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It's been twenty years since Reneseme's and Jacob's wedding, and since, they have had a child. Zander and his parents have moved to Chicago in hopes of having their own lives away from the larger portion of the Cullen coven, but what happens when Zander trys to help someone differnt? Kim and her brother Tony have been disowned and are living on the streets, what happens when they try to keep their secrets too safe, and from a very interesting person?

The summary's a little confusing, sorry about that. Just read and see what happens.

5. teen angst is just the best part of life. Not.

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I wandered back to the park that night. I knew that Kim had turned the offer of staying at Shay's house down, so this was the only place I could figure they'd go. It didn't take me long to find them, they were the smallest of the lumpy sleeping forms around.

Kim was slumped against the trunk of the large tree I had seen them at last night. Her friend, or whoever the boy was, was curled up into a ball on the soft grass with a blanket thrown over him. I strode to the other side of the path and sat on one of the generic wood benches. I could still see them through the bushes, but I doubted that they'd notice me if they woke up.

I don't know how long I sat there, just watching her sleep. She was just so peaceful. Her dark chestnut hair cascaded down to her mid back in waves. Her pale face seemed to glow in the light of the moon.

She stirred slightly once, then awoke with a start, gasping. Bad dream I guess, but it still concerned me. I wanted to help her, but I had to stay away. I didn't want to get her involved with my kind.

I watched silently as she dug out an empty backpack from a hole in the tree and jogged off towards the city. Where was she going? And why leave her friend alone while she was gone?

I stood, so tempted to follow her now, and leave her friend, but it seemed like she really cared about the kid, so I couldn't just leave him here. What to do about that? If he got in trouble while she was away and I went after her, then we'd all be screwed, but I couldn't see another way out of it.

So, I stood and followed her for a few minutes to an older looking house on the outskirts of the city. It looked like it was built back in the fifties. I watched as she skillfully climbed the tall oak tree in the front yard, focused on something going on inside the house.

The light in the living room clicked out. I could almost hear her mentally counting the seconds. It was about six or seven minutes before she dropped from the branches and walked quietly up to the window. She slid it open with ease. Was she stealing from these people? The thought that she might be appalled me, but what if it was something different. What if this was her friend's house, she came late after changing her mind about Shay's offer and wanted a place to stay? If I dragged her away from that, I'd never be able to look at myself the same again. So I decided to wait.

I heard her climb the stairs, open a door, pause for a few moments before coming back down. I glimpsed her silhouette in the window as she dropped a small mound of something on the floor. She walked into another room, and I could barely hear the sound of another door being opened, something falling into a backpack, the sound of crinkling paper, and what sounded like wrappers. She was stealing. This was wrong, so wrong. I had to stop her from making a very bad mistake.

She climbed out the window a few minutes later, her appearance more feline than anything in that short moment it took for her to drop lightly to the ground. She straightened, the light of the moon reflecting off her face, almost making her look like a vampire, almost.

She took to the street, walking casually, as if going to a sleep over or something. I followed her for a moment until she reached a quieter area. I sped ahead of her, positive she didn't hear me passing her, and waited in the shadows.

When she was close enough, I took my chance to try and stop her, "Going somewhere sweetheart?"

She stopped, looking panicked for the shortest second. I felt her eyes on me; she was sizing me up, seeing if she could make a run for it. Any other time, any other person, I would have laughed. But not tonight. She sighed, and moved towards me, staring me straight in the eyes, she then stopped dead in her tracks and gasped. She looked lost for a moment, as if she was seeing something far away. Had I scared her? Did she recognize me?

She shook herself once, and then started to back away, her eyes never leaving me. Still shaking her head, she bolted into the night faster than an average human could run. But I was faster.

I caught her by the arm, not wanting to hurt her, I held her loosely, but tight enough she wouldn't be able to shake me off.

She tried to pull away from me, still shaking her head, "You don't understand." She whispered. "You shouldn't be here, you won't understand."

I was confused, "What wouldn't I understand? That you're not stealing? That stealing isn't wrong? That you deserve to be able to have the things that the family in that house has?"

She faced me, her expression angry, but she looked like she was on the verge of tears, "That family died the day my brother came home. The day I turned three. Mom got worse after that, she - she - I can't." She shut her eyes tight, her shoulders shaking.

I wanted desperately to take her into my arms, to hold her tight, to give her everything and anything she wanted. I wanted her to be happy, to make sure nothing would ever make her upset ever again. But I couldn't do that. I couldn't let my instincts take over; I couldn't be protective right now.

"So you have a reason for stealing from those people?" I asked in a softer tone.

She was still shaking, but managed a sarcastic laugh, "Those aren't people. They're demons from hell, you have no idea what they did to Tony and me; now let me go so I can calm down. And stop staring at me."

The last part hurt, I hadn't realized I had been staring. Honestly. She was just so... so... words couldn't even describe her.

I let go of her. She stood with her back to me for a moment, just breathing. I listened as it slowed, in, out, in, out... in... out. Until it hit a normal pace. She sighed shakily then.

"Tony." She whispered into the night. It was so quiet that I could hardly hear it.

She then took off into the night, leaving me under the street lamp, completely and totally confused.