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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


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Aro found me like that, sitting on my perch in the courtyard. It was really a rather nice view – it overlooked a forest and there was a sloshing river that wound its way through.

“Brother,” He greeted me pleasantly. Clearly the arguments of the morning’s meeting were placed in the far back of his head. “How was your training?”

I shrugged. “It was well,” I allowed.

Although Aro and Caius often bragged of their students’ abilities, my students were taught modesty, and I never boasted of skills.

“Well, today little Alec caused his sinister-looking mist to become more…see-through. What’s the word for that, Marcus?” Aro tilted his head to the side. I lifted my hand, and he tapped it with his own. “Ah, transparent. Thank you,”

I nodded. “Do you know when Heidi is planning on making another hunting trip?”

Aro grinned happily. “I told Caius to send her out when they finished training today. We should have fine dining tonight, I believe. There’s a new tour group from the United States a few hours north that she was going to head towards.”

The American’s always tasted best, aside from the French. There was no reason that we could see, but it happened each time. Possibly it was the food they ate…but I could not see how fatty ‘fast-food’ would enhance their flavor. My own singer was an American, 120 years ago.

“Wonderful,” I agreed.

Caius bustled through the door and sat down on my other side. “Brother,” He greeted me.

Aro glared at him. “Have you sent Heidi out?”

Caius rolled his eyes. “Yes,” He said shortly.

“Peace,” I murmured. They both sighed. They were really too similar – power hungry, stubborn, and arrogant.

We sat in silence for a moment. It felt like it had back when the Volturi was three; peaceful and simple. A wind ruffled our cloaks, making rustling sounds.

“Marcus!” Caius remarked suddenly. “There’s a bee next to your head!” Caius’s fear of bees was rather ridiculous.

“Caius, please don’t worry. You are a vampire…it cannot harm you.” His face twisted into an apprehensive frown. “But, I was allergic…”

Aro groaned. “That was many millennia’s ago!”

Caius growled. “Well, we’ve never done any tests on it! For all you know, my allergies could have carried on with me into my vampire life!”

“That’s just dumb,” Aro disagreed harshly. Goodbye, peaceful feeling.

“Now, Aro, that was rather uncalled for. Caius, please put your worries aside. The weather is quite lovely today; perhaps we can enjoy it,” I suggested calmly.

Aro smiled brightly. “Yes, indeed – Marcus, you continue to keep us in line,”

Caius sighed. “Marcus, you must cease to be so damned peaceful. It really gets tiresome.”

I smiled slightly. “Ah, brother, I am austerely sorry. Yet it is my nature.”

“No, it’s in your nature to be violent, blood-thirsty, and cruel. I’m not sure if you’ve realized it, my dear, but you’re a vampire.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Touché. I had never the slightest idea that I was inhuman.”

Aro exhaled heavily. “Well, my brother, I must attend to matters of the utmost kind…”

Caius looked quite bamboozled. “What must you do?” Aro smiled slyly. “Well, the wife’s been lonely lately-”

I grimaced at the same time as Caius, although for a different reason. “Stop talking, Aro,” We chorused together.

Aro winked at us. “Farewell,” He said jauntily. He stood up and left the courtyard.

Caius put his hand on my shoulder. “I apologize for him, Marcus.” I know it hurts you to hear us speak of our wives in that manner, he neglected to add.

They always seemed to either remind me or console me about events which I wished I could forget.


Caius stood. “I too must leave you. Gianna was sent to purchase a new book for me, and I must see that she got the right one.”

He left me alone to my thoughts, which was kind of him. My dear mate, Didyme, left me tragically long ago. She and Aro were going on a hunting trip, and one of the few packs of werewolves left attacked them. Aro returned alone and with dreadful news. It was after this incident that I eagerly assisted Caius in his hunt to eradicate werewolves.

Didyme and I had been dreaming of running off on our own, you see. This was a grand plot we were envisioning, as we wanted to try new situations and new experiences. My brothers had not been fond of the plan, but they respected our wishes, and for that I was grateful.

Aro, knowing what we truly wanted, begged to bond with Didyme over a hunt for one more time, and we both agreed that it was the kindest thing we could do for our supportive brother. Alas, Aro was nearly as shaken as I in the aftermath of the dreadful encounter.

But enough of these depressing matters. I turned my thoughts to the beauty of the day. The sun shone cheerfully, which, although it did occur often, made me smile in harmony with it. Damn me and my harmonious nature.

In the 1970’s, Caius referred to me as the ‘hippie’ of the vampire world. I supposed he was right. I did feel rather bad for taking human life, although I was not as extreme as Carlisle.

I also anonymously gave money to the human government of Volterra to install recycling bins in all of the appropriate places. This act was really quite smart, not to brag. It’s simple – if the humans continue to destroy the air they need to live, they shall perish. And what are vampires to do when their primary food source is gone? I was merely looking out for my own selfish pleasure.

I stood from my seat on the ground and shook the dust from my robes.

The door to the courtyard opened, and Jane wandered in. “Master,” She nodded her head.