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When dreams become reality...

SPOILERS!: I wanted to explore what would happen if Rosalie could ever be happy. She said what she wanted more than anything was a child. What if she could have that child? What if Carlisle could take an egg from Rosalie and a sperm from Emmett and create life? Would anyone become a surrogate for her? What would the child be?

I am currently writing this story, so be patient with me and it will all be up soon! This is my first fanfiction story, please review it :) Thanks!

Because this story will deal with mature themes I've rated it R.


1. Chapter 1: Thoughts

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I sat nude, chin resting on my arms folded around my knees on the foot of the bed, watching the yellow light from the sunrise dance through the trees surrounding my very warm cottage home. I stared, eyes wide, as the light created gentle waves of diamond-like facets flowing across my husband, Edward's chest. I still get lost in Edward’s beauty. My daughter, Renesmee, lay sleeping soundly in the next room. I couldn’t help but smile just listening to her small chest rise and fall with little whispers of air and her rapid heartbeat that just didn’t match the pace of her relaxed breathing. I love my perplexed life. If only the rest of my vampire family were as happy as Edward and I.

Since we barely escaped what would have been a massacre from the Volturi, my family has been trying to enjoy life that much more. Alice, Rosalie, and Esme have made an effort to keep their husbands’ busy every night. No one, even Charlie (who has recently started dating Sue Clearwater), will babysit Nessie so Edward and I can have more time alone; with the exception of Jacob, but I won’t budge and let him. Edward has refused to ever leave my side and I spend the majority of my day contemplating our too short nights. Lately I have wanted to make sure my entire family was happy. Rosalie's beautiful and heartbreakingly flawless face flickered before my eyes. If only there was a way for her to receive her dearest dreams. Renesmee really did fill an empty void in Rosalie's life, as well as all of our lives, yet she still wanted a child of her own. A million thoughts raced through my mind.

"Mrs. Cullen, although I truly dread this, we need to get up. Carlisle will be giving Nessie a check-up today." Edward spoke into my ear very low. His breath on the skin on the back of my neck sent a shiver down my spine and a burning in my useless stomach. I argued with myself vehemently knowing what was right and what I desperately and unendingly craved. However distracting and tempting Edward was, I had to continuously remind myself that I have a daughter who needs constant medical observation. What an excellent mother I am.

Carlisle had acquired a decent amount of information from Nahuel, a vampire-human hybrid we became acquainted with during the whole Volturi ordeal, much like Renesmee. Technically, Nahuel was much older than Edward and perfectly healthy, but we still felt no urge to risk or base anything on chance in regards to Nessie. Nahuel was, after all, very different from Renesmee. He has venom and Carlisle worked furiously to see how he held both venom and blood in his system, as well as all of his functions. Carlisle was very curious as to why Renesmee or any female vampire-human hybrid didn't have venom. So many questions, not many answers.

Reluctantly, I hopped out of bed and into clothing. Even after all of Alice's attempts, I still have trouble finding things to wear in my ridiculously gigantic closet. Well, anything normal to wear that is. My closet was full of every color lush silks and satins; things you would rarely see, even at an event like the Oscars. I cursed her under my breath while Edward dressed beside me.