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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


5. I went to Cataluna over Spring Break =]

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Heidi returned with dinner around 2:00 AM. With everyone gathered in the feeding hall, she led a group of around 40 humans into our midst.

“Ah, hello there,” Aro greeted the humans. A few had cameras on bands around their necks. Some even were pointing at us and whispering excitedly.

“Welcome to Volterra,” Caius said, and although his voice was angelic, I was sure that even the humans could detect something rather dark.

I simply nodded, and then the feeding began. No need to add any details here, I’m assuming.

When the sun arose and the first rays of light were slipping into the hall through the high above windows, I retrieved my bag and waited by the main door in the reception room, where Gianna was clicking away at her computer.

My presence seemed to scare her, because she would occasionally glance my way and she was biting her lip in what seemed an unhealthy way.

“Girl, are you alright?” I finally asked her.

She looked up, startled, and shook her head quickly. “Oh, Master, I’m quite alright, thanks,”

“Hmm,” I answered simply.

At last, Alec and Jane arrived hand in hand. “Master,” They greeted me in unison.

“Aren’t we cheery today,” I muttered.

Jane giggled. “Oh, Master, we’re going on a vacation! Lighten up,”

Alec frowned slightly. “Jane, dear, be more polite. Sorry, Master. We are merely anxious to begin our trip.” Alec’s manners were impeccable, yet it was impossible that they came from Aro.

“Not to worry, we shall leave at once,” I informed them. I led them through the elaborate doors into a shaded ally in the streets on Volterra.

A Lamborghini Gallardo, one of the world’s fastest Italian cars, was waiting for us, one of the guard member’s in the driver’s seat.

Jane and Alec slid into the backseat, while I opened the passenger door and got in quickly. Without a sound, the car sped from its parked spot out into the maze of alleyways and streets that made up Volterra.

I glanced back and saw Jane looking outside the windows with interest – Alec, however, looked rather frightened.

“Alec, never fear. This car, no matter how fast it goes, cannot hurt you.” I assured him.

Alec turned his wide eyes on me and gulped. “Master, there is no rational thought behind fear.”

I chuckled. “Indeed,” I agreed.

In silence we wove out of Volterra and headed east, our destination a small, hidden cove near the coastal city of Cecina, where we would leave our car and swim across the Mediterranean to Cataluña, the tiny city an hour’s drive from Barcelona.

I knew we were close to Cecina when the car swerved off of the pavement and began cutting through plants into a forest area.

Alec’s fear returned. “Master! We are…off of the road,” He gasped.

Jane giggled. “Yep. Aw, Alec, it’s alright,” She cooed. I glanced behind me to see Jane pat Alec’s hand comfortingly as he gripped his seat.

“Not to fear, we are here,” I announced.

The two siblings looked straight ahead and I saw their faces light up with wonder at the lovely sight before us – the coast swerved inland to form a small, completely hidden cove with a white, sandy beach and deep blue water.

The car gently stopped with its front wheels barely touching the sand. The twins scrambled out of the backseat swiftly, and our driver, who had remained silent the entire trip, allowed a small chuckle to escape.

He stopped quickly and glanced with worried eyes at me, but I gave him the smallest of smiles. His face relaxed in relief.

“I shall be calling Volterra sometime in the coming weeks. Inform my brothers,” I told him. He nodded, and I stepped out of the car. It quickly and quietly disappeared the way we came.

The sun was bright, and the three of us were glimmering intensely.

“Alright, we shall be swimming from here to the town of Cataluña,” I told Jane and Alec, who were standing hand-in-hand at the water’s edge.

Alec grinned, and Jane laughed. Those vampires were so young, so much more so than my brothers and I.

It was a pity they were so deeply, yet unwittingly, involved in such a monumental movement in time.