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Break On Through

Edward and Bella are two people with fractured souls can they fix the present and can they find away to escape the past? All human AU, co-written with Caroline7879. Strong language, drug use, self harm and some rape.

Co-written by lookingatstars and caroline

1. His Green Eyes

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Disclaimer – I do not own anything.

This is written my Caroline7879 and LookingAtStars

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Beep! I reached for my alarm clock as I rolled over in my bed, but instead I missed and in a somewhat awkward manner I fell off landing on the cold floor, Great another bruise.

“Bella, if I hear that alarm beep one more time!” my father shouted at me, as he walked into my room. I scrambled over to it and turned it off; I looked from the floor to my father slowly.

“What have I told you about waking me up?” He shouted again walking closer to me, I moved back up against the wall. “Why are you on the floor? GET UP!” he was angry now I could tell so I did what he said and stood up looking at him. Charlie moved closer so I could feel his breath on my face as he exhaled air, it smelt like stale booze. His face was a deep shade of red and his eyes full of anger.

Beep! Shit I thought I turned it off; I must have pressed snooze instead. Stupid, stupid, stupid Bella! Beep! I was too scared of Charlie to move so I just stood there looking at the floor, even though I wasn’t looking at him I could tell he was getting angry. “Why did I have to have such a stupid, ugly, whore for my daughter? You can’t even turn off the fucking alarm clock.” He said only inches from my face, I was petrified a single tear fell down my face as he picked up the alarm clock and smashed it into my the back of my head. I fell to the floor, my head was throbbing. I knew better than to scream, it would only make him angrier.

Charlie left for work without another word, and I left for school. He always made sure he hurt me where no one would see mainly on my back or arms which I could easily cover up.

The school was swarming with groups of teenagers talking about their holidays and general gossip; I have never really fitted in with people my own age. My only real friend was Jacob Black, but he died two years ago, since then I have been social outcast and I like it that way. The weather is terrible as usual, raining and windy. I like to feel the rain on my hair, unlike the other girls who are running inside to avoid it, however one girl obviously didn’t know the way inside and ran straight into me causing me to fall over on the wet concrete floor “OW!” I screamed, falling on to my back, causing my bruises to hurt even more.

Then I heard someone scream like they were being murdered “Now look what you have done swan, my fucking hair is a mess because you didn’t move!” Some high pitch voice screamed at me, as I stood up Jessica Stanley was on the floor looking at me.

“What? You were the one who ran into me idiot” I whispered back, hoping she wouldn’t hear.

“What did you just call me, swan?” she said getting up, walking closer towards me, great she heard. I could play dumb, but I would probably look like a fool.

“I-I…um…I” is all that came out of my mouth, great so much for not looking like a fool, way to go Bella! She was so close to me, I thought she was going to hit me.

“Leave her alone, Jess!” Mike Newton shouted at her, she rolled her eyes and walked away, turn back to mouth the word whore at me. Mike used to have a crush on me a few years ago, I think he still does. That’s probably why she hates me so much, we used to be best friends.

Various students were looking at me now, a few had gathered nearby, obviously hoping for a fight to happen. Tuff! I thought and went back to walking to my locker before homeroom. The rain got heaver in a few seconds, I was completely soaked, but I didn’t mind like all the other people. Besides if I was to run then I would probably fall over due to my lack of coordination.

The morning passed slowly. I sat on my own in most if not all of my classes. Apart from trig where I sit next to Jessica Stanley I was dreading that lesson. Hopefully she would of forgotten about our little display this morning and leave me alone. Hopefully she wouldn’t trip me up today. Hopefully she would bunk.

Oh how I was wrong.

She didn’t bunk, she actually got to class early whereas I am normally the first one there. She obviously hasn’t forgotten this morning; because of the look on her face sending me death glares. I don't know if she will trip me up, I hope not. I walked over to my seat slowly avoiding the looks from Miss Stanley.

I thought I should say something, should I apologise? She did run in to me after all, so it was her fault. But perhaps if I wasn’t walking in her way then nothing would have happened so it is kind of my fault, in a way. But what should I say? ‘It’s your fault, you ran into me. So stop looking at me like that!’

‘’Jessica, about-.” I started but was rudely interrupted.

“I broke a nail because of you and cut my hand, you are so fucking stupid! Anyone could see I was trying to get out of the rain, why didn’t you move out of my fucking way?” she snapped at me, almost too fast that I couldn’t hear her. My face went ten different shades of red, while she looked at me. “Well?” she pushed I was frozen until she slapped my face. WHAT? She just slapped me what for? People all turned around to look at us; my hand crept up to my cheek which was burning. I tried to fight back tears, but a one fell. “Aww, look poor Bella is crying, go home and find mummy, oh wait she killed herself didn’t she? Well it wouldn’t surprise me; anyone would do the same if they had a daughter like you.”

I got up from my class room and ran, I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t care. What she said was true, who would want a daughter like me? I’m just a stupid, ugly, whore! But of course me being the most uncoordinated person imaginable I fell, as I waited for the impact of the cold floor, I fell into strong arms.

I turned around to face a green eyed beauty; he had messy bronze hair that immediately shouted ‘run your fingers through me’ he looked well toned in his green button down shirt and tight fitting dark jeans. I was in heaven.

“You could have hurt yourself, I'm Edward Cullen.” He replied in a musical voice, still not letting go of my shoulders, his grip was firm but so gentle. Oh dear god, just open up the floor now.

“T-thanks, I-I’m Bella.” I stuttered, my face was on fire, and my arms were about to drop off because of his touch. How does he do this?

“Does Bella have a last name?” he asked as the most breath taking smile crept up on his lips, he took a step back finally letting go of me, I think he noticed that I couldn’t breathe.

“Yes, Bella Swan.” I replied.