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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


4. Facebook...my latest addiction.

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Corin was seated at one of our computers.

These computers really were interesting inventions – one could reach any information one needed at the touch of a button. Caius had introduced them to our library only twelve years ago.

“Master, look!” Corin called me over. I looked over his shoulder to see the bright screen. “There’s this thing called Facebook, have you heard of it?” He babbled happily. “You create a profile, and then you can upload photographs, and talk with your friends!”

“That’s all wonderful, really, but why would you have need for it? All of your friends are here, in the Volturi,” I questioned. “Besides, who needs pictures? We all have a perfect memory anyways,”

Corin groaned. “It’s for the fun of it, Master.”

“Hmm…really. Fun. Why waste the time?” I asked. This Facebook thing was not truly that intriguing. I could not see what had Corin so enthralled.

“Jeez, why do you have to be so fun-sucking?” He shook his head. “Meaning no disrespect, sir,” He amended.

I inclined my head. “That is alright. Now, for the meaning of my visit; I shall be leaving tomorrow to visit some acquaintances in Spain. You and Chelsea shall remain in Volterra, and shall continue training like normal.”

Corin tilted his head. “Of course, sir. But who will be accompanying you?”

“Jane is joining me, and I shall extend the invitation to her brother as well.”

“So are you going to…” Corin dropped his voice and glanced around us quickly, making sure we were alone. “Are you going to speak with them?”

I nodded slightly. “They shall be introduced to the topic of discussion, yes. That is why you and Chelsea must remain here, so as to appear as unremarkable as possible.”

Corin agreed with a dip of his head. “Alright, Master. I’m sorry if I sound doubtful, but wouldn’t they each be more loyal to their own trainers?”

“I have already considered this. But the bonds of siblings are stronger, and if I can use this bond, things will go much more smoothly.” I replied. “I must be going now; I will see you when Heidi returns.”

After leaving our library, I began my search for Alec.

It was easy to find him – the young boy was seated under a window beside the sewage entrance, using a knife to whittle away at a block of wood. This slab of wood was starting to resemble a castle.

“Good day, Alec,” I greeted him.

He glanced up. “Hello, Master.”

I sat beside him. “I see you’re carving again…what is it this time, if I may ask?”

His eyes lit up. Each immortal must have a passion to pass the time, and his was wood carving. “It’s a replica of Chateau d’Amboise,” He said proudly. “You know, the one that you, Demetri, and I visited in 1898,”

“Ah, indeed,” I said. “Well, you have truly mastered the art of wood carving.”

He beamed with pride. “Many thanks,”

I cleared my throat unnecessarily. “Alec, tomorrow morning I shall be leaving to visit my old friends in Spain, and Jane is accompanying me. If it pleases you, I’m sure Jane would appreciate it if you joined us.”

A slight frown creased his forehead. “Alright…”

I could tell he was confused. “I have been dying to visit Lepidus and Novella for quite some time. Jane’s never been to Barcelona, and so she was quite eager to come. You haven’t been out in awhile either, if my memory serves me correctly.”

Alec pondered this. “It does sound wonderful to go to Barcelona,” He agreed. “Alright, when are we going?”

“Tomorrow morning. Be at the main door at 6:45 sharp.” I stood. “I’ll see you anon,” I left, walking briskly back towards the innermost rooms.

After nearly a minute of my floating pace, I came to a fluid halt and turned into a door.

“Yo! Oh, er, hello Master,” Felix greeted me.

I glanced around – I was in one of the many ‘hang-out’ rooms, as our guard members called them. This one had a pool table and many sofas crowded inside.

Felix was sprawled on a couch with a hat twisted sideways and his pants halfway down his legs, Chelsea and Demetri were playing pool, Afton was filling out a Sudoku puzzle at lightning speed, and another unimportant vampire was flicking through an iPod. Yet another interesting invention, but that story could wait.

“Felix, what have I told you about those obnoxiously newfangled words?” I reprimanded him.

He sat up straight and took off his hat. “That they are obnoxiously newfangled, Master.”

“Exactly,” I agreed. “Now, Chelsea, may I speak with you in the hallway?”

Chelsea sighed. “Yes sir,” She turned to Demetri. “No cheating while I’m gone.”

She stepped outside the room, and I followed, closing the door.

“I’m going to Spain tomorrow, and Jane and Alec will accompany me.”

Her eyes widened. “Are you sure we’re ready to recruit?”

I scowled. “We’re not ‘recruiting’, Chelsea. We are merely informing others of our political ideas. That type of thing is legal nowadays, you see. Things have changed since your time.”

Chelsea was turned in 1411 in northern France. She grinned. “Indeed they have,” She mused. “Well, I’m assuming you’re telling me because Corin and I will be stuck alone here?”

“Exactly,” I said. “So I must know, have you spoken to Afton about this…discussion, we’ve been having?”

She bit her lip. “Not exactly…”

I narrowed my eyes. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I haven’t told him any details! I only told him the basics – that Aro and Caius’ quest for endless power was corrupting and needed to be dealt with!” She insisted.

“Hmph. Alright,” I allowed. “Now, please go back to your frivolous shenanigans,”

“Yes, Master.” She said cheerfully.