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New Moon...New Bella

Edward left. Bella took it worse than ever but discovers a way to release the pain. What happens when she meets Victoria in the woods? Bella comes to an agreement with Victoria on them both getting sweet revenge... but on who.??


1. New Bella

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"Goodbye Bella" he whispered and with a small gust of wind he was gone.

He's gone, he's gone, he's gone.

I chanted this over and over until i was discovered by Sam Uley.

Since then i have never been the same.

You are worthless, he never wanted you, why couldn't you be better?

I taunted myself repeatedly. The pain ripping and slicing through me. I tried my best to hold myself together but nothing was working anymore.

I ran into the bathroom, and grabbed the first sharp thing that came into view.

I ripped at my clothes and fell to my knees. A sob escaped my mouth and my eyes filled with tears for he who i had lost.

I need to escape the pain.

Just one cut. It wont hurt me as much as when he left.

I slowly moved the silver blade against the soft pale skin along my thigh.

The thin layer of skin opened up, the red liquid spilling on to the cold tiled floor.

Suddenly i felt as though the world was lifted from my shoulders.

I could breath again.

The pain was not gone but it had simmered. Still hissing but more like a whisper now.

This was the answer to my pain.

I could finally release it all, with just one slice.

Hardly anything.

I could do this.

I had decided.

One cut for everyday he was gone.

For the next few hours i stayed seated on the hard floor in the bathroom watching as the blood began to slow and finally stop.

I softly poked it and hissed at the pain.

It stung and throbbed. I cleaned the dried blood away and disposed of all evidence of the previous hours.

I raised from the ground and pulled up my jeans. As the material reached the cut, the irritating material, pulled on the skin. Causing a shock of pain.

I had another idea and rushed to my room, towards my stash of money.

A college fund. I scoffed at the idea of college. There was no point now.

I left a note for Charlie explaining my absence and pulled out of the driveway towards the nearest mall.

I parked up and headed to the a clothes shop.

I have decided to change my image.

With tight jeans the material would cause pain to my new wounds.

This is what i want.

It may seem crazy but it is the only way to stop the aching in my heart.

I brought a whole new wardrobe. Alice would have been proud.

I stopped the thought dead in its tracks.

Too my surprise nothing happened. No soaring pain rushing through my chest. Nothing but the sting from my wound.

Maybe this would work better than i thought.

With my new tight fitted trousers and clingy, figure hugging tops. I brought myself a few high heals to go with them.

They may be death traps but it goes with my image and i would get used to them.

I went to the hair salon and asked for something totally different.

They gave me a fringe that was thick and cut straight across just below my eyebrows.

They gave me layers which feathers around my face, and died it a darker shade of brown.

I looked up to see a new person staring back at me, i actually looked decent.

I had short black locks of hair now and it brought out the colour of my eyes.

Now for the make up.

Yes i have decided to wear make up and maybe even nail varnish.

I brought all the things i needed and still had alot of money left over.

My car.

It has too many memories.

Time for a change!

I drove to the nearest care dealership and asked the sales assistant for some help. He took one look at me and walked straight to a sleek stylish black convertible.

It Suited the new me to a Tee.

I handed the remainder of my money to the dealer, and he said he would take care of my old truck.

Although i would miss the old thing, i just couldn't bring myself to be upset.

I sped down the roads with my new car. It drove perfectly, the engine humming and purring as i turned corners.

I stopped outside my house and walked slowly up to the door.

I was slightly nervous at what Charlie would think of this new me.

" Bells?.... Is that you?" he called from the kitchen

" Yeah, dad it's me!.... erm.. sorry about dinner i totally forgot"

He came through the door to continue talking to me but stooped and gawked at me instead.

His mouth still slightly filled with pizza.


I nodded and smirked "Who else?"

" Well...erm.. you look nice... what brought this on?"

"I decided i needed a change to help me move on from Edward."

He looked at me shocked at my change of confidence.

I could now say his name and think of all the memories without the major pain.

I was surprised aswell.

I felt brilliant.

I couldn't wait for school the next morning.

"Erm... dad. Don't be mad but i brought a new car aswell"

I shook his head, still dazed.


His gaze fell to the front window.

"You.. you brought a convertible.?"

" Yep.. isn't it lovely?"

" Yes it is but Bella.. how did you afford all this?"

"Well about that.... i spent a bit of my college fund... but don't worry i still have my job at the Newtons. So i will have the money back in no time."

I smiled at him and he still seemed shell shocked.

I laughed lightly.

"Don't' worry dad, I'm fine really. I'm going up to bed, see you tomorrow."

With a kiss on his cheek i headed up to my room.

Waiting for a New school day for the New Bella.