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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


7. Chapter 7

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Kate POV

I hate Forks! The changing weather gave me whiplash. When we last came it was mostly rainy, and I thought it was just an unwanted quirk that Forks had just as Denali had a lot of snow. However, yesterday it was sunny, all of us had to run deep in the cover of forests to get here, refraining from the sun, but today it was snowing. Snowing, in the middle of summer? Don't ask.

Today meant that everybody had to go about their lives, which I was told by Alice that they hadn't yesterday. When I arrived back to the Cullen house from hunting with Edward, I had found Emmett laying in the snow, moving his arms and legs in synchronicity and laughing like a small child seeing the snow for the first time, his laughter was echoed in the house by Rose, Carlisle and Jacob while the rest looked highly embarrassed to call him their brother.

I was bored, I had been hunting, so I couldn't do that, everyone my own age was going to school so I am going too! Of course, Edward and Bella told me to stop being immature, and Alice and Emmett laughed at my idea's but I had twisted the almighty father's arm, in Carlisle. I had already ran it past Em, Alice, Rose, Jazz, Jake and Nessie that I was a distant family member from a far off land, a very cold land by the colour of my skin and I wanted to see the schools system in America, how boring? My sisters, brother and husband were going to stay home with Esme today, God knows what they would do but I was going to have fun.

I bounced in to the living room after Emmett got up and shook his snow covered hair all over me and Rose, and sat on the seat next to Carlisle and Esme. I shook my hair too, and the ice that had stuck to my hair fell upon Carlisle and his eyes widened before he shoved me on the shoulder. He got up as I was sitting there waiting for the rest of the Cullen "children" and left for work after saying a quick goodbye to everyone, and the rest came to the house within a minute of the front door closing, all huddled up, unnecessarily, from the cold.

As Edward, Bella, Nessie and Jacob jumped into his newer Volvo, very unostentatious, the very essence of Edward I have grown to know and love for over nearly two hundred years, I jumped into the back of Emmett's jeep along with Rose and Alice as Jazz and Em got in the front. I liked this car more than the others; scary to humans, fun and indestructible to us. I went to school in Denali quite a lot, easily interacting with the humans, Tanya and I used to go to the colleges in Alaska, bringing about the name of the Succubus, or whatever the antediluvian's called it, Tanya and I called it having fun!

We arrived at the school, and jumped out of the jeep, and I was greeted by the boredom of Forks high school. I saw the other's sigh and their shoulders slump slightly as they walked towards the entrance door and I looked around. The buildings were all a horrible terracotta brick that I could see Esme cringing over; it looked like a prison site. It sounded like a prison site to, the loud bangs of doors shutting, the whispered conversations between friends, the sighs of pupils walking towards school or the backfiring of old cars in the parking lot made it that much more boring than Forks itself. As we all walked up to the school, the whole vicinities eyes turned and stared at us, I took it as a recent commotion in Forks for the Cullen's to come to school, for the children's eyes to widen and jealous greenness flash in their eyes. I saw most eyes follow Rosalie, obviously, and I relished when I saw some follow me, not bad for a thousand year old married vampire.

Six hours later

I had fun at school today, weird for me to say so but I did. I sat in all of their classes, the most boring being a tie between English and Gym. God, English, to see Edward get so excited about random British shit was probably one of the funniest things ever, but I had come across it for hundreds of years ever since I first met his father. Those two were more alike than anyone of us gave them credit for. History class was the business though, I would have liked to sit in with Bella and Emmett, they would have been more fun but I was lumped in the class with Jacob and Nessie, the wolfy and the vampire-human hybrid, the two oddities in a very odd family, and two of my loves. I felt like an over enthusiastic teenager, hyped up on some sort of sugary treat a parent gave them to calm them down. I felt like jumping in my seat with my hand raised, and shout, "Throw anything at me teach!" But I didn't, because the Cullen's are boring sods. I was trying to fit in as the exchange student who didn't know American customs, where I could have taught a lecture about American customs to the students and faculty in that school, being older than most of the staff added together.

When we arrived home from school, the snow that had once covered part of Esme's precious garden now obliterated all signs of the greenness that was Forks. I smiled to nobody in particular thinking of what it made me think of, the only time we would bet was in the snow. Emmett seemed to be on the same wavelength as me, for once. He bounded across the threshold of their front door and ran into the garden, picking up a snowball and throwing it at the glass that was the back of the Cullen's house. Not with enough force to actually break it, but with enough for to make it teeter feebly, and for Esme to scold him, from wherever she was in the house.

We used to play the Denali's versus the Cullen's every time one of us would visit the other. However, thanks to the welcome change in family size it made it next to impossible for us to win, especially with Edward and Alice playing against us. I followed Emmett outside, and Alice and Jasper came to stand opposite me on Emmett's left and right. Garrett came next, coming on my right and placing his arm around my waist, Bella and Rose came next each flanking both Jasper and Alice, they were followed finally by Eleazer, Carmen, Tanya, Jake and Nessie, nobody needed telling what was going on. Jake stood to the side of Garrett knowing it was uneven as Edward, Carlisle and Esme came out of their house and Edward went and stood by Bella.

I shook my head at him, I don't like cheating, he sighed looking up first at me, and then he glared at Emmett and went off to the side and sat on a fallen log to the north of their garden. I don't know why he still tried to play; neither Emmett nor I would play against him however neither of us would mind if he played on our side. Carlisle and Esme also sat out, preferring to snuggle on a snow covered boulder over by the garage which I knew, from experience, was Emmett's arm wrestling "spot." I could tell that neither were really paying attention to the game that was just about to kick off by the way they were sitting. Esme's head was on Carlisle's chest and his cheek on her hair and one of Esme's arms was wrapped around Carlisle's waist, her other hand playing with the fingers of their intertwined hands, as he would stroke her hair, look into her eyes occasionally or kiss the skin of her face on show. Or, could it be that I knew they weren't paying attention because of the way Edward's eyes would occasionally flicker from where they lay on Bella and stared at his parents indignantly.

When Rosalie wasn't looking towards our side, I quickly grasped the snow off the floor and patted it into a sphere before launching it at her. I caught her by surprise, go me, she blinked, snarled and shook her hair out, cringing when she saw that there was a tiniest amount of frizz starting to form. I knew it wasn't cold, the snow was even warmer than our skin, but I knew it was wet and I also knew how to get my oldest female cousin were it hurt, in her precious face, or her hair. I smiled back evilly and both sides launched into the fight as Carlisle, Esme and Edward ran for cover in their own respective ways.