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Into the blue

Bella is a naval fighter piolt , heartbroken by war Edward is the new doctor on base ....what will come out of this

Not my creations...these charcters do not belong to me....i just put them in funny situations

1. Returning Home

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Bella’s POV

The flight deck was buzzing with activity as I stepped onto it. One last mission before I headed back to the states. My heart was racing; I couldn’t wait to get into the sky. It was the only place that my head was free, well as free as it could be going into a dogfight. My co-pilot, Captain Michael “Sandman” Newton, was standing by our jet; a large grin spread across his face. We both knew that someone was about to get there ass shot down, and it wasn’t going to be us.

“Ready to go, Sandman?” I asked, even though I knew his answer.

“One Shot, do you even have to ask that question? I was born ready.” I couldn’t help laughing at his standard response.

“Stop Laughing and get your ass in the plane, I’m fucking ready to shoot down some MiGs!”

I was too. Climbing into the plane, I realized that this would be my last mission from the U.S.S. Enterprise; I was getting a new assignment. Oh well, change is inevitable, Swan, just get your head in game.This fight was one of the easier ones I dealt with during my career as pilot. There were four MiGs and four of us. It wasn’t even that fun, we were the third ones to launch and most of the exciting action was over by the time we got there. I can honestly say that I was disappointed. I engaged the enemy, and had him down in less than 30 seconds. Damn I’m good. My landing on the enterprise was less than grateful. I missed the hook, and had to re-approach. I really hated doing that; I was the butt of all of the other pilot’s jokes. I laughed at them, not because they were funny, but because they were true. My inability to walk three feet without falling made me a walking hazard on an aircraft carrier, but I had to be on to fly. My biggest fear was falling off the flight deck to a watery death. Thank god, I’m going home today.

I left the enterprise, not even an hour after my mission finished. I was being transferred to a new base, one very close to my hometown of Forks, Washington. I couldn’t wait, it’d been almost 2 years since I seen the rain washed streets of the gloomy town. I missed it more than I’d ever thought I would.

The base near Forks wasn’t more than an NAS at the moment, it was still being built, but they wanted pilots there as soon as possible. Like someone would ever attack Washington.

I boarded the plane, with about five other people who were also due to leave the enterprise. I was the only pilot, it was bittersweet. The commander recommending me for this spot, he truly believed in me. The transfer to Washington came with the responsibility of running my own squadron.

My arrival in Washington turned into an event. My whole family was there along with my best friend, Alice Cullen. She looked at me and glared. What have I could have done wrong? Oh I’m in fatigues, she doesn’t like it. Oh god, she’s going to take me shopping. Somebody help me please.

I looked at her and sighed, “Alice, I know you hate my outfit and as soon I get the chance, we’ll go shopping.” She started to bounce and a sense of dread washed over me. Shopping was a sport to Alice and I knew it was going to be a long day walking around those shot inhabited streets. Suddenly the sense of dread turned to pure fear, I was grabbed from behind and spun around. It was my big brother, Emmett.

“Em, put me down this instant. You know those big planes over there? The ones with the guns? Yeah, I have a license to shoot those.”

“Ha-ha, little sister you’re as harmless as a fly.”

“Tell that to everyone I shot down.” He’s speechless; I’ve never done that to him before. I’m not as harmless as you think I am, big brother.

I loved my Emmett, not matter how silly or rude he could be. He was still the best guy friend I could possibly have and my confidant. He understood me better than Alice. He supported my decision to enlist when no one else did. I looked at him and smiled, I couldn’t believe how much he’d changed. He wasn’t my Emmett anymore; he was a new person, a better one. When he married Rose, I was afraid it was going to be all wrong for him, my fears were unjustified, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

“Touché little sister, Touché” he smirked. That’s my Emmett.

I looked toward my parents, they were beaming. I guess they never could have imagined me being so close to them or that the base would ever get built, it was always a rumor around Forks.

“Bella, we’re all so glad to see you. I’m actually am in shock; you’re stationed so close now.” My mother was almost crying as she spoke.

“I know mom, I am too. However, I do need to be on base in less than 48 ready for duty and I have a lot of work to do.” Why did that sound so military? I need to work on that around my family.

“Alice, I heard a rumor that your father was going to be the head of surgery on base. Is that true?” I asked her, it was one thing I needed to know. Dr. Cullen was one of the brightest surgeons in the country, and if this rumor was true, the Navy made an excellent choice. She waited to answer until we were in the car.

“Bella, it’s true. He’s really excited to help start up a hospital. Oh, you need to meet this new doctor he hired; he puts Dr. McDreamy to shame,” she squealed the last part out. I looked at her in complete shock before I caught my mother smiling in the mirror. They were planning on playing match maker and I wasn’t having any part in it.