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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


4. Chapter 4

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The Day After

Alice POV

It was a sunny day in Forks, almost as much as an impossibility as a psychic vampire. Oh wait, they existed and so, just, did sunny days in probably the most overcast place we had ever lived in. A sunny day meant that none of us, except Jacob and Ness, could leave the house. Today I knew Carlisle and Esme were going hunting, the boys I had no idea of and neither did I know for the girls, but I did know that Jacob and Nessie had to go to school. Haha, they have skin that doesn't sparkle! We underwent the tiresome facade that one a sunny day, Carlisle would take us all from school for a hiking expedition, God imagine if we had to go through with it, but since Nessie and Jacob do not have the same problem as the other eight of us they still had to go to school, even though both had graduated more than ten times each but Nessie's parents and grandparents said she had to, unlucky for her.

A vision slams into my head. Bella and Rose are by my sides and we are walking through the rainy streets of Seattle laden down with shopping bags. Yey, Shopping Op! I draw myself back to present and was startled when I saw the beautiful face of my husband, my Jazz, crouched in front of me with worry in his eyes. "Alice, what did you just see?"

"Jazz, you need to calm down," I told him, smiling. "Bella, Rose! Get your coats, get off your husbands and get your butts in the car, right now!" I screeched around the house and of course Bella would be able to hear it at her cottage.

"Alice!" Esme scolds from the kitchen and Jasper and Carlisle laugh.

"Sorry Esme," I shout, while tapping my foot and looking expectantly at the stairs awaiting Rosalie before I would go mad and screech for Bella. I turn to the back door, waiting for Bella, why haven't they come yet? I sigh, throwing my hands in the air and open my mouth to shout again.

"Alice, you do now I'm sitting right beside you," I hear Bella say; "I've been sitting here for about half an hour." Everyone that's in the living room laughs and Jasper presses his lips to my hair.

I look right next to me on the sofa and I do actually find Bella sitting just by my side, "Oh, there you are Bella. Rose, now!" I order up the stairs.

"And what if I don't?" Rosalie answers from upstairs and I groan, which was echoed by Edward, Jasper, Bella and Carlisle when we realise it was coming from her bedroom.

"Your hair will be plucked from your head," I threaten.

She gasps, a strangled screech, before I hear the rub of fabric against fabric and she comes into sight walking down the stairs with her hands held protectively around her pony-tail and a fearsome look in her eyes. "You wouldn't."

"Yes, I would, Rose. It's shopping time for the Cullen girls," I smile.

"No," she says firmly before turning on her heal and walking again up the stairs.

"Rose? Plucked like a chicken!" I warn and it was answered by a squeal of terror and a blur of white skin and blonde hair and before I know it she is by the front door with her coat on. I smile wider showing off my teeth, I know how to get her where it hurts.

I jump up and dance to Rose, picking my leather jacket from the pile and putting it on and turning back to Bella, who is sitting squashed right next Edward with crossed arms and her chin sticking proudly out. I don't need Edward's gift to be able to tell what is going through her head. "Come on, Bella!"

"No," she responds stubbornly.

"Bella," I growl coming towards her.

She cringes further into Edward and looks up at him with wide innocent eyes, "Edward?"

Don't you dare I warn him, he sighs and shakes his head at his wife, who huffs in annoyance and turns her eyes on my husband. "Jazz?"

"Sorry Bella," he laughs.

"I have to go to school, mom," Nessie shouts from the kitchen. "It's only fair that you do something that you don't like."

Esme hides a laugh behind her hand and Bella's eyes widen, trying to think of a comeback, she can't find one. She snarls under her breath before smacking Edward across the chest and walks stubbornly to where Rose and I are standing.

"Alice when you say shopping, you don't mean here in town do you?" Carlisle asks from where he is by Esme, with his hands wrapped protectively around her waist.

"No, Carlisle. How thick do you think I am?" I ask and Emmett laughs from upstairs. "You dare answer that Emmett Cullen," I threaten and his bellowing laughs cut off, "we're going to Seattle, it's raining there. Lovely," I smile and Carlisle shakes his head at me with narrowed eyes. I run over to Esme hug her round the waist, kiss Carlisle's cheek, push him for thinking the things that he just had and kiss Jazz and I run out of the door and straight for our garage with Rosalie and Bella a couple of feet back.

