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On the surface

Niam has no one, except the memories of her dead parents. On the surface she seems fine. hardworking, friendly. but she's not. she's upset with herself. And lonely. She needs someone who will look into her soul and save what she has left. Teen rating for darkness...

This was exceptionally easy to write. So lots of updates i hope. This is before Bella comes on the scene (and no, Edward is not going to get off with Niam) and before the Cullen's go to Forks.

1. Chapter 1

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I stared at the board without seeing it. I was so fed up of this tedious day and just wished it would end! I was going hunting tonight (at last. The smell was getting overpowering) with Emmett and Rosalie. Carlisle was going to conference and taking Esme with him, leaving Alice and Edward to look after the house. I was a bit disappointed that Alice was staying behind but she had only hunted the week before. With Edward and Carlisle. And I couldn't put of hunting for another week! I was practically salivating in my seat! It was worse then it had been at lunchtime, with all the emotions and the scent of hot, salty blood everywhere...distracted myself. Again. I tried to focus on my paper about the great depression, but really, what was the point? I'd written a paper like this a hundred times over, and I'd actually lived through this! Okay, been dead through it but I was still there! Why would I want to think about it now? Oh well. I scribbled down the facts they wanted, not mentioning the really important stuff they chose to overlook or didn't know about. If I wrote half the stuff I knew, I'd have been kicked out for being ‘insolent' or in my language, more intelligent then the stupid teachers! I rolled my eyes at the teachers back as he examined peoples work. I never get why they do that, I mean when they sneak up behind you and peer over your shoulders at the work and make you jump by saying something like ‘it has a N in it!" of course, they can't make me jump (being a vampire and all) but it's still off putting.

"So Mr. Hale, why do you believe that you are a higher life form then the rest of us?" he'd lost me.

"Sir?" I asked.

"I'm not sure us humble mortals can cope with your essay on the Great Depression. Now why do you believe that your knowledge surpasses the knowledge of a professor who has a degree in this subject?" I glanced at my paper. I'd written more then I intended too.

"All of this is complete rubbish!" he said, picking up my piece of paper.

"People living in the park? That is nonsense!"

"But sir, people did live in the park. Everyone forgets that it wasn't just the rich people losing money and becoming poor. Everyone just assumes that the poor people did something wrong and became poor. But it wasn't their fault, they missed one rent and"

"Miss Moorcroft! Please be quiet!" I glanced over to see who of this dull monotony had spoken out on my behalf. It was the new girl, who had arrived yesterday. She hadn't been in any of my classes before and I hadn't seen her in the canteen. I looked over at her and smiled my thanks. She blushed and glanced down at her paper. She was shy.

"Now, Mr Hale, you will write another essay on the great depression, sticking to the facts this time, and hand it in next lesson. And Miss Moorcroft, speaking without permission may have been allowed in your old school but it is not allowed in this one, especially not in my class!" fortunately, the bell rang at that point, cutting off his rant. I scooped my books and things into my bag.

"Sir, can I have my paper back please?" I asked him.

"Why, Mr. Hale?"

"Because I want to show Carlisle, who also has a history degree, and show him what the ‘lesser mortal of the history class' disagreed with. And, also. I don't think that I'm a higher being," I said. He was bright red in the face but he managed to hiss, "So what do you think you are then?"

"I don't think I'm a higher being. I just think you're stupid" I snatched my paper and left. On my escape, I accidentally knocked over the girl. She fell over and all her books scattered everywhere.

"Oh, sorry" I offered her a hand and she took it, blushing even more.

"That's okay," she muttered. I gathered her books for her, before handing them to her. I had to admit, there were a lot of them. Way too many then a lady should be carrying.

"Do you have a car nearby?" I asked, gesturing to the pile of books. She nodded. I took the books from her and she looked startled.

"You shouldn't carry this many books, you'll hurt yourself" I said. I gestured (as much as I could with at least twenty books in my arms) for her to lead me to her car. She got the hint and led me away. I noticed that her bag was exceptionally bulky too. How many books did this girl read?

"Thanks for earlier. You didn't have to do that, I could have handled him," I said.

"It's fine," she muttered. We reached a small car that was painted black.

"This yours?"

"My brothers. He drives us" she said, embarrassed yet again.

"Ah, the infamous brother drivers!" I said. I knew how she felt having her brother being a chauffer.

"Yeah, me and my two sisters always hitch a lift with him. Thanks for carrying my books" she removed the books from me. I took that as my cue to leave.

"Bye then. I don't suppose I'll be seeing you in history again. I think I'm getting kicked out. Again. Bye" she smiled shyly and climbed into the backseat of her car. I went over to the jeep, which Rosalie, Emmett and I were taking to the mountains. The Volvo was parked next door and that was where Alice and the others were standing.

"Hey Jazz. What took so long?" Emmett asked.

"Being a good Samaritan!" I said. Edward raised an eyebrow.

"I got in an argument with my history teacher in class and this new girl agreed with me. I accidentally knocked her over after calling the teacher stupid and running away, she had tons of books so I carried them to her car. Being a good Samaritan, as I said. Now are we going hunting or what?" I snapped. Alice hugged me goodbye.

"I'll see you soon love," I said. She smiled and nodded. Then she and Edward climbed into his car and left.