want to spoil my fun." I laughed at the protective edge of our home, as he continued walking through the house, the large foyer with pictures from our various homes which led off to the living area, unused kitchen, the "blue" room or our room, which was where we found ourselves outside of right now.

Carlisle placed me upon the carpeted hallway, pressed his lips against the nape of my neck and I hear the rush of cotton on skin and turning I find him to be gone. I slowly reach out my hand and turn the golden, spherical doorknob; opening the door upon our room. I walked over to the gossamer netting that hung from the ceiling and draped around our bed when I hear the soft thump of two suitcases hitting the white wooden floor. And within a moment of realizing Carlisle was back in the room with me, I feel the warm skin of Carlisle's bare chest upon my back, and I gasp at its familiarity, and the recognizable vibrations that move through me like always with one touch of him. I turned in his grip, pressing my hands against him; feeling the union under my hands of soft skin and hard muscle. He grasps my waist tighter within his fingers, and starts walking me backwards towards the bed. I hear the soft clunk of his shoes coming off in the process until the back of my legs touch the comforter, and Carlisle places his knees upon it, gently laying the pair of us in the centre of the circular bed, his weight balancing over me on his elbows.

"How long can we stay?" I asked, hoping that it was forever. I could stay like this forever, not moving, not speaking, and just being in a place with him.

"Hmm," he pretended to ponder, my question, "it depends on how long I want to keep you for."

"What about the children?"

He laughed the mischievous smile that was just present on his face dropped into a gentle one, "the oldest is older than you, my love. I think they will be okay." There was a short sharp beep that echoed around the silence of our house and this beep continued into an annoying tune. Carlisle sighed, raising his eyebrows as he began to pat his trousers in search of the bothersome device. He delved his hand into his left hand side pocket, bringing with it his silver cell phone, and he looked at the caller id. "I think we are just about to find out," he muttered, more to himself than me.

He flicked open the phone; pressing it to his ear, "Alice," he called as greeting, his eyes never leaving mine.

"I don't see you back for a couple of weeks," my sprightliest daughter answered, in her loud bell like tone, so I could even hear what she was saying to my husband. "Have fun, dad. Hi mom!" The ring of the empty phone line rang through the earpiece now as Carlisle closed the phone with a weird, unrecognizable look in his eye and threw the phone gently across the room.

"You know, I don't even want to know what she has seen," Carlisle muttered, the look in his eye becoming more disturbed.

"I don't really care," I contradicted him; she has probably seen a lot worse. It's not that she chooses to look, is it? Well not into our private life, and she normally stopped herself before it became that bad.

He narrowed his eyes playfully at me, placing his lips to my neck harshly. "I love you," I mumbled pitifully, I could feel his hitching breath against my skin.

I felt his lips pull up into a beautiful smile, "I love you. My life, my soul, my everything. My Esme," he murmured and together we moved into the perfect harmony that we always did, as I melted into his strong arms where I had always been and always will be.