I slide into the purple Lamborghini that I have just recently bought, I got bored of my yellow Porsche but there is no way in hell I am letting Carlisle throw it out. I look out of my tinted window and see Rosalie sliding into her new red BMW and Bella into the red Ferrari that Edward forced upon her after her older one lost fashionable credit, I knew she wanted to keep it until its laugh breath like that hunk of junk she had when she was human but no way was my sister going to look that old-fashioned. I press the button on the dashboard and my car starts up with a roar, echoed by that of Rose's and Bella's car, Rose is first out of the garage with me on her tail and Bella dragging behind. I overtook Rose when we hit the main road out of Forks, and she overtook me after a minute. I went into the other lane and caught up with her, I heard Bella sigh behind me; she is so like Edward, she's never happy to have a race, that's why we have fast cars. Bella stayed back as Rose and I battled our cars to the maximum all the way to Seattle.

Nessie POV

"Bye Mom, Love you," I shout out after my mom as she goes shopping with my aunts and I go back to my cereal that grandma put out for me, even vampires with no sense of taste make the best food, I can remember granddad Charlie's cereal about a hundred years ago and even his cereal wasn't this good. I hate how I have to go to school today, it's so not fair, I mean of course Jake and I don't sparkle like diamonds but all of our family get to stay off, grandma and granddad are hunting, which I would love to do, and mom and my aunts are shopping which is better than school, hell I would even rather stay home with dad and uncle Em and Jazz today, even though I know better than to expect them to do anything but gamble, argue and fight but still school?

I place down my spoon into my empty bowl and sigh, Jake looks up from next to me and smiles, "What's up Ness?" he asks in his beautiful, deep voice, while brushing my hair out of my eyes.

"School," I respond as if that's an explanation. Grandma takes this moment to walk through into the kitchen with granddad right behind her, her hands in his. "Finished Ness?" he asks, smiling and Jake and me.

"Yep," I jump off the stool walking over to him and laying my hand on his cheek, showing him something. I don't usually use my gift much anymore, I've been playing human for so long that I know how to turn it off and I sometimes can't be bothered to turn it back on, I can remember the first year of my life, I was so lazy I couldn't be bothered to talk to my family. Granddad's laugh brings me back to him and he smiles down at grandma and tells her what I have just told him, "she says your cereal is better than Charlie's." Grandma laughs along with him before she picks up my bowl and runs it to the dishwater and I walk through to the living area as Jake and my grandparents talk in the kitchen.

"Hey squirt," Uncle Em shouts, running over to me making the ground vibrate under his big feet. He places his bear-like claws on my waist and tosses me above his head, spinning me in a circle, my human genes making me remotely dizzy as he continues to pretend I'm a helicopter blade.

"Uncle Em, put me down," I squeal, to which, of course, he doesn't. "Uncle Jazz," I ask as I'm been swung round to face him, he smiles, jumps up and slaps Uncle Em on the back of the head, to which he snarls, depositing me in Uncle Jazz's steady hands. "There you go, kiddo," he laughs before turning on Uncle Em with narrowed eyes. I look up at the clock above the television and, oh no, it's time for school, at which time Jake comes out of the kitchen and walks over to our school stuff, putting his bag on his back and holding mine up for me with a wicked glint in his eye. I walk over to him and let him grudgingly put my bag on my back, I go and kiss grandma and granddad on the cheek, kiss uncle jazz's cheek, punch uncle Em on the arm and wrap my arms around his big waist, kiss dad's cheek. Love you, dad I tell him in my usual, or very unusual depending on how you saw it, manner before walking to the garage and into Jake's green Aston Martin. I love the juxtaposition between mom and dad's thoughts about fitting in and the rest of the families, that's the only reason we drive to school in dad's Volvo and Uncle Em's jeep to fit in, like we would ever fit in, but with dad not at school we can be as ostentatious as we want, the children can only get more jealous.

