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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


6. Chapter 6

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Garrett POV

So this is the life I chose to lead, vegetarianism, all for the love of my beautiful wife. I have to admit I do like this life better, I like the cultured and civilised feel to the life I am leading, I like not having to move around and staying in the Denali, and above all else I love the love we share; in the family and also with the Cullen's.

When I came to help out an old friend, in Carlisle, I knew my life would probably change, but never to this degree. I thought that all of us, except for those who would be forced into subservience by Aro, would be killed. But in the end, we came out on top, miraculously. I had always scoffed at Carlisle's actions and beliefs that there is such thing as God, for us anyway, but I have just started to believe him. It seemed that good will always win against bad, I used to think myself bad just for the lifestyle I led, what I did but there was no way I would have been able to stop myself from killing humans without outside help. I constantly thank this new found God for everything, and above all else I thank him and ask him to keep Carlisle safe, without him as my friend I would be back to the feral adventurer of a century ago, and I also thank God for bringing Kate into my life, because without her I would also be that man.

We're hunting the bland deer of North Washington; Eleazer, Jasper and I. I may not be as accustomed to this diet as the others but I do know taste, and deer's do not have much. Denali is much better, with the caribou, which are just as bad, and we have more mountain lions or bears in one week than the Cullen's would in a year. I have slipped up a couple of times in the past century, but speaking with Jasper, Emmett, Edward and even Esme I know that it is common, we choose to live the moral life and so we have to take into account the difficulty of this right path; the twists, the turns, the highs, the lows, all have lead to the man I am now. Leaning my head to the fallen deer's neck, Kate's face swims into my head, smiling at me on our wedding day over eighty years ago, and I smile into as the deer's blood fills my mouth, if this is what it takes to see her smile like that every day I will continue to do it until the end of time.

Jacob POV

I needed to get out of the house, I was sick of Em's constant swearing, and Kate's constant laughing. Don't get me wrong I loved them both like the next person but I liked hunting better, than hearing these along with Esme's shouts from the upper floor and Carlisle's chuckles at her. I have been feeding my human half more in the present situation so I needed to go wolf, hunt for this form instead of my other. Bella and Alice were a few feet ahead of us; Nessie and I. Alice was talking energetically, as was always the case with my vampire sister, about some weird fall fashion show that had just shown in Paris. Bella couldn't care a less! She would nod, smile, and pretend to look interested but inside I knew, as did every one, except maybe Alice that she wasn't paying any attention in the slightest.

Nessie and I careened off and started to run just as we came across the scent of a small herd of deer, by the sounds of it, there was four. I found them before Nessie, me having four legs, and Ness had the perfection and a degree of vampire natured running but also a small degree of human. She pressed her hand to my head that was up to my shoulder and rubbed gently showing me pictures of the first hunt we had together. She was about a month old, she had just learned how to walk, but not just walk but run and dance. So yeah, we had run through the forest and I had phased in front of her and expected her to either run back into Bella's waiting arms or start to cry, but as with her mother, she always surprised me, she had laughed, a peal of bells, and ran towards me, jumping onto my back. As we were reliving this I located the deer and she sprinted off in the direction of them, me just behind her.

She feasted first, placing her mouth to the crease of the deer's neck and its shoulder and just as I was finally able to satiate my wolf form, placing my teeth to its vein, two familiar minds phased into my own; Leah and Seth. Seth was reliving seeing Haley a few minutes ago as Leah was doing with Justin. I was happy they had found the person with whom they would spend the rest of their lives, and all, especially Leah, she was actually a fun joint-beta to my alpha. However, if I didn't have Nessie I think I would have screamed and ran far, far away just to get away from the love and protectiveness that one of us feels for our loves. I can remember it with Sam, Jared, Paul and Quil but that never meant I was used to it, if anything that was the part of pack life I used to hate.

Shut up, Leah. Seth thought internally, I guessed they hadn't heard me yet.

What's your problem, Seth? Leah snarled.

I went to bed, dreaming about Justin last night, can you give it a rest?

I always do with Haley!

Ahem! I brought their attention back to me, the invisible alpha, if not they would probably meet up with one another and start a fight.

Oh, Hey Jake! Leah sounded shocked; I must have guessed correctly that they were too wrapped up in their own lives to remember about me.

Hey Hey Jake! Haven't heard from you in a while. Seth thought, while replaying a few months ago that we had last met and probably two weeks since I had last been in wolf form. How are the Cullens? He asked, like always his truce with Edward was just as strong, if not stronger than it was before. He still loved Bella, and had started to love Emmett, Carlisle and Kate, once she visited just as much as Edward. It told me that Bella was right in what she said a long time ago, "Werewolves and Vampires can live peacefully," I used to think it was creepy. I mean seriously a werewolf hanging out with a leech, but I had married into the family and they were my family and I loved them as such, especially Alice, Bella, Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie was still the thorn in my paw, Emmett was a doufus, but a doufus that was my big brother, Jasper was not yet a big brother but more along the lines of a close friend as was Edward, my father-in-law.

Jake? Who the hell is getting all sentimental now? Leah scoffed, trust her to take interest in my thoughts now.

I ignored her, answering Seth. They're okay, man. I'm guessing Haley is fine too? And Justin, Leah?

Hey! What is it with you two? And the others I have become so used to listening to the people who have imprinted for years and now I have someone, I can't? I mean it I feel like I'm falling in love with Nessie when you're in alpha form, and I don't like it!

