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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


3. Chapter 3

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Carlisle's POV

My first day back at Forks hospital. Work was always the same at a new hospital but I wouldn't have it any other way. I walked through the front doors this morning to be bombarded by two extremes of nurses; the nurse's who would look at me, their mouths would drop, blush bright red and scurry in the opposite direction, or the overt nurses who giggled every time I would say anything that wasn't remotely funny, who batted their lashes and flicked their hair at me, thinking that I was like any other doctor who would roll on the floor for them. The truth was that I didn't look twice at any one of them; none held a millimetre of a millionth million of what Esme did in my eyes. I did a bit of ring flashing today to show that I was married and very happily.

Even the men's eyes would widen out of jealousy and I could hear some of them grumbling about me to my other colleagues. Just the normal things like, "Have you seen his car?", "His house?", "He has everything why does he need the nurses looking at him?" I had become used to, in the past two hundred years, the jealousy that some people exude. They were right I would have gladly given up all of the material things; my beauty, car, house, they were just the perks of being an immortal and having a psychic daughter, but the only thing I would never give up is my family. I would happily give up my home if it meant that I could stay with my family and keep them safe at all times.

As soon as I walked through the hospital doors this morning I was shook by the shock that I finally realised that Forks is my true home. We move houses a lot but never has there been the thrill that I had first thing this morning, I don't know whether it was coming back to this hospital made me feel like this or if it was being in Forks as a whole that has. I think it's probably just Forks. Forks was the place where my incomplete family became whole; where Edward found his true calling in life, where Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose found a new sister, where Esme and I found a new daughter and where my life changed for the better by being granted my granddaughter.

I have little under ten minutes left of my shift until I can go home and see my family and I am in my new office which was my old office too. My mind shifts to Esme's face this morning as she said goodbye to me; her smile, her eyes, her presence is what gets me through my days. The clock strikes 3p.m. and I pack up my bag quickly, smiling with the prospect of seeing my family in five minutes, wave to the nurses and get in my car. Turning it to face in the direction of my house I can hear a familiar voice coming from the grocery store.

"Excuse me, you're new in town, aren't you?" an unfamiliar woman asks.

"Yes I am," my wife answers and I turn the car back around and drive quickly to the store, her scent dragging my through the store and I come to stop behind her and wind my arms around her waist and I am home.

Esme's POV

It was funny being back at Forks, surreal even. When you get used to something, you sulk when it comes to an end and when you get it back it's even better. Forks is like that for me. Forks is the place where all of our lives changed, for the better. Of course there were some terrible things that happened in this place but the good always outweighs the bad. The greenness of this town seems more welcoming than it ever was before and I don't know whether it's just the memories of this place that are being brought back that are making this place even more hospitable.

My day so far had been used by putting all of our belongings back in their rightful place, removing the white sheets from our furniture and the general sprucing up of the house and garden, the time we had been away from Forks had done terrible things to my garden and too the garden I set up in Bella's house, the rose bushes that had been growing up the lattice by their front door was now growing over their whole house. Right now I am doing grocery shopping. We used to come to this store once every two weeks or so to keep up our appearances but now thanks to Nessie and Jacob it would be the first time in Forks that the food would be eaten, and eaten quickly. We had to spend so much on groceries now because of Jacob's wolf appetite and the fact that Emmett and Jacob had convinced Nessie, wrongly, to mainly eat sweet things so I had to double stock the house with candy for this reason.

Walking down the freezer aisle most of the small town house wives stop their shopping and stare in my direction, you would think that the moral lessons that people will have been told have changed in the one-hundred years since we had been here last due to how they would stare, eyes wide and mouths hanging. But, I had never come across a human that didn't stare at us or didn't find us a little intimidating, well except for Bella.

"Excuse me, you're new in town, aren't you?" I hear behind me and I turn to find one of the housewives looking at me with polite interest in her eyes.

I smile at her, "Yes I am."

"Well welcome to Forks. I'm Karen; it's nice to meet you."

"Esme," I introduce myself, "nice to meet you, too." She smiles again and walks off pushing her shopping trolley in the opposite direction. I go to the next aisle and am just picking some donuts off the shelf when I feel a warm pair of arms encircle me and pull me swiftly against their strong chest. I squeal in surprise and look down to find a familiar pair of hands, with a familiar wedding ring on his finger and I inhale, turning around to look into my husband's eyes. "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Hey, I heard you from the hospital," he whispers, bending down to kiss me once, "mmm, I missed you." He smiles, staring into my eyes.