Jake presses the start button on the dashboard and the car lurches forward and the fields and trees either side of our driveway are reduced to nothing but a blur and we arrive at school in little under five minutes. Jake pulls the car into our regular spot and everyone in the vicinity turns to stare at us, we both jump out at the same time and Jake grips my hand in his own as we walk into the main building. I can still feel the eyes of the jealous on our backs and I can hear some people grumbling about our car. "Jake, do you ever get the feeling that people are a little too jealous?" I pretend to stage whisper, but I know that some people will be able to hear me, sure enough one of the senior jocks who is standing by the path we are walking on, closes his mouth and blushes.

Jake laughs at my side, and slings his arm across my shoulder, and kisses my hair, "I do, love." And together we walk into the boredom of school building 2 for an amazing hour of calculus. The joys!

Carlisle POV

Together Esme and I walk towards the back door; it's been about three days since we last hunted and although I'm not thirsty and I highly doubt Esme is too it's always our ritual to go hunting on a sunny day.

"Hold up, I'm coming too," I hear from the sitting room and I turn to find Edward walking after us, I raise my eyebrows and he laughs, "there is no way I'm staying with them two. Emmett is starting to think of ways he can get money off Jazz today."

Esme sighs angrily and I look down to her and she is shaking her head in a way that says "boys!" We all turn and run out of the back door each jumping the river within a second of one another, and we set off running north and it soon becomes a race between Edward and I, which of course he wins. He stops and turns back to Esme and I before raising his hands above his head in a smug way, which I know he is only joking. He turns his back quickly and I shoulder knock him which sends him flying into the masses of leaves lining the floor. He looks up at me with his perfect crooked smile on his face and narrowed eyes, "Don't be clever," I tell him for the second time in two days and he jumps up brushing the debris from his clothes and sets himself into an offensive crouch facing me and I copy him but we both tense when the wind brings with it the smell of a brown bear and Edward is the first to race off in the direction of it and I know fine well that Esme and I will not get close to it, so I pull her in the other direction to which I can smell some bland and bitter dear, if only we were a little bit faster.

So we run towards them and I revel in the feel of her skin on mine, of the way the breeze that blows against us brings with it her scent. We reach the clearing, in which are three deer, I motion for Esme to go first and she complies while brushing her finger tips across my cheek and I snap my hand up to keep them there. She smiles her beatific smile in my direction before kissing the hand laying on top of hers and quickly removing her hand from mine with a mock impatience in her eyes and she sets herself into a crouch and launches her petite frame at the biggest deer and I follow her coming down upon the second and we both finish at the same time, her eyes coming up to find mine and I gesture for her to have the third. She smiles, showing off her teeth and jumps down upon it, her eyes holding mine until they slip shut when her teeth break the skin, at which time a sunbeam comes down upon her, I sit back on my heels watching her. In the 180 years we have been together I don't think I have loved her more.

"Carlisle," I hear Edward shout from about a mile away as Esme jumps up and comes over to me and looks me deep in the eye before stealing a chaste kiss from me and I once again fall into the bottomless pit in her butterscotch eyes and I'm falling in love again. "Carlisle," Edward warns in a rough voice, one he does when I'm getting carried away and I look up to find him pushing his way through the bracken and into our mini clearing.

If you don't like my thoughts than keep out of my head, I smile at him.

"You don't think I want to?" he asks. "It's like you're shouting them." Esme grasps what we are talking about and smiles up at me, her lips forming a peaceful smile with a mischievous glint in her eyes that I love so much.

"Well go home then, Edward," she laughs still looking at me.

"What, and leave you two alone in a forest. I don't think so, Esme," he looks at my wife with mock seriousness and I had to laugh at how he sounded like a parent. But, he just said them things in front of my wife, I launch myself over Esme and tackle him to the ground, he laughs and starts to fight back, as we're circling each other I hear Esme sigh again, this time happier and she walks over to sit on a boulder with a huge smile on her face. Bring it on, son. His face becomes serious and he starts to charge on me, but I jump at the right time, he may be the fastest vampire I have ever come across but I have two-hundred years on his youth, but he has his gift to help, however, Edward is my oldest companion and I know how to block out his gift. He narrows his eyes further at my last thought and charges once again at him, but I spin, pushing him to the ground with my teeth pointing at his jugular. And experience always wins against youth, son. I laugh jumping up to join Esme, who is giggling away, as he stands up brushes his unruly hair out of his eyes and looks between Esme and I before running off in the direction of home. We're not like Emmett and Jasper, but we can fight too.

