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Break On Through

Edward and Bella are two people with fractured souls can they fix the present and can they find away to escape the past? All human AU, co-written with Caroline7879. Strong language, drug use, self harm and some rape.

Co-written by lookingatstars and caroline

2. Mystery Girl

Rating 3/5   Word Count 1305   Review this Chapter

I awoke to the sound of screaming; I sat straight up in bed and saw a short haired teenager not right up by my face.

“Wake-up Edward, new school today” Alice said excitedly and I collapsed back into my bed and groaned.

“I wanna sleep” I shut my eyes and rolled on to my stomach with my head in the pillow, Alice skipped out of the room and just as she got to the end of the hallway my alarm clock beeped.

Beep! Beep! BEEEEEP!

I rolled out of bed and pulled on some pants, my hair was sticking up all over the place I ran my hands through it, another school another stupid clique system. As I entered the kitchen I saw my adopted father cooking breakfast, he adopted me when I was seven he is a doctor. I collapsed into a chair, opposite Rosalie, she had a little mirror and was checking her hair. Carlisle put the pancakes in front of us and Rosalie put down her mirror to eat. Jasper and Alice joined us at the table.

“I can’t wait for school today, it’s going to be so fun” Alice started babbling as soon as she sat down.

“I’m sure it’ll be fun” Jasper replied, he was the newest person in our family he’d only been fostered about a year ago. “I hope the food is good”

“Is that all you think about Jasper?” Alice asked jokingly.

“I’m going to tryout for the football team” I looked at Emmett he was the strongest person in our family and was the football captain at our last school. He and Rosalie always slotted into the ‘popular’ crowd

Jasper grabbed another pancake and we continued to eat in silence. I stood up and put an iPod headphone in my ear “Does anyone want a lift to school?” Alice and Jasper nodded their heads. Whereas Emmett attempted to say “No” with a mouth full of pancake

“Wenugh aregh guninyg uin bosalys far” Emmett attempted to say.

“It’s a miracle you can even talk with that much food in your mouth” I said and Jasper and Alice followed me to the garage.

“SHOTGUN!!!” Alice shouted running to the passenger seat. We got into my little silver Volvo and I started the engine, ‘What is and what should never be’ by Led Zep blaring out of the speakers. Jasper and Alice chatted companionably in next to me they were both exited for their first day. We were coming into a small town in the middle of the semester, where everyone was already set in their cliques. I couldn’t wait.

Forks High School loomed up in front of me, in the car park was an assortment of pick up trucks and beaten up old Fords and my Volvo stuck out like a sore thumb. I stepped out of the car to the wind and the rain, a far cry from sunny Florida, Forks resided in an area of near constant cloud cover, and the rain was seemingly never ending. Towards the main entrance a big crowd of people had formed yelling “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!” Welcome to state education in America.

We headed towards them, a blonde and a brunette girl were in the middle I couldn’t see the brunettes face but whatever she had said had obviously upset the blonde one.

“What did you just call me, Swan?” So that was her name Swan, the name sounded funny in my mind. The blonde girl walked towards Miss Swan and I was just about to intervene when I heard a voice

“Leave her alone, Jess!” a boy called, he had dirty blonde hair, and he was looking at Swan with a kind of admiration. Evidently she was taken, if only I could see her face. I ducked to the back of the crowd and tried to get around the circle, but all I could see was her back retreating in the distance. I saw her hair was not merely brown but had many other shades working together and the rain falling around her only added to the beauty of that retreating back. Breaking into a kind of run I tried to catch up with her and see if she was alright, that other kid despite coming to her rescue was now fawning all over Jess. The students were pushing together stopping me from reaching her.

The morning passed slowly, first I had English and Mr Gregory made me introduce myself to the entire class. I ducked my head as I introduced myself I had never been a fan of everyone’s attention on me. As I slid into the only remaining empty desk the whole class were staring at me. I got out my notebook and began to doodle, ignoring sir on the finer points of Wuthering Heights, I had decided in my last school that the book was terrible and the only redeeming qualities of Cathy and Heathclift was their love for each other.

At break I sat with Alice, Jasper and Rosalie, Emmett was at football practise, evidently his performance in gym earlier had got him a spot on the squad. I got out my notepad and began to doodle again, well for me it was doodling I knew Esme thought they were works of art and kept all my old notepads, she also kept my old scores from when I used to play piano, but about a year and half ago I had lost the inspiration to compose.

I looked around the canteen for the mystery girl, but I could not see her distinctive hair through the throngs of students. I did however see the blonde girl ‘Jess’ She was sitting with the dirty blonde boy and some other people. She was waving her hand around and pointing at what I could only assume was a broken nail. As I wondered round the school with Alice and Jasper at lunch I kept my eye out for her but she seemed to have vanished.

I had calculus last once again I was introduced to the class and placed on my own. I opened my notepad and once again began to doodle, I had just finished toning the hair of the girl I was drawing when I noticed the class had gone silent.

“Not interrupting your art class are we” it was Mr Conlon he was staring down at me “Well, are we?”

“No sir” I replied keeping my head down

“Are you answering back? Get out! I’ll speak to you at the end of the lesson” I grabbed my stuff and headed to the doorway, at least I’d be able to finish my picture in the hall.

The school was silent and I continued to doodle but I heard a sound, it was the sound of running feet. I stood up straight and saw a girl running straight towards me, tears were streaming down her face. I headed towards her but she didn’t the wet floor and she slipped. I dived down to catch her.

“You could have hurt yourself, I'm Edward Cullen.” It was her, I recognised the hair, even now with tears streaming down her face she was every bit the beauty I imagined. She was perfect and didn’t need make-up to look beautiful.

“T-thanks, I-I’m Bella.” There was a slight red tinge on her checks, she looked adorable. I just wanted to wipe those tears away with my thumb, but I was afraid that, that would be too forward

“Does Bella have a last name?” I asked this, desperate for confirmation that it was indeed the girl I had seen.

“Yes, Bella Swan.” Inside my stomach and little man was doing flips and dancing along to jovial music, but I just held her up as her tears began to slow down. That little red tinge remained and it just made her look like the rose of all the girls in the school, standing up tall and proud from the rest of the girls.