"I missed you, too," I tell him while snuggling closer into his chest.

"What's all this?" he asks, nodding his head to the overflowing trolley filled with sweets.

"For Nessie," I answer him, "remind me to thank Emmett for introducing her to them. Everybody will think we have an obese child at home."

He chuckled laying a kiss on my neck and walking forward to take the trolley still holding my hand in his. We quickly go to the check-out and pay for the items before getting into his Mercedes and heading back home where all the children should be by now.

Emmett's POV

"Emmett, face it you lost," Bella giggled, circling me where I am sitting, sulking on the floor. How was she still able to beat me, a really strong vampire, even though she wasn't a newborn anymore?

Edward laughs harder from where he is sitting on a fallen log watching Bella with a slight chuckle at her happiness. Keep out of my head, Eddie! I internally snarl, which makes him laugh even harder.

"Best five out of nine?" I ask Bella, while pushing myself up from the floor and resetting into a crouch in front of my sister and see her do the same. "One, Two..."

"Three," we both shout and charge at each other. She ducks out of my way as I go for her side, rounding on my open back, I turn quickly to face her and grab her waist and she jumps into the air landing on my back and pointing her teeth towards my jugular, before laughing and I hear Edward join in again, joined by Jazz and Alice great they had seen. "I win," Bella whispers into my ear, before adding insult to injury by scrubbing her hand across my head and jumping up and running towards Edward and hiding behind his back, giggling all the while.

"Come on, Em," Jasper pipes up, "you fight like a girl."

"Go to hell," I tell Jasper before crouching down, my eyes on him. He smiles, shakes his head, drops Alice's hand and copies me before charging at me, whirling round in a blur and I somehow find him quickly on my back like Bella had a minute earlier.

He laughs, triumphant, and I hear and loud bark of a laugh and a silvery laugh and look over to find Bella and Edward bent over clutching their sides. I look back at Jasper who is standing once again by Alice, "See?" he asks cockily.

"I hope you like winning while it lasts, Jazz. You will get beat soon enough and then you won't be laughing," I inform him and he just smiles back, unflustered. I walk over to where Rose is sitting, out of loyalty to me she had not laughed once as I was getting beat, that's why I loved her. "So, Alice do you see the outcome?" I ask across the field to my sister.

She just smiles sadly back at me before shaking her head," ‘Fraid not, Em."

Damn, it would have been good to know so I could figure out whether to raise the bet with Edward. He smiles at me from where he's sat, "Please yourself," he invites. "We don't mind taking another thousand from your team after you lose tonight. We already have three on it." Jacob must have a grand on the outcome to.

"I'm not betting you, Edward. You have too much. How about you Bella? Care for a wager? It would be nice to win some dignity back after your smart ass antics today."

"Whatever you want, Em," she smiles from Edward's side. "Thousand?"

I look into her eyes and I see no bluff there. "Deal. Four grand on toni-"

"Shh, Carlisle and Esme are coming up the drive now," Alice balks before running to Bella and Rose and taking their hands and pulling them in the house. I jump up and charge at Jazz before we are running around, I am not letting him win this time. Edward laughs once before walking inside and leaving us two to our fight.

Edward POV

I walked through to the living area where Nessie, Jacob, Alice, Bella and Rose were sitting watching the television and as I sat on the seat next to Bella and took her into my arms the front door opened and my parents came in.

"Hey kids," Esme welcomed us as she walked over the threshold laden with grocery bags; Nessie squealed and got up to help her grandmother as it was mostly her food to begin with. At which point Emmett and Jasper walked through from the garden. In Emmett's head he was grumbling about losing seven matches in a row to Bella and Jasper and in Jasper's mind he was replaying the last beating he had gave Em.

"Lose again, Em," I joked, to which his eyes widened and he snarled under his breath. Carlisle chuckled at his son, and Esme shouted "Boys," from the kitchen, the difference in their parenting sometimes was laughable.

