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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


5. Chapter 5

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Emmett POV

We were all sitting in the living room for one of the first times in a while, it was always that Edward and Bella and Jake and Nessie were in the cottages or some of the family were hunting. Alice is talking animatedly about the recent shopping trip that Alice, Bella and Rose had went on this morning, to a very bored looking Esme and Carlisle, I knew they probably weren't listening that much but Alice would talk to a tree trunk if it looked vaguely interested. Jasper and Bella are playing chess by the back window, and by the looks of it Bella is getting thrashed. Rosalie is sitting in front of the television with Jacob watching some random rubbish and Edward and Nessie are composing on the grand piano by the door. I am sitting by Jazz and Bella staring out of the window and into the garden, I am so bored, Esme took the game away from me and Jazz so we can't play on that any more.

So yeah, I'm looking out of the back window and there's not a lot going on. The sun has just went down so it's into night time, there's a small rat on the floor just over the river, there's an owl in one of the tree tops because it keeps hooting but I can't seem to find it. "Ahh!" what was that? I swear I just saw like a blur of silver.

"Emmett, what are you squealing for?" Carlisle said from across the room.

"I just saw a flash of silver," I mumbled, and no-one answered me so I took it they hadn't. Oh well, it was probably just my eyes playing tricks on me. "Ahhh!" I squealed again, no I'm telling you I saw a flash of red there, my eyes aren't tricking me this time.

"Emmett, there's no one there. If you don't believe us go and check," Carlisle was looking at me funny. I'm not scared; I'm a vampire, a big vampire! I pushed myself up from the sitting position and walked out into the garden looking for signs of where they came from... nothing. I turned my back to go and walk in again when a flash of brightest silver flashes about a metre in front of my eyes, and I feel a weight on my back. I throw my arms in the air and ashamedly squeal like a girl.

The person on my back laughs, "Aww. Is the big bear of the Cullen's scared of little ole' me?"

I had heard that voice before, "Kate?"

"Hey, Emmy."

I swing the body off my back to look at her and sure enough it is the blonde Denali sister, with her youthful look and demeanour she was my favourite of the Denali's. A flash of red flies past us both and I look to my left and find Tanya standing there, and Carmen, Garrett and Eleazer walking towards us. "What are you doing here?" I asked while hugging Kate.

"What, a family can't come and visit their cousins?" Tanya laughed embracing me. I shook Eleazer's and Garrett's hand and hugged Carmen and walked with them towards the door. I placed my finger to my lips in a gesture for them to keep quiet and they complied and together we walked with stealth around the corner to face my family.

"Hey guys," I walked into the sitting room. Bella and Jazz were still engrossed in their hobby and so too was Rose and Jake, and Esme and Alice. Edward's eyes were following me and so were Carlisle's.

"Was there anybody there, Emmett?" Carlisle asks.

"Nah, it was just my eyes playing tricks on me," I answered and went to sit by Rose. As soon as my bottom touched the leather of the couch, Kate ran around the corner shouting "surprise" so that everyone in the room, except me and, of course, Edward got a shock.

"Kate?" Bella squealed jumping up to hug her favourite cousin.

"Hey, Bella," she laughed before she walked further into the living room with Tanya, Garrett, Eleazer and Carmen on her heels.

"What are you doing here?" Carlisle asks as he's accepts hug off Tanya.

"What's with this lot asking us why we came?" Kate stage whispered to Tanya, "They come to our house all the time. Can't we come and check in on our favourite cousins, Carlisle?" Kate laughed and everyone else joined in.

Each one of my family hugged and shook hands with the Denali's and Carmen and Tanya joined in with Bella and Jasper, Eleazer sat next to Carlisle and Esme and started talking about something that seemed to boring to be a conversation starter and Kate and Garrett came round and sat next to Jacob and I. "Hey wolf," Kate laughed messing up Jake's black hair. He laughed, "hey midget!"

Kate looked around all of us sitting bored before asking, "You guys not got any good games?" I pointed to the games we had left on the shelf, the only games with no gore. "I said good games, Em. No resident evil?" she asked and Esme sighed behind us and Carlisle laughed planting a kiss to her forehead.

"Esme took it off us," I laughed and Kate turned to the matriarch of our family.

"Oh come on, mom," she laughed, taking our name for Esme and using it to butter her up.

Esme sighed again running to the cupboard under the stairs and throwing the game back to Kate who caught it easily and placed it in. Esme tutted grabbed Carlisle's hand and ran upstairs and we all laughed after her, if she couldn't get her way of no gory games, she certainly wasn't going to sit and watch us play it.

2 hours later - still Emmett POV

She may have a girly exterior but man can Kate play. We're the only ones in the living room everyone got annoyed at her beating me, earning a cuss from me, which would earn a telling off from an angry Esme upstairs and a laugh from everyone else in the house. So Jake, Nessie, Bella, Jazz, Alice, Garrett and Eleazer are hunting, Carlisle and Esme are still upstairs with Edward, and Rose is showing off her cars in the garage with Tanya and Carmen. Good, no-one else will be able to see me get beat this time.

She's sitting by my side, the perfection of ease, unlike Jazz this morning who was hunched over the controller she just sits with her back straight, using only one hand and she hardly pays attention to the game. Why is she still managing to beat me? BANG! Goes the television and a huge "Game Over" comes across the screen, how did she do that? I'm sure I was paying attention there. "Damn!" I shout, and it shakes the foundation of the house around me.

"Emmett!" Esme growls for like the tenth time tonight.

"Sorry mom," I answer back, to which she tuts.

I turn my attention back to Kate who is sitting with a smug look on her face and she laughs, "Okay Em that is best three out of five to me. You play like a girl, and not even a good girl."

"Again?" I growl back at her through clenched teeth, she has no idea how close I am to jumping on her and showing her how the Cullen's win money.

"Sure, Emmy-bear," using Jasper's gay nickname for me, which I hate, "I will only beat you again," she promises before pressing reset and we once again fall into the world of survival horror battling not whatever comes up on the screen but each other also and there is no way on this earth she is going to win for the fourth time.