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100 Years Later

What happened when Breaking dawn finished? What happened to the Cullens after the Volturi misunderstanding?
A brief guide through their life in the 100 years following Breaking Dawn and the days that follow.
Varying POV.


9. Chapter 9

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Esme POV

I leant my head against the plane wall, and opened the sun visor that I had shut about three hours ago to prevent the glare from the sun hitting Carlisle or I. It was night now; possibly about nine. The plane was reflected upon the black waters below us, the flashing of lights in the water's surface was clearly visible through my eyes.

It would have been a lot easier to run, not quicker than a plane, but at least running gave a sense of doing something. Right now we were sitting vampiric still on an airplane with those who where in first class with us either turning out their reading lights, ordering alcohol, or drifting softly to sleep. I would be content to go to sleep right now, to wake up and be told that this was all a dream. But it wasn't, and I wasn't going to lose any of the possibly limited time I have left with Carlisle undergoing a visible façade of closing my eyes and pretending to be human for the millionth time.

"What are you thinking love?" Carlisle asks from my side, his smooth whispered voice coming out of the silence which snapped me from of the light on the ocean, his fingers constricting a little on my shoulder from where his hand has been perched. His other hand held mine on his lap and I would often feel him playing with the wedding and engagement bands upon my finger.

"Why did it have to be us?" I answered his question with another. It was rhetorical really, of course it was us; it was always us. Trouble always seemed to find us; we had lived a peaceful life for a hundred years, content in our completeness as a family and once again something sprang itself upon us from out of the blue, and our whole world was thrown, once again, upside down. Carlisle had told me quite a lot in the beginning of my new life and many times that followed; that we have done the best with the hand we were dealt. That we had, so why now do bad things happen to the supposed "good" people, as many of our own kind saw us. It seemed that God always held the decisions as Carlisle and many others, except our children, thought. He always made the bad things turn into something good or the good into bad. My wedding to Charles and life with him may have seemed beyond horrid at the time, but I would have gone through it a hundred times if Carlisle was once again waiting for me at the end. I was happy, up to a point, with the control that this supposed God had upon my life. He had brought Carlisle and I together, he had brought Rose and Em into our lives, the same with Alice and Jasper, and he had brought Bella into our lives, made my first son complete, made my family complete and completed the family that was already seemed whole even more so when he granted Nessie into our lives; everyone not knowing what was missing until we had another two members into a family we were all content within.

"I don't know," he answered slowly, dejectedly.

I looked up to my right and found his perfect face staring at mine, his eyes never leaving my own face, appraising me with enough force that I felt like blushing. "What do you think will happen next?"

"Well," he started, "next we are going to find Siobhan. And she and I are going to have a little talk about a certain talent," he joked and even that sounded miserable.

"Do you think they will help?" I queried, I think I knew the right answer. Maggie certainly would, she would contest that Carlisle and I spoke the truth. Her crimson eyes would brighten a tiny, with a degree of excitement that Emmett's eyes normally swam with and would bound over to our side, her red curls bouncing around her face.

"I do, my love. Although I hate to think of this leading to a fight, and bringing you and the children along with our closest friends into it, I don't think there will be any way to keep them from it." He smiled, pressing his lips against my forehead then my eyelids.

I leaned further under his arm and placed my head on his chest. "I love you," I murmured to him.

"As I love you." I contented myself by leaning there as his warm, soft thumb ran across my cheek.

Emmett POV

For the love of all that's holy, can't those bastards leave us alone? And to top it all off we are stuck on an airplane, with normal humans going about their mundane and tedious lives with excitement, when everything that made our life could possibly be lost within weeks. I sigh, throwing my hands up and bringing them down upon the armrest, which clattered and my fist made an indentation upon it.

"What's wrong?" Rose asks, looking up from the magazine of Cosmopolitan she was reading, the reading light above her face piercing the darkness of the airplane and creating a halo of light around her face. Eleazer also looked across the aisle at me, from where he was looking at Carmen, with a weird look on his face; it seemed angry and grieving at once. "Well aside from the obvious?" Rose elaborated, she obviously thought that with the time I was taking to answer her question I was thinking of some witty remark or trying to sum up everything that was wrong.

"Planes are too slow," I answered, not wanting to add to the pain she was probably feeling right now. She needed me at this time, and I would be strong for the woman I loved until the end of our lives and after that.

