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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


8. Chapter 8

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Rosalie POV

After the snowball fight, everyone was blissfully relaxed. Bella, Edward, Nessie and Jacob were somewhere in the forest probably at their respective homes. Carlisle, Esme, Eleazer and Garrett were upstairs, Kate, Tanya and Carmen were in the computer room with Emmett and Alice, Jasper and I were in the family room; Alice running around cleaning the surfaces that Esme would have this afternoon.

I turned to Jasper to ask him if he can calm his wife down when I heard a whoosh of wind from behind me, turning just in time to see the vase that used to be on the coffee table, hit the floor and shatter into a thousand pieces, and Alice slumped into the chair just behind her. She had a faraway look in her eyes, her mouth was wide and she had a slight tremble to her core, which put Jazz and I on red alert. Upon hearing the glass shatter Eleazer, Garrett and the Denali sisters came into the room, Emmett stuck his head around the wall and Carlisle and Esme came down the stairs and stopped half way, both sets of eyes finding Alice and widened.

Jasper and I went to crouch in front of Alice as her eyes came back and found Jasper's, and in them I saw shock, fear and it was if she was screaming inside. She moaned, covering her head in her hands and falling onto Jasper's shoulder. "They're coming back," she whispered quietly. I had seen Alice go into this sort of frenzy twice; once the last time we were in Forks and the other about fifty years ago, the Volturi were returning! I fell off the balls of my feet and onto the floor and Emmett stood behind me, "shit," he muttered. Eleazer and Garrett snarled, Tanya, Kate and Carmen squeaked and Carlisle's legs buckled under him, sending him into a seating position on the stair he was on next to Esme and each took the other into their arms. In the hour that followed no one called Edward home, we all sat or stood were we were, none looking, speaking, breathing, we were just being.


Bella POV

Where is Alice? I expected her about half an hour ago to update me on fashion; pick her way through my closest, depositing the old clothes or the only items I had managed to smuggle in under the cover of night; jogging pants, plain t-shirts, hoodies. Not that I was missing much. Oh well, it was her loss, no way on earth was it mine. I snuggled into Edward's side, fitting perfectly under his arm as we both read. Edward; Oscar Wilde, his perfect eyebrows rose and fell to the wit of the genius on the page before him. Me; Shakespeare, it was calming to read the Merchant of Venice, and even though it had nothing to do with the story it made me remember how my life has changed, even though it was a new copy that Alice had bought me when she returned a hundred years ago, for indirectly ruining my old one, I can still remember the ripped edge of the title page, my sister's scurried writing and the panic associated with it.

"Well, while I live, I'll fear no other thing.

So sore as keeping safe Nerissa's ring."

I finished the book and closed the cover softly and found Edward to be staring at me, his own book left forgotten on his lap.

"Do you want to go and see what's keeping Alice?" I asked, and he smiled.

"No love I do not." But I pulled him up anyway. He grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine, throwing his book over his shoulder which landed with a soft thump on the antique coffee table Esme had renovated. We began to walk, not run even though we could, but just walk, savoring the time alone with one another in the calming aura of the forest. He abruptly dropped my hand at the river and bounded over it, not looking or speaking to me and he was in the house by the time I managed to comprehend that his fingers were missing from mine.

I jumped the river, panicking slightly, and ran towards the house, looking in the glass windows but it was just my reflection which I saw. I ran quickly through to the living area and stopped in my tracks at the sight before us. Esme and Carlisle were sitting half way down the staircase; Carlisle had his head in my mother's neck leaning against the post for support. Rosalie sat with a hand raised; neither down nor pressed to her mouth with Emmett standing behind her. The Denali's all stood at the back window their arms around one another, while Jacob and Nessie stood off to the side. Alice and Jasper were sitting on the sofa, Jasper his arms around Alice and Edward was kneeling on the floor next to them both, his head pressed into the sofa cushion. The sight is something that I have seen before, hopeless. It was the state of shock etched upon each of the lines on their faces; whether in the lines of their mouths, the way they hung open, the wrinkles around their eyes or the tremble to the bodies, which made me scared.

I looked around trying in vain to catch a wandering eye, but all except Jacob held a faraway look that if I didn't know any better I would say that each and every one was having a vision like Alice. I caught Jake's eye and he nodded minutely, he didn't even have to guess that I was questioning him. Something rent the air, like a half whining, half panicking breathing and only did I realize it was coming from my own chest when I fell to my knees where I stood on the threshold of the living room and dining room. Once again we were thrown into the reality of our unpredictable world, one minute we were with the people we love; safe and happy. The next, we were all in danger.


Bella's POV (Next Day)

We were to split up once again, and search for the vampires we had last time. We were to "enlighten" them, to use Emmett's word, about situation and we were not to ask them to fight, but if they offered no one would object. Carlisle and Esme were to head to the British Isles and find the Irish and possibly Alistair, but Carlisle doubted he would want to be found and would probably still be grieving what happened a hundred years prior. Alice and Jasper were going to stay in America, and search out Charlotte and Peter, and possibly Randall and Mary if they could. Em, Rose, Eleazer and Carmen were travelling to Egypt to find Benjamin and Tia, and see if they could convince Amun and Kebi to join us. Tanya, Kate and Garrett were going to Romania, and Edward, Nessie, Jake and I were going to the Amazon to find Zafrina and her sisters.

We were standing in the family room of our house, for one of the many times in the past day as everyone was trying to spend the most amount of time with the people they loved as possible. Carlisle came down the stairs and everyone looked up from the differing states of unconsciousness we were all in looking at the floorboards. He opened his arms wide, and as one all of us walked into a group hug, Carlisle at the head. He looked up at each one of us, finding everyone's eyes with his own before he spoke. "Again, I must ask too much of you," he sighed, his eyes dropping from Edward's and onto the floor. "But remember why we are going into this and never forget we love all of you," he finally looked up and into Esme's eyes who nodded at his words. We broke apart as Esme moved through all of us, her children and grandchild, kissing each on the cheek before she went and stood beside Edward and he took her hand. Carlisle came next, he clapped Emmett, Jasper and Jacob on the shoulders, kissing all of his daughters foreheads, he hugged Nessie for a while, before placing his hand on Edward's hair and kissing his forehead too, "Good luck, son," he whispered just loud enough that I could just hear it from where I was by his side. He took Esme's hand and together they walked towards the door, he looked back once more with a pained but determined look in his eyes, "good luck everyone. We love you all so much," and with that our parents were gone, together as they always were. Alice and Jasper were next to leave, following after hugs to everyone, with Emmett and Rosalie following quickly after to find Eleazer and Carmen before their flight to Egypt. It left Edward, Nessie, Jacob and I in the house alone, I looked around at each one of my family; my husband, daughter, son-in-law in Jacob but he was always my friend and brother. I clasped Edward's hand as Jake did with Nessie and both pairs ran for the airport, leaving the place where the ten of us lived, where ten pairs of lungs fluttered daily and where two hearts beat. Would it all be silenced forever?