Emmett POV

Ooh, the house to ourselves, me and Jazz, and no parents to tell us what to do. Hmm, I need to win some money off him to make up for the two I lost last night, in that stupid baseball game. I solemnly swear that I will never bring that up again, I think to myself, I will add that to the things that I already have stored away in that little box in my mind of things that nobody likes me to bring up. Plus scrawny soldier boy hit me this morning, I need to beat him!

I jump up from the couch and run to store cupboard in the kitchen, were we store blood bags, if one of us needs a hunt we can grab one but if two or more need something we have to hunt. I walk back through to the sitting room and sit back on the sofa just as Jazz is coming down the stairs, he looks at me with the blood bag in my hands and tuts, "You are so lazy, Em. Not even bothering to hunt?"

"Shut up, Jazzy," I shout while opening the bag, drinking from it until it's empty and scrunching the plastic up into a ball and throwing it into the waste bin in the corner of the room. "He shoots....he scores!" I whoop, "Emmett one, Jazzy zero!"

He shakes his head coming to sit by me on the sofa and turning the television on. My hand comes down on his, "Naah Jazz, come on man. The house is empty, no Carlisle, no Esme, no Eddie-boy. Care for a wager?"

"Again, Em?" he drawls in his stupid southern accent.

"Sure, I need to win back some money. I lost two grand last night," damn, I've just brought it up again. Plus, it's mine and Rose's anniversary in a week and i need a good present to make up for my late one last year, come on, who remembers their hundredth and sixty-seventh wedding anniversary.

"What do you have in mind?" Jazz asks.

Well a lot of stuff really, fighting, playing PS5 games, anything that I can beat him at. I better off start with PS5 games at least I have a good chance of winning them. "Resident Evil, 5?" I ask him, hoping he will accept, I'm never allowed to play that on the big TV, it's always the same argument. Esme will say "No gore on the big tele." Then I will come back with, "Come on mom, we live in a house full of vampires." To which she will say, "It's not the same," and look at me with her motherly stern eyes that I'm afraid of and I don't argue back with her.

"Fine," he accepts. Whoop! He pushes his self off the sofa and walks over to the games console, popping the game out of the packet and placing it in the tray and coming back to me with the controllers in his hands. He gives me one and sits down again on my right, his back hunched over, his tongue peeping out between his teeth and his eyes narrowed on the screen, the perfect picture of concentration. I copy him as the game starts and we battle for the money.

Bella POV

Please, someone just kill me, kill me now. Shopping with Alice? Shopping, are you freaking kidding me!

"Ooh, look at these shoes Bella. Ooh and this skirt these would look amazing on you!" Alice squeals, blurring around the shop as Rose and I walk solemnly behind her.

"Seriously, Rose, why?" I ask my blonde sister beside me.

"Because if you didn't she would ripe your throat out," she laughs.

"We need to get this bag Bella. Huh, Rose? This bag is amazing, how much? Ooh only $500."

"Seriously, why?" I ask to nobody in particular and Rosalie just laughs and places her arm around my shoulder in a supporting way, I think she can tell that I am planning on running from the shop. Sure, she'll buy a five-hundred dollar bag but if anyone else in the family, namely me, wants something that costs that much money, say a vintage red tuck, she won't have it.

Finally, with her arms laden with items, most of which no girl in the house will wear she walks over to the cashier's desk and places everything in a huge pile so the poor girl is nearly covered in it. She rings everything through and it takes nearly twenty minutes before Alice gives her the credit card and thrusts three bags at me and three at Rose and she takes the last two and we walk together into the rain.

The differences between Seattle and Forks weather wise are huge. I was looking forward to a day without having to do anything, no school and if I wanted I could go and sit in the sun and sparkle, but having Alice as a sister made that beyond impossible. So now, here we are in a rainy city which today is rivalling the rain fall most days in Forks. It is like my own personal hell boutiques with French names that I still can't read every where I turn and Alice grabbing my arm at every corner and squealing with delight in my ear and pulling me into the next shop where Rose and I would constantly walk behind her.

