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It's been twenty years since Reneseme's and Jacob's wedding, and since, they have had a child. Zander and his parents have moved to Chicago in hopes of having their own lives away from the larger portion of the Cullen coven, but what happens when Zander trys to help someone differnt? Kim and her brother Tony have been disowned and are living on the streets, what happens when they try to keep their secrets too safe, and from a very interesting person?

The summary's a little confusing, sorry about that. Just read and see what happens.

2. The absolutely most exhausting day of School ever imaginable.

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I slumped forward in my desk, history was already boring enough, but then add the fact that I didn't get any sleep at all last night, and I'm asleep in class.

Mr. Wickliffe droned on and on about something I could care less about and I already knew I would ace the test. I did that on a regular basis, history just came naturally to me.

The door to the classroom opened in the middle of his lecture, something Mr. Wickliffe didn't like at all. He kept talking, as usual, expecting most of us to still be paying attention to him and not the person who just disrupted his class. Which I can guarantee didn't happen. I was willing to bet that most, if not the entire class was staring at whoever was standing just inside the doorway, that is if I had any money to bet with.

Shay poked me gently, "Kim, the new kid's staring at you."

I rolled my eyes, keeping my head down on my folded arms. I could care less who this new kid was. I'd heard his name over and over throughout the past week because someone had gotten it from one of the guidance counselors. Zander Black.

"...And so..." Mr. Wickliffe droned on.

I sighed, deciding to lose focus again, and the classroom melted away for a good thirty seconds before Shay poked me again, harder.

I snapped up, "What?" I whispered. I could feel the dark circles under my eyes; it was never a good day when that happened.

Shay glanced up towards the front of the room, making sure the teacher couldn't hear here, her straight blonde locks reached her shoulders, and I was jealous of how perfect she always looked, luckily we've been friends since kindergarten. "Zander's going to be sitting next to you." She whispered before glancing back at Mr. Wickliffe, "And you'd better try and be nice. I know last night was rough for you," She paused when I glared at her, "Don't give me that look, it's obvious you weren't home. But would you please try and be nice to him. Remember, he's new."

I rolled my eyes and cradled my head in my hands while staring straight ahead and into the chalkboard that was covered with country names, dates, and ruler's names. Mr. Wickliffe stood behind the tiny podium, his notes and lecture sheets sat on top of it, not that he needed to look at them at all while he just kept talking. He must have done this over three thousand times, I'm pretty sure he lived in the dinosaur era.

Zander stood awkwardly by the door, waiting for a chance to hand his late slip to the teacher, who wasn't going to stop talking if a tornado randomly hit the school and swept him away.

I sighed, distracting Mr. Wickliffe, "Ms. Morrow," He said glaring at me, "Are you bored?"

I shrugged, "Not at all Mr. Wickliffe, your lectures are as always inspiring."

He didn't catch my sarcasm and continued with his lecture, half of the class suppressed giggles. I honestly didn't see how I was that funny, but maybe it was because they were just so bored and needed something to laugh at. I just happened to give it to them.

Shay poked me again, a grin on her face, "I love how sarcastic you can get."

I rolled my eyes; all I wanted to do was sleep. I doubted I'd eat lunch next period because I was too tired to. I placed my head back down on my desk when Mr. Wickliffe paused and Zander placed his slip in front of the man, thus earning himself a signature and a point in the direction of the empty desk next to me.

Zander took his seat next to me, and I heard him open a notebook and he started taking notes. I sat up a few minutes later, stretched and laid my head on Shay's desk, neither of us did anything but sit here all class period.

She looked down at me, "So, lunch?"

I yawned, "I'm too tired to eat."

"You were up late again weren't you?" She asked as if she was oblivious to the dark circles she had already pointed out.

I nodded and sighed.

"You really should eat something." She tried.

I shrugged, "All I want to do is graduate so I can get out of here. Either that or rip a certain pair of people to shreds because of what they did."