She smiled a little, her perfectly plump lips just turning up at the corners and went back to reading the article she was before. I returned my attention to the movie playing on the small television on the head rest in front of me, I didn't know the movie's name and I didn't care, it didn't hold my attention. We were to arrive in Cairo around twelve, midday, and we would book into a hotel before seeking our Egyptians friends later that night. I can still remember Benjamin and Tia like it were yesterday, Benjamin was a dude. He had a cool demeanor, he was calm and collected, like my father, but had a boyish charm to his face, voice and actions which made me like him all the more. Plus his gift was amazing! Tia, his mate, I had grown to like also, she didn't say much but whatever she did say had so much depth and wisdom for such a young looking vampire that you were instantly drawn to her.

Amun and Kebi on the other hands could not be more different from Ben and Tia. Amun thought himself like big boss; sure he created all of them, but out of selfish greed not love like Carlisle. Carlisle and Amun, although very old friends, were poles apart, Carlisle ran our family in times like these, but within others he took the fatherly role although the rest of us would have happily followed him, his advice and his wife, and my mom, anywhere. Amun, on the other hand, ruled through violence, creating Benjamin knowing he would be special, but whenever a fight came for him he would run, the yellow shit. I just hoped that they would do the good thing this time and follow us, I knew without doubt that Ben and Tia would, that was a given, but Amun probably wouldn't. I knew his trust for Carlisle had decreased dramatically after the happenings a hundred years ago, however wrong he was, and Kebi wouldn't stray away from her mate's side. What did it matter, if Alice's vision was right we were going to die, and if that was the case I don't want cowardly people who won't fight for the right course to fight alongside us; my friends, mom, dad, siblings and niece. No sir-ee! Although if they wanted to fight, two grown and mature vampires wouldn't go amiss.

Eleazer POV

Well I hate to say I told you so, but.

Being on this airplane was different from everything that happened for a hundred years, we all knew Alice was not bluffing this time, what she saw was the truth and it was not about to be changed quickly. Carlisle and I both knew that it was about time Aro would agree with Caius and come and check on us. No-one knew the reason why and to be honest I don't think any of us cared. From what Alice had told us of her vision, something was going to happen, something that would bring them down upon us like a ton of bricks.

We needed help, although I saw that Carlisle hated to bring his friends into this and would have happily given his self up to save us and his immediate family, I agreed with Emmett. The more vampires we had alongside us the better the outcome, although I didn't want to think of what lay ahead. All there was at this moment was the present. I would live now, and not worry about my life after the moment we were in until it became the present. All there was in my life and what I am going to hold onto is; my Carmen, my brother Garrett, my sisters and my dear Carlisle and Esme and their children. And they will be enough to guide me through this and into the light of wherever this invisible future will take me.

Jasper POV

Alice and I were in her purple Lamborghini, me at the wheel, heading towards Utah. I knew this was the last place Charlotte and Peter were, so hopefully knowing my old brother and his mate they had stayed there for longer than our kind normally do. Alice held onto my hand atop the gears and her fingers would slide to my wrist if I went to change gears. She was sitting close to me but her face was turned away from me, staring with wide eyes out of the darkened windows. I knew she was trying to keep these things away from me, but nobody not even my wife can hide their emotions. She would occasionally go unnaturally still, even from a vampire's viewpoint and when her fingers slide down my hand again, her emotions would become more and more aggravated, but she also felt useless. Like nothing we were doing would make any difference.

I had to believe that it would, for her as well as myself. I had never went into a fight not thinking that we would not come out the other side and now was not the time to change that. I had worked the whole start of my life in one of the most hostile environments possible; I knew how to fight and how to defend and I would defend everyone in my family, although none of them needed it, from the Volturi. And no way on this earth would I let Alice, Edward, Bella and Kate be taken away from my family, breaking Carlisle's and Esme's heart in doing so. Forgive me, but I would rather kill them myself than see them forced into subservience by Aro.

Looking for Charlotte and Peter was the only thing at the minute I am happy doing, except being with Alice. I know above all that they will join us the only two that I was more certain about joining this side was the Romanians. Peter, alongside Eleazer and I would keep the Volturi away from my family. I hated the thought of even my father fighting but I could not have my sisters and mother in the fight alongside us. It would take everything I had to save them along with my father, brothers and my Alice but I would give it a thousand times over.

Salt Lake City just came into view around a bend in the road. Its tall buildings framed with the mountainous backdrop seemed like an odd place for Peter to live, but I knew he wanted to keep as far away from Maria as possible, that I don't blame him for. Upon reaching a secluded gas station on the side of the road, I pulled the car under a tree and jumped out giving Alice my hand and helping her out of her side. Now the real tracking would happen. The sun was no longer out so there was no problem about us being seen in the sun, but we couldn't run. How to find two vampires in a big city by night? I pondered, while pulling Alice further out of the human's sight so we could set off.

A voice asks out of the darkness behind us; "Cullen?"