I look over the road to see if there is any haven in this hell and I find one in the shape of a small bookstore, perfect for me. I walk over to the curb of the road and before my foot is off the floor, Alice's hand grips my upper arm, "Uh-uh Bella. We've got our stuff, now we shops for the boys." She sounds so excited about shopping for the boys, I know Edward and Carlisle won't wear the things she buys them and they will end up in goodwill, of course Jasper will because he'll do everything for Alice, Emmett will complain for a little bit but then comply because his are always filled with holes off playing with bears and Jacob may or may not depending on his mood. I sigh as she pulls Rose and I along with her and into men's department store which according to the sign specialises in "everything from suits, to general, to sports, to swimwear." Please, I plead to God, let this be the last shop.

Jasper POV

Shoot him, shoot him, and turn, bang, dead! Next one. Go, go, go. Emmett and I are still on the first game of Resident evil, and we're both moving along with the character on the screen. Edward, Carlisle and Esme haven't returned home yet, which is good news for us, because there is no way Esme would approve of this on the television. The girls aren't back yet either, but we're expecting both parties back within the hour so we need to finish this damn game pretty quickly.

"Go!" Emmett screams at his character as if he's real, "he's behind you! Runnnnn!" His emotions are getting more competitive, more stressed but under everything else he is a little bit scared of the game, which of course he would object to but no-one can hide their emotions from me. Plus it doesn't help that I'm sending this emotion back at him in a higher concentration, but he doesn't need to know that.

"No gore on the big television!" we hear from behind and we both turn at the same time to find Esme standing staring at us with an angry look on her face, Carlisle is standing just behind her with a huge smile on his face. Traitor!

"Come on, mom," Emmett whines from my side. "You do remember that we live in a house, you know; full of vampires, and of course, a vampire-human hybrid, and a werewolf."

"It's not the same," Esme directed at Emmett her eyes hardening, and Emmett's scared levels rise. It is always the same argument, I don't know why we continue to play it; Esme always comes in at the wrong moment.

"It's your fault, Jazz," Emmett shouts, pushing my shoulder.

"My fault? How is it my fault?" I shout back.

"Well if you kept your weight up a little bit, we would've finished it by now, and then Esme wouldn't have got angry. God, Jazz!"

"Em, I was in the lead," I shouted, pointing at the scores on the television, "it was you that wasn't keeping up. You never do!"

"Enough," comes the command from the front door and we both look up to find Alice standing with her arms full of shopping bags. "God, Shut up! I've been getting a headache off you two for an hour."

"You've just come home," Emmett whines, to which Alice snarls. "What nobody told you to be psychic." Alice guttural snarls get louder and Emmett just cringes into the sofa looking down at the floor. Rose and Bella come through the door about a minute later laden with more shopping bags and Carlisle makes a strangled gasp from the back window and I look up to find him staring at the bags in their arms with his mouth wide open. I send out a wave of calm and he adjusts himself before moving his mouth, it looks like he's talking but no words are coming out but I can see his mouth forming numbers as he's doing some mental math.

"That's the last time I sending you three out alone, to go shopping," he scolded and Bella made a coughing noise, as if clearing her throat and placed the bags that she was carrying on top of those which Alice is so I can no longer see her face and goes to stand by Carlisle.

"No, dad," she corrects him, "it's the last time you're letting Alice. They're all her ideas, not ours." Like she needed to correct him, everyone knew Bella hated shopping.

Alice placed all the bags on the floor before picking three up and running them to Carlisle and Esme, "we got these for you." Bella cleared her throat for a second time, and Alice corrected herself, "well I got these for you." Carlisle tried to smile but I knew nothing in those bags would be worn and Esme's would be put in her closet and forgotten about because it is so big.

There's the sound of shoes hitting wood and not a second later Nessie and Jacob walk through the front door, Jacob's eyes widen looking at the bags on the floor and Nessie squeals with delight and excitement rolls off her in waves. You can tell that Alice has got to her in the hundred years since her birth and unlike her mother, Nessie loves it.