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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


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“Hello Jane, what have you been up to?” The little one was always interesting.

“Nothing much…” She rolled her eyes. “Nobody will ever do anything with me. I’m stuck playing by myself, or training. It’s horrible.” She pouted.

“Ah, you poor thing,” I agreed solemnly. “Well, I was planning on making a trip to Barcelona to visit Lepidus and Novella sometime soon. You are welcome to join me, if boredom proves too much to handle,” I suggested to her.

My dear friends, born in the last decades of the Roman era, deserved a visit, as it had been nearly 200 years since I last saw them.

Jane smiled brightly. “I’ll go tell Aro right away! When are we leaving?”

I thought about it. “I propose we leave after Heidi returns with our dinner. Perhaps tomorrow morning, if that suits you.”

Jane squealed. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! I’d love to go then. Thank you so much, Master!” She hugged me tightly, her head only barely touching my chest.

She scampered in her young way out the door and off to find Aro.

I followed her slowly out of the room. A chance to get away from the responsibilities of the Volturi would be wonderful, and I really did need to catch up with my old friends. Possibly they could aid me in my slightly rebel cause.

I hurried to my room, located on the twelfth floor of the castle.

When I arrived at my door, one of our ungifted, and therefore unimportant, guard members stepped into my view, looking frightened.

“Sir, Aro is requesting that you come to his room immediately!” He said in a rushed voice.

I frowned. “Please convey my apologies, but remind my brother that I do not answer to him. I will come when it is convenient for me.”

I swept past him and entered my room. It was a plain room – there was an ancient bed, not that it was used any longer, a cracked mirror from 1798, and two paintings.

One was of two vampires, I and Didyme, painted by one of my personal favorite painters, Giotto di Bondone, in 1308. It was painted on our 1200th anniversary.

The other painting was an imperial quartet of gods standing in a mess of clouds, looking down at the chaos of humanity below them. It was quite effortless to see the resemblance between the four gods and Aro, Caius, Carlisle, and myself. The only other copy of this painting was currently located in Forks, Washington.

The last object in my room was a large, jewel-speckled chest. I threw the lid open and whipped out my three other black robes, along with the latest and most fashionable shoes I owned.

Heidi had forced me to go shopping two decades ago, and had insisted I buy some ‘sneakers’. What sort of a name is ‘sneakers’? Honestly.

These items were shoved delicately into a leather bag. I lifted the bag and set it on my bed, careful not to harm the perfect condition the bed sheets were in. They were from my early days as a vampire, visiting 'Ancient' Greece, and so far not a single thread had ripped.

I shut the lid of my trunk and headed for the door. Upon opening it, I came face to face with a very upset Aro.

“Marcus!” He all but shouted at me. “You snubbed me!”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Brother, snubbed is a rather harsh word.”

“It’s what you did,” He said defensively.

“Yes, well, I was in a hurry and needed to complete the tasks I was set on,” I replied.

His eyes narrowed. “That brings me to my request to speak with you. Jane says that you are going to Barcelona?”

I raised one eyebrow. “Is that really such a problem? I have my own will,” I said coolly.

Aro backtracked. “No, no, I was merely startled. You haven’t gone out in quite some time. I apologize if I sounded controlling,” His voice was complete innocence. I knew my brother too well, though.

“Aro, we are the Volturi. Not you, nor I, but we.” I said forcefully. “Now I must go speak with Corin, if you don’t mind.” I brushed past him and walked briskly towards the staircase.

“Marcus,” Aro whined from behind me. “Don’t be angry with me! You always overreact to everything I say!” He complained, striding beside me.

“Aro, that is merely because you tend to be, how should I say it nicely…an opportunist. You strive to achieve full power. But sadly, this is not the way the world works.” I explained.

He mumbled something darkly.

“Stop acting like a child,” I reprimanded him, gliding down the stairs.

You stop acting like a child,” He retorted under his breath.

You see, this was always the problem with Aro. He was accustomed to getting what he wanted, and on the rare occasion he was denied something by his equals, he threw a fit.

I stopped once I reached the level of the castle that included the library, where I knew my student would be.

“I will speak with you later, Aro, if you require it so much,” I hurried away from him, down the long hallway, until I reached the massive library doors.