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Repercussion's of a Ruinous Nature

The Volturi is all powerful, the ruling class of vampires. But how can they keep the vampire world in order when they themselves are falling apart? Marcus's POV. Generated image


9. like, kabam baby!

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It was clear that Jane had some sort of infatuation with Lepidus. Every time she was near him, her face had a look of a dreaming person.

It appeared as though everything he said was hilarious. “You must be able to control your brother, Jane, with such a power as yours,” Lepidus would say, smiling.

Jane would, in turn, giggle like a crazed teenage girl. “Lepidus, you are just so funny!”

And then, of course, Alec and I would roll our eyes at her actions. Novella, rather than being the slightest bit jealous of the attention Jane paid her husband, thought it was amusing and encouraged Jane by helping her with make-up and other girly things.

We stayed in comfort with my old friends for a week before anything changed from the light, always entertaining vacation.

Lepidus and I were playing a game of chess on one of the multi-colored benches one evening as the sun was just dipping below the horizon. Novella and the twins had to travel down to a deserted beach where their glimmering bodies would not be seen.

“And that would be check,” Lepidus announced proudly after we had been playing for twenty minutes.

I pondered my options for a moment before deftly moving my queen to take his knight. “And that would be…un-check,”

Lepidus laughed genuinely. “Ah, Marcus, your brilliance could not think of an actual word?”

“Un-check is as real as it gets, Lepidus. You must be delusional if you think it’s not,” I insisted with a grin.

“Delusional, yes, but happily so,” He countered, and moved his pawn.

“Check mate,” I said as I put the queen in front of his king.

He scrunched his face up as he thought. “Damn you and your impeccable chess skills.”

“Playing the game since its birth helps,” I assured him.

“Master!” Alec’s voice rang out across the grounds.

I jumped to my feet immediately – there was something akin to panic in his voice.

Alec soon appeared right before me, his eyes wide with fear. “Master, he attacked Jane! My powers didn’t work! I tried to stop him, really, but he nearly took off my arm and Jane told me to get help!”

“Who?” I asked calmly, at the same time Lepidus asked “What about Novella?”

“I don’t know, a vampire that came out of nowhere!” Alec answered me, shaking with horror. “Come, we must get him and protect Jane!”

Lepidus and I swiftly followed Alec as he led us down through the bright city, moving so fast the humans could not have any hope of seeing us. We were thrust onto a strip of sandy beach that was barely illuminated by the setting sun when we broke out of the bustling city. Alec led us around the curve of the beach and we could see Novella locked in combat with an unfamiliar vampire while Jane stood helplessly to the side, and a huge chunk of her left side was torn off nearby.

Lepidus roared in fury and charged at the vampire, trying to rip his head to the side. The other vampire turned at precisely the right moment, though, and in one fluid movement he kicked Novella away forcefully and twisted Lepidus’s arm so that a dreadful ripping sound met out ears as the arm fell to the sand.

I sighed. “Come, Alec,” I muttered, and we descended into the fray.

This vampire was a fighter – the best I had ever seen. However, with four vampires against it, he was soon held down by Lepidus, Novella, and Alec while I looked angrily into his face.

“Who are you?” I asked in a dangerously calm voice.

His pitch black eyes stared up at me and he smirked. “No one of consequence,”

I snarled. “As Marcus Volturi, I command you to tell me who you are! Who sent you?”

His smirk vanished, and a look of deep confusion settled in his eyes. “Marcus Volturi? Are you quite sure?”

“Well, I would certainly hope so,” I replied sarcastically.

The vampire gulped. “Then there has been a grave mistake…I apologize for attacking, sir-”

“A grave mistake? Well, indeed, whatever it is, it is a mistake to attack members of the Volturi and their acquaintances. But who, then, were you trying to attack?” I asked him, genuinely curious now.

He groaned. “This is horrible, horrible; the Master will never forgive me for this-”

“Answer him immediately!” Alec growled. He clenched the vampires arm harder.

The vampire looked deep into my eyes. “But you are the black-haired one. You must be Aro.”

Now I was thoroughly confused. “Aro? You think that I am my pig-headed, idiotic brother?” I gave a small laugh. “No, you are completely misguided. I am Marcus.”

“Well…now you know, I was sent to kill Aro. I’m going to die anyways, so it matters not if you know my mission. We were told that he was spotted in Barcelona, though!” The vampire accused.

“Well, your informants were incorrect.” Alec scoffed at the same time Jane, holding her missing chunk of body to her torso, said, “We?”

The vampire smirked once again. The facial expression suited him. “Now, that I’ll not tell you,”

“Jane? If you don’t mind,” I nodded to her.

She smiled. “Of course, Master,” She looked at our vampire and concentrated hard…and nothing happened. “Oh, what the freaking hell?”

The vampire continued his smirk. “Ah, is she trying to do something to me? It won’t work. My mind is shielded. It always has. I’m terribly sorry, honey,” He said, his tone mocking as he addressed Jane. She was quivering with fury.

“Marcus?” She asked me.

I nodded for her to continue.

“May I kill him now?” Her voice was sickly sweet.

“I suppose,” I relented. There was nothing more for us to learn from him. It was time to dispose of him.

His eyes showed fear for a moment, before his head was flying through the air gracefully away.

“Well done, my dear,” I congratulated Jane.

Lepidus sighed in relief. “Novella…are you quite alright?” He asked her, releasing the vampire’s body and taking his mate’s face in his hands.

She nodded. “Yes, dear. It gave me quite the fright, though!”

He leaned in to kiss her passionately, and I turned away. Jane mimicked my motion, although she looked rather put out.

I pulled out a lighter from a pocket of my robe and retrieved the vampire’s head and set it with his body, which I pulled into separate pieces before setting the pile on fire.

Now this was a new development – Aro was being targeted. But by who?