"It's just started to rain," Jasper told the room at large and Alice squealed and ran up the stairs accompanied quickly by Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper. Esme walked through to the living room from the kitchen before asking, "Baseball?" to the rest of us and when we all nodded she took Carlisle's hand and ran to their room to change. I took Bella's hand and Jacob Nessie's and we both went to our respective houses to get changed.

We met again after three minutes at the front door of the main house, in Carlisle's hand were two bats and in Jasper's the balls, and we all ran off in the direction of the clearing, to which we entered after about ten minutes of jogging. Carlisle started to set up the bases, Jazz and Alice started throwing the ball between one another while Esme, Nessie, Me, Bella, Emmett, Jacob and Rose sat where we were and starting talking.

We were interrupted after about five minutes by a clatter of thunder followed by a fork of lightening above the town and the next breeze of wind brought with it light drops of rain that was sure to be splashing down about five miles away. "It's time," we heard Alice say from a couple of miles away and we all stood and converged around the pitch Carlisle had been setting up.

Alice and Jazz came and stood by Bella and I, and Emmett and Rose went and stood a couple of feet away from us with determined looks in their eyes. Alice and Jasper were chuckling in their thoughts as they took in Em and Rose, and soon enough they would not be so confident. Jacob went and stood by Em as Nessie went by Esme, they were the same in the sense that they were not interested in our petty fights during baseball so they refereed and Carlisle looked between the two teams before sighing and going to stand on Rose's left. His thoughts were worrying and finding this situation funny; he knew he would lose, but he too saw the determined nature of Em and Rose and then took in our team which through his thoughts I saw that we looked smug before guessing that we would win. He looked into my eyes and I looked away to the right, while nodding, this was our own type of conversation that probably no one would be able to see anything was wrong. He sighed and shook his head at me with a small smile on his lips. Prepare to be amazed, he thought and even he knew that Alice was hardly ever wrong, I looked to the heavens and shook my head minutely from side to side and I heard a small chuckle from him.

My team was first to bat so Carlisle went and stood by first base, Emmett right out near the lining woods, Rosalie copying Carlisle between 3rd and 4th and Jacob stood at the pitching mound. Bella was first to bat, she walked to the batting mound, swung the bat cockily in one hand, smiling as Esme, Nessie and I laughed and wound up. Jacob laughed his throaty chuckle before throwing the ball which Bella hit with great ease straight into the air near where Emmett was and she ran like a bullet to first in the time it took the ball to get near to Em, she shouted "Catch it," to nobody in particular which baffled Emmett and he lost focus as the ball landed a foot in front of his hand and Bella got to third before the ball was back in play. She sat down on third while laughing at Emmett and he went to do something with his fingers that Esme saw just as I did, "Emmett McCarthy Cullen, if you do that again you won't have any fingers left," she bellowed across the field to him and he abruptly dropped his hand and buried in deep into his pocket. He grumbled in his thoughts and Alice and Jasper next to me both chuckled thinking that this game was pretty much already in the bag.

Alice was next up to bat, she stood still on the mound her tactic was precision and not teasing as was Bella's, she closed her eyes and readied the bat and Jacob threw to her, without opening her eyes she swung, hit the ball to near Rose who ran off in the direction of the low ball and Bella made it in with Alice getting to second before Rose had her hand on the ball. Alice kept running and it soon became a race between Alice and Jacob who had been relayed the ball. They came together with a resounding crash and Nessie shouted "Safe." Alice got to her feet, stuck her tongue out to Jake then Rose before slapping Bella a high-five.

It was me up next so I took to the base, resetting the bat and staring into Jacob's eyes. "Hey, batter, batter, hey..." I heard Emmett shout from out in the field, Jacob laughed and threw the ball, as soon as it left Jacob's hand Emmett shouted, "swing," and there was no way on this earth that I would have gave him the happiness by doing that. I swung out and hit the ball with a resounding crack that was echoed by a new thunder rumble and I ran to first quickly, Carlisle shadowing me by my side his hands reading for Rose's throw. He looked at me, before winking; Bring it on, son he thought and caught the ball that Rose had just thrown in his direction, I kicked my legs faster and made it to second before he could tag me and I turned on him with raised eyebrows. "Bring what, Carlisle? Huh? I was always quicker than you, dad," I gloated and his eyes narrowed and he thought, don't be clever, and passed the ball back to Jacob.