"You're still pissed about Garret and Troy ruining that group project." She said. I knew who she was talking about though, we constantly referred to my parents as Garret and Troy, both of them were born to be like the two guys who were stuck in our English class, immature, and who are never supposed to be allowed to have kids.

I nodded, balling my hands into fists at my sides.

"Hey, do you want to hang out at my place tonight?" She asked.

I glanced at her, asking if she was really serious before returning my gaze to the speckled ceiling tiles and trying to figure out how many black dots there were on one panel and then multiply that by twenty to get the average amount of black dots on the ceiling tiles for the room. It wasn't going well.

""Yes, I'm serious, now come on; we haven't had a sleep over in forever!"

"I spent the night at your house on Friday." I said blandly, "I don't want to be a bother."

She tried not to laugh, "You're not a bother; you know my mom would trade me for you if she could."

I sighed, "No, she wouldn't. You're the perfect all A's student while I, on the other hand, and perfect A's and one B plus student. She'd never give you up."

She laughed, distracting Mr. Wickliffe. I sat up, pretending to be paying attention.

"Ms. Knoll, would you care to explain to the class what's so funny?" He asked, annoyed.

"Nothing was funny Mr. Wickliffe; I promise it won't happen again."

"It better not." He said and continued droning.

Shay poked me again, wanting to talk some more but I ignored her. I would be out of here in three hours, and I was just itching to see if Tony had actually stayed at school today. I'd have to see if I could find him in the freshman hallway during lunch.

The bell rang what seemed like an eternity later, and I swear I was out of that room faster than humanly possible. I made it to my locker, shoving the books inside and taking out the sack lunch I stole from a local grocer this morning on my run here. Shay met me at our lunch table.

"How's your brother doing?" She asked.

"Fine." My voice was stiff.

"How are you doing?"


"You don't sound fine."

I sighed, "Shay, you have to swear not to tell anyone about this okay?" She nodded, "Alright, last night, well, we had to steal for food, but that's nothing too new, but, well."


"We kind of got jumped in the park." I said and she gasped, "But then this guy showed up, like insanely fast, and he," I paused thinking about how I should say what happened without Shay thinking I was crazy. "Scared them off, by, growling at them, and then, well, he pretty much attacked them faster than I could really make sense of it all."

"What? Kim, I swear you're going crazy; you've spent too many nights out and away from home. You're losing it. You guys could stay with us, you know Cole and Kyle have moved out, I'm the only one left, and we have the extra room..."

I cut her off, "We've been over this already. I, nor my brother, need it. I'm absolutely positive that Tony doesn't want other people to help, he's just like that. He's not a kid anymore, and he wants to handle this on his own."

"But that doesn't mean you have to handle it alone with him." She contradicted.

"I don't want the help either."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded, I was done talking. I laid my head down on the table, not touching my lunch, and prepared to nap.

"So, what happened?" Shay whispered.

"We ran; nothing else to it really, you put one foot in front of the other, you know, that thing that you hate having to do?"

I could almost feel her scowl, "I know what running is Kim."

I laughed, "Just checking; now if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to get some sleep."

She scowled again, and I heard her eating her chips.

It wasn't long before I was annoyed again, this time because of James.

"Hey there sweetie, what's up?" He asked as he slid into the chair next to me, wrapping his arm around my slumped shoulders, "So, I was thinking babe that we could go out later."

I elbowed him hard in the ribs, "Fuck off bastard."

James laughed, "Oh come on, don't be like that."

I glared at him, hard and deadly, the one that made little kids cry most of the time. "I said fuck off."

He raised his eyebrows apologetically, "Sorry, didn't know."

I rolled my eyes and laid my head back down on the hard table. James had this whole fantasy in his pea brain that I was his girlfriend. As if I needed a guy right now. He's been acting like this for two years now, and a lot of people have started thinking that we were going out. I had to actually almost fight someone because I got so mad for them being convinced that we were not only going out, but sleeping together too. Luckily Shay was holding me back while Tony ran to get some teachers.

I heard Shay and James talking quietly for a while; I could care less about the average topics. I just wanted to leave and make sure Tony was okay.