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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


8. Finally some answers!

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We were possibly a twenty minute drive from the large city of Barcelona.

“STOP THE CAR,” Jane screeched.

I slowed slightly. “Jane, whatever is the matter?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“MASTER, STOP!” There was such urgency in her voice that I had to.

The brakes protested from the force I put on them, but we came to a smooth stop after spinning into a parking spot on the side of the street.

Jane bounded out the door and ran, thankfully at a human pace, to a small shop whose owner was just putting up a “Closed” sign on her door.

“Oh, Alec, go find out what the hell she is doing,” I ordered, sighing. “I really want to get to Barcelona.”

“Yes sir,” Alec replied, opening his door.

I watched and listened.

Jane began talking with the shop owner. “Pardon me, ma’am, but I see you have some bushes for sale.”

The old woman crinkled her brow in confusion. “Yes, dear, it is a plant shop.”

Alec reached them and joined their conversation. “Oh, I love bushes and shrubberies…”

Jane reached out and touched a potted plant with her fingers. “These are beautiful…can I buy one?”

“No, I am closed now,” The shopkeeper answered. She glanced at Jane and added, “You can come by early tomorrow and have first pick.”

Jane frowned. “Please, could I buy a plant? I’m leaving town right now…there’s nothing more that I want,”

The woman sighed and shook her head. “Now, you listen here young lady. I have told you – the shop is closed now. You can either come back when it is open, or not.”

Alec groaned. “Fine, we’ll just take one.” He bent over and scooped up a tiny pot with a small bush in it. “Farewell,” He nodded to the lady.

She smacked his arm. “Young man! Put down that pot or give me 40 euros!”

Jane laughed. “Alec, give her the money.”

Alec scowled. “Nope. She’s acting cruelly, so she will receive cruelty.”

The old woman sighed dramatically and sank to her knees. “There is a pestilence upon this land. Nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history.”

Jane fished some money out of her pocket. “Here, I apologize for my brother’s malice. Good day,” She set the money in the woman’s hand and dragged Alec with her to the car. They slid into the backseat.

“Jane, what was that about?” I asked. “A shrubbery, really? That is not worth wasting my time on.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” Jane bowed her head. “But I really love shrubberies – collecting them is my hobby.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Alright then…shall we move on now, children?”

The twins at their finest – fighting for a potted plant. Ah, the insanity!

After shepherding them back into the car, we sped off, continuing through the rolling hills. The sun sank slowly, and soon it was dark outside.

We drove straight into the bright lights of Barcelona, heading for where I knew Lepidus and Novella to be. I wove through the streets, impatiently waiting for the damned pedestrians to cross the street quickly.

We drove up a hill, away from the bright, loud nightlife scene and headed to a huge mansion and park – Park Guell, the residence on my dear friends.

The immeasurable plot of land and its many buildings was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi in 1904, and he used it as his home…until he died. Then, my two dear friends decided to make the now government-run-tourist-attraction their home.

The gates leading to the park were locked closed because visitor hours were over. It was now time for the vampires to claim their home for the night.

I stopped the car and its purr was silenced. Jane, Alec, and I got out of the car.

“Follow me,” I said, waving at them over my shoulder, as I was already trekking up the hill at an inhuman pace.

Alec whistled. “They sure do have a big place,” He commented. And indeed, they did.

We came over the top of the hill and the park was laid out before us. Buildings with bright colored marble and paint were sprinkled across the mountainous grounds, and tunnels twisted in the sides of the rocks. Statues and plants covered the walkways.

And there, standing right in front of the main entrance walkway, were Lepidus and Novella.

Lepidus’s black hair had not changed – it was cropped just as short as ever. His easy to smile mouth was turned into a snarl, and his stance was protective.

Beside him, Novella’s intense eyes pierced my skin. She was short and slender, and her long brown hair was pulled into a twist on her head.

“Who are you to come to my land?” Lepidus asked menacingly. His voice was deep and smooth.

“Peace, friend,” I said calmly, raising my hands in front of me.

His stance immediately changed. He stood up straight and grinned easily. Novella, beside him, gave a small smile and her eyes lit up.

“Marcus!” They both acknowledged.

Lepidus rushed forward to grasp my arm. “It’s been too long, old friend,” He affirmed.

“Indeed, indeed,” I agreed, clasping his arm.

“Oh, Marcus, it’s great to see you,” Novella said, shaking my hand daintily once Lepidus let go. Her voice was soft as the wind, and even I strained to hear it.

I pulled her hand to my mouth and kissed it gently. “Ah, my dear, it’s lovely to see you as well. Both of you!” I said, turning to Lepidus as well.

Jane coughed loudly. “Excuse me, Master, but might you introduce us?” I turned around to see the twins standing close together, and Jane was looking at Lepidus with a shy smile on her face.

“My apologies, young ones,” I nodded my head. “Lepidus, Novella, these are Jane and Alec, two guard members. Jane, Alec, this is Lepidus, Novella.”

Jane giggled slightly. “Nice to meet you, Lepidus,”

Alec rolled his eyes. “It’s a pleasure,”

“Now, my dear friend…I am wondering, why the unexpected visit? Not that I mind in the slightest,” Lepidus asked politely, a slight frown creasing his forehead.

I sighed heavily. “Well, it is not with good news that I come.” I glanced back at Jane and Alec. “Go explore this place,” I ordered.

Jane grumbled slightly before obeying, and Alec followed her. They ran through a tunnel along the rocky wall and disappeared.

“The Volturi has been in power for many, countless years.” I started.

Novella raised one perfect eyebrow. “That we already know, Marcus.”

“Then here is something that you are sure to not know of – there is conflict with us. It is well hidden, and well controlled, but it is still there. And I know that it is my duty, to myself, to the Volturi, to the vampire world, to somehow dispose of the conflict that threatens to ruin all that our race has built up.”

My announcement was met with a stunned silence.

Lepidus recovered first. “Come now, Marcus, surely there is not troubles in the Volturi. You, Aro, and Caius have been the best of brothers for many millennia’s, so there could not possibly be strife there. And you three rulers could easily take care of any problems amongst the guards!”

I shook my head. “Aro and Caius have never gotten along terribly well, they are too alike. I have had to be the peace-keeper for our entire existence. But those similarities between them have caused them, over the centuries, to grow increasingly annoyed with each other. And they each have a throng of loyal guard members,”

Novella spoke up. “And so…Aro and Caius are creating this deadly rift of which you speak?”

“Indeed,” I confirmed. “They are corrupting their own guard groups, so to speak. And this is what I propose to do – get as many of my friends as is possible, and I have quite a network due to the many millennia of existence, take the guard away from my brothers, and put it to them plainly that they can give up the Volturi and become outcasts or I will have them disposed of.”

Lepidus and Novella gasped in harmony, his deep voice exactly an octave lower than her soprano voice. “Disposed of?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, that means what you think it does. Please, do not play dumb with me. I have dealt with the Volturi guard for too many years, I am sick of the idiocy. I will have them killed if my brothers do not comply with what must be done.”

Lepidus clapped his hands together and grinned slightly. “Well, Marcus, I can assure you that Novella and I will do all in our power to help you. It’s about time the vampire world had a revolution!”