Leah might as well have been invisible about the amount of attention her brother was paying to her. Yep, Jake, Haley is fine!

Good to hear! "Jake?" I heard Ness call from my side. I guess that's my cue to leave, guys.

Okay, Jake! Seth laughed. Hey, tell Edward I said hi, ‘kay?

Sure thing, kid.

I went to phase back but just before I released I heard Leah scoff another time. ‘Tell Edward I said hi, ‘kay?' She laughed in a perfect imitation of her brother.

Shut up, Leah! He snarled and it was time to phase before I had to witness them tearing each other to bits.

Tanya POV

"Ooh, and over here is my new BMW," Rosalie gushed, grabbing Carmen's hand whom grabbed mine pulling us both over to the red car that looked very similar if not the same as her last one. Carmen saw this too, her eyes moved over the sheet, under which we both knew her old car was hidden, she sighed, catching my eyes, and rolling hers as Rosalie continued to admire her new car, whether the "horse-power" or the "top-speed", I would hope she knew that neither me nor my sister weren't paying attention but once she started on cars she was beyond impossible to stop, almost like Alice was on clothes.

"Ooh, and over here is Alice's new car," she screeched, pulling me over to the car which of course we would identify as Alice's, the fact that it was bright purple and fast.

"Rosalie," I heard call from the door, and I looked over just as Rose and Carmen did to find Esme standing there smirking at the sight of a tired looking Carmen. "Emmett is looking for you. He is considering running off, he lost, again," she added with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. Rosalie sighed; she looked longingly at her BMW and ran out of the door, not before adding, "I will tell you more later."

Carmen smiled after her and when she was invisible to us, Carmen and I let out synchronised tired sighs. Esme hid a laugh behind her hand, looking on sympathetically. "Edward heard your thoughts from upstairs Tanya; he said you might need some help." Carmen laughed as I bounded over to kiss the matriarch of the Cullen's on the cheek, "Thank you for that help!" I screeched. All three of us, left the garage quickly in case Rose came back and started once again and we walked slowly towards the house.

When we walked through the front door I had a look around at who was here and who wasn't. I could hear Emmett grumbling far away probably on the other side of the river and out of the line of wandering eyes. Kate and Garrett obviously could hear this too, as both were bent over, clutching each other and their sides for support due to laughing. When we walked through the door Carlisle's face split into a gentle, genuine smile, his eyes only for his wife and she walked eagerly into his open arms, placing her face in the crook of his neck as he did with hers. Alice and Bella sat off to the side of where Edward sat watching the television, Alice doing all the talking and Bella nodded, pretending i thought to look interested. Jasper, Eleazer, Nessie and Jacob were not back.

I went over and sat on Edward's left, winking to him as I sat, his face split into a soft crooked smile that looked to me to be a bit chagrined. I still had the same effect on him, even though he had found his soul mate. I may have been over zealous many years ago but when you love a person you would do anything to see the other person happy. His smile relaxed somewhat looking more genuine and he mouthed, "Thanks," to me.

Jacob walked through the door not a minute later, he sighed as Nessie went and sat by Bella and started to talk. "Seth says hi," he directed at Edward. Who just laughed back.

"Oh, I know. I was just on the phone with him." He explained as Jasper and Eleazer came back through the door. Alice bounded over to Jasper as Carmen did with Eleazer, at which point Emmett and Rosalie come into our eye line out of the big glass window/wall in the Cullen's house. Rose was dragging him by the arm with an encouraging smile on her face, and he just looked embarrassed and a tiny bit pissed. Kate and Garrett noticed their incoming just after the rest of us and started to laugh even harder. Emmett stopped in his tracks going to turn and head back into the forest put Rosalie, tenaciously, physically dragged him into the sitting room, sitting him down next to me and turning to give Kate and Garrett and stone glare. Garrett cringed further into his seat and sobered his laughing up quickly save a slight shaking of his shoulder and a few chuckles that he tried to make silent, Kate, on the other hand, laughed all that much harder.

It seemed when looking around the Cullen's living room that we had a complete family, both our nuclear family and our external family. Each, except me, had found their soul mates in this world but there was always the nagging feeling that our family is not as complete as it should be. Irina was not with us. Oh god, how I missed my sister. I had been told repeatedly by Kate that Irina, although none of us would wish it upon her, went the way she would have wanted to go, saving her family's life. That she did. She was now with her soul mate, in Laurent, if she would take him back, in the afterlife and they would stay together forever more.

Eleazer POV

I know the Volturi too well to think that this is over with them, and I know Carlisle does too. Even though I know he pretends for the sake of his wife, and children, that everything will always be okay. I have this nagging suspicion and I know that he will also, that all will come crashing down once again. I am constantly waiting for the day to come where the Cullen's will phone us, or there will be a knock on the door and the nine Cullen's along with Jacob will appear at it with hopeless, strained and scared looks upon each one of their faces. However, we are family. There is no way, in my beliefs, that family will not help family. And even if we weren't family, we are as much a part of the vampire world as the next coven/family and we will both go together into that encompassing darkness, associated with the Volturi and try once again to come out on top. The day has come where we all may be able to live without the Italian scum of Volterra. Edward's head nods up and down from where he is sitting watching the television and I know he is listening to me. However, there is no way I will not make the most of the happiness while it lasts.