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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


6. Talking and conspiring and swimming...fun stuff.

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**Those vampires were so young, so much more so than my brothers and I. It was a pity they were so deeply, yet unwittingly, involved in such a monumental movement in time. **

Alec and Jane were now staring into each other’s eyes, with serious expressions on their faces.

“You,” Jane said somberly.

Alec frowned slightly. “No. You,”

Jane’s mouth twitched, threatening to grimace. “Alec,” She said warningly.

Alec’s face did not change, but his words did. “Fine,”

Suddenly, before even I was aware of it, he had run back to me and thrown me, headfirst, into the water.

He and Jane were laughing with such intensity I would’ve been concerned with their breathing.


Their laughter was cut off abruptly when they saw me rise from the shallow water and stalk up the beach.

My hair was dripping, my cloak was soaked, and my expression felt murderous. “Alec,” I said in a quiet, calm voice.

He visibly gulped. “Master,” He bowed his head.

Jane’s eyes were wide. She whispered nearly silently, “I thought you wouldn’t do it!” into her brothers ear.

“Alec, that is what I call disrespectful and insubordination. Do you know what the Roman’s did when someone was insubordinate?”

Alec nodded imperceptibly.

“You know that the Roman’s got that idea from the Volturi,” I told him.

He nodded again, his eyes lifting from the ground to show me their fear.

Jane let out a strangled sound. “Please, Master, he was only joking! Don’t punish him, don’t kill him!” She begged.

My face was serious and harsh as I looked between the two. Then I relaxed and grinned in earnest. “I know. This is when I say…BAM baby,” I showed off my modern ‘lingo’.

Alec laughed in relief, while Jane narrowed her eyes at me. “Master! You shouldn’t play games like that! We thought that you’d kill Alec for sure!”

I shook my head cheerfully. “No, never fear. But, let this be a lesson. Do not disrespect your betters, in any situation.” I lectured them.

They nodded fervently.

“Now, let’s go” I announced optimistically.

The twins followed me to sea. We swam with an inhuman agility, cutting through the waves with ease. The current fought us dramatically, but it did nothing to sway our course.

Jane and Alec were playing some form of marco-polo; rather than saying the customary “Marco! Polo”, though, they said nothing. It was truly a test of their hearing to pick up the movements of the water when the other would swim by.

Jane whacked me in the head. “Sorry Master!” She giggled, her eyes squeezed shut.

And in my human life, people had wondered why I never had children.

Whenever a boat came near enough to cause worry, I made the twins come with me down below the surface and we swam underwater until we were far enough away that our sparkling skin would not be seen.

Eventually, when the sun showed that it was a little past noon, I decided it was time to act.

“I’m sure you must have an idea of why I chose to have you two accompany me,” I said abruptly.

Jane and Alec, who were both floating on their backs peacefully, glanced at me with confusion. “Actually, Master, I thought you just wanted company,” Alec admitted. Jane nodded in agreement.

“Well,” I paused for a moment. “I’m absolutely sure you know of the…bickering, going on between my brothers.” J

ane frowned sadly and nodded. Alec furrowed his brow. “Master…we should not speak of them without their knowledge…”

I waved away his worries with my hand. “Please, be silent and listen. Jane, I know it will completely shock you to hear this, but Aro is power-hungry.” Hopefully she could pick up the sarcasm there. “Alec, Caius is…very similar to Aro. You see, the two of them are so alike, that it is in actuality a bad thing for the Volturi. And whatever is bad for the Volturi, thus becomes bad for our entire world.”

I paused a moment to let it sink it. “In the more recent decades, my brother’s constant quarreling and disagreement has taken a toll of the Volturi as a whole – divisions are being made without conscious decision.”

Jane ran a hand through her pale hair. “Master…I – I can’t even fathom a division within us! Alec and I are still as close as we’ve ever been, honestly!”

“You and Alec, although trained by the two fighting brothers, have a unique bond, one that I’m hoping will never be lost. Others, however, may not be so lucky.” I cautioned. I looked at Alec, the more reserved of the twins.

“I do not think it’s right for us to speak ill of our master’s,” He said slowly.

I laughed without cheer. “They are not my masters! I will never have anything to fear from them – as my brother’s, they will not dare to hurt me. I am not on one side or the other; therefore they each want me as their ally.”

Alec grimaced. “But Jane and I are not as lucky as you are, Master. Our duties are to our Masters.”

I scoffed. “Well…feel however you want about that. But, for now, I want you to just reflect about what tensions you are feeling in the Volturi. Consider what changes have occurred in the past century. Think, boy, think. Aro is not here, there is no need to cover up your thoughts.”

Alec seemed shocked by the passion in my voice.

Jane sighed. “Master, we thank you for speaking with us. I appreciate that you think it wise to confide in us. We’ll think about the issues going on, I promise. But perhaps for now, we can relax and let these matters rest?”

I nodded. “Indeed, a good idea Jane. Let us continue on our way – Cataluña is probably only another hour’s swim from here.” We continued, the twins falling into a silence.

Their bond was incredibly strong, as always, and I could sense that they were communicating in that silent, intense way. I didn’t interrupt.