Jasper was last up in the inning and he took to the base and narrowed his eyes. Alice's face went blank and in it I saw the vision that was already becoming true. Jasper had swung for the ball, hitting it in the direction of Emmett, who scaled a tree quickly before reaching his hand out and grabbing his ball out of the air and landing with a muffled thump onto the ground once again. He held his eyes high above his head and laughed, "Come on Jazzy," he teased, "you can do better than that can't you. I wouldn't have bet if you are going to play baseball like a girl." Jasper and I walked back to where Alice and Bella were standing and he demanded of his wife in a hoarse whisper, "You knew that was going to happen, didn't you?" and she just nodded and laughed in response.

"Do you eight have to bet on everything?" Esme demanded around the field.

"Yes," we all answered as one and even Esme cracked a smile.

We swapped round quickly, I went and stood where Emmett had, Jasper were Rose had, Alice on the pitching mound and Bella where Carlisle had stood. Jacob was up first to bat. He had a similar technique to Jasper, but he kept it low were Jasper didn't, he hit it in the direction of Jasper and Jazz had it back in play before Jacob could get past second base. Rosalie was next, she hit it straight in the air above second base but further out than Bella so Jasper and I both ran for it, we both jumped at the same time and collided with the sound of two boulders hitting together and I didn't get my hand on the ball before we were falling, I looked up when I hit the ground to see Jasper smiling with the ball securely in his hand, Rose was out but Jacob had scored one. Damn. Emmett was next, he hit it into the woods above me and I sprinted into the woods, bounding from tree to tree and my hand closed around the falling ball, I heard Nessie shout, "Out," from the field and Emmett swear which earned another reprimand from Esme. I went back through to the clearing to find Esme glaring at Emmett, Carlisle was laughing with his arms wrapped around her, and Emmett was sulking and embarrassed by the telling off, at the same time. Carlisle was last to bat. He took to the mound and Alice tried a stare down with him but he just smiled back. I knew he was aiming in the direction of Jasper by where his thoughts were going so I pointed at Jasper quickly. He hit the ball right where he thought he would but lower than we would have hoped so there was no way of catching it. Bella took off following him, matching his speed around the bases and Jasper threw the ball to her, she caught it and stretched her hand out. She was a millimetre away from his leg and he was a millimetre from home. They collided with a bang and a lot of dust thrown in the air and Esme's calm voice came through the air.


Bella stood up and laughed at Carlisle, before mockingly rubbing his hair and whispering, "Bad luck, dad. You lose," before raising her hands in the air triumphantly. Emmett swore again, Rosalie squealed and started thinking about the money she had lost and Jacob seemed slightly depressed that he too had lost a grand and Carlisle was looking at Esme with wide, innocent eyes, that said what his thoughts were saying, "How could that have been out?" She just smiled at him, seeming to guess where his thoughts were heading, they had been together for a long time now that they didn't need my gift to know what the other was thinking, "out, my love," she whispered and Carlisle snarled and launched himself at her. Everyone in the clearing laughed and it soon stopped when Bella, Jasper and I walked up to Rose, Jacob and Emmett and held our hands out, impatiently. They all sighed as one and dug their hands into their pockets, Jacob bringing out a thousand and putting it in my hand, Rose putting hers in Jasper's, Emmett putting one grand into Bella's hand. He still owed me a grand, I cleared my throat pointedly, and beckoned his money with my fingers, he sighed deeper and placed another thousand in my hand.

"Have you learned something today, Emmett?" I asked.

"Never bet against you when you have Alice on your side," he mumbled pitifully and he made a mental note never to do so again.

"And?" I asked and he looked up with confusion written in his eyes. " ‘Smart Ass' always win," I reminded him of his thoughts in school, he snarled in defiance at me and my team just laughed at him.

"We won," Alice sang from behind, "we won, we won, we won. In your face, in your face, in your face," she continued pointing at everyone on the opposing team except Emmett. She ran up to Emmett, scrubbed his hair into his eyes and laughed into his face for skipping back to Jasper with a wide smile on her face. We all laughed, well maybe everyone except Rose and Em, and it was the first day back in Forks where I was excited for the day to come. Excited to look after Bella and Nessie, talk to my parents, laugh at my sisters, fight with my brothers, or just excited to live my new life in the place were my life was initially made.