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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


7. Lammmmmeeeeee

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Boats were all around us, so we swam deep underwater to avoid being seen. Humans might have found it suspicious if there were three beautiful people swimming in the sea.

I led the twins towards an enclosed beach. I climbed up the sandy seashore gracefully, letting my toes sink into the sand.

It felt quite relaxing.

Jane sighed behind me.

“What?” I asked, glancing back at her.

She jutted her lower lip out slightly in a pout. “Master, I’m thirsty,” She complained softly.

Alec stifled a grin. “Yes Master, it’s time for lunch!” I groaned.

“We just ate this morning.” I reminded them.

“But Master…I’m thirsty!” Jane whined again.

I rolled my eyes. “Fine. We’ll hunt on our way to Barcelona. Come now, we must get a car.”

Jane laughed happily. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

“Whatever,” I mumbled, turning away and trudging up the slight hill.

My cloak was nearly dried from the sun and heat by the time we reached a car that was parked in the shadows off of a road a mile away.

“Oh God, Jesse!” A woman’s voice cried.

I glanced behind the hidden car to see two bodies thrashing on the ground behind a ring of trees.

“Damn girl,” The man groaned.

Jane’s face would’ve been bright red, were she human.

Alec glanced at the humans with mild disgust. “Vampires do it much better,” He commented.

I nodded solemnly. At least Jane and Alec weren’t quite children.

“Jane, please go get that car. I’d like to drive into town, it’s much cleaner that running through dirt.” I said quietly.

The human couple continued their rounds of pleasure, oblivious to Jane sneaking into the car and grabbing the keys from the seat.

The car purred to life, and Jane directed it over to where Alec and I stood beside the road.

The woman stopped her rhythmic movements and pushed Jesse away. “What the hell?” She gasped.

Jesse jumped up. “I – what? Where’s the car?”

Alec and I climbed inside slowly, yet we were still too fast for the humans to see us. Jane drove us, at a mere 92 miles an hour, on our way. The road was winding, which did not help Alec’s fears.

“Jane, slow down,” He begged as the speedometer inched past 110 mph.

Jane sighed and rolled her eyes, but the car slowed.

“Human’s are quite strange aren’t they?” Alec murmured. I laughed. “I suppose…why exactly?”

“Having sex behind a tree next to a road?” Alec asked me.

Jane was the one that answered. “It’s kinky,” She giggled.

“Kinky or not, it’s just…ugh,” Alec shook his head.

Jane sighed. “I think it’s rather romantic…doing interesting stuff means that you’re willing to try new things with your partner. Come on, Alec, can’t you see the love there?”

“Jane…must you have this conversation with your brother?” Alec groaned.

Jane shook her head. “Oh, Alec. When we were human, everyone had sex with everyone. Everyone told everyone about everything. You know? Why, our own Mother once told me that she and the boy from town did it on top of a horse!”

Alec clamped his hands over his ears. “Jane! That’s disturbing!”

Jane shrugged. “I know, but you looked like you needed to hear it. You’re too innocent, brother dear.”

This conversation was awkward, and Alec and I did not need the suffering. “Jane, we shall hear no more of your kinky wants.” I said sternly.

Alec made a face. “Yeah, just shut up and drive,” He mumbled.

Jane started singing some song with those words. Let me tell you, music these days is not very good. Rather untalented.

Before I knew it, we were soon into the small roads of Cataluña. Street vendors lined the side of the street, and people milled about happily.

“Would you like to eat here or closer to Barcelona?” I asked Jane. She debated for a moment, then decided on this town.

We parked the car on the eastern side of a building, where there was the least amount of sunlight. Our skin was glowing, although not overly noticeable.

“Do not let the humans see you in direct sunlight. Go now,” I said to the twins.

I wasn’t hungry, so I relaxed, sitting on the hood of the car and breathing in the sweet scent of blood and the sea. It was an interesting combination of smells, and it seemed to make the world seem more vibrant.

Jane and Alec returned within two hours, and they joined me on my perch on the hood of the car.

Sitting there for a moment was truly a calming experience, and I could feel my frozen muscles relaxing in a figurative sense.

“Master?” Jane finally whispered. I slowly turned my head to look at the twins who sat side by side on top of the car.


“Can we go now?” She asked, her impatience barely masked.

“Oh, certainly. I was merely appreciating the beauty of our earth, and living in the moment.” I said cheerfully. I slid off of the hood and walked briskly around to sit in the driver’s seat. “Come along, now,” I motioned for the twins to get in the car.

They scrambled to do so.

“Off we go,” I announced, pressing on the gas. We sped out of our shadowy parking spot into the sunset-painted streets.