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On the surface

Niam has no one, except the memories of her dead parents. On the surface she seems fine. hardworking, friendly. but she's not. she's upset with herself. And lonely. She needs someone who will look into her soul and save what she has left. Teen rating for darkness...

This was exceptionally easy to write. So lots of updates i hope. This is before Bella comes on the scene (and no, Edward is not going to get off with Niam) and before the Cullen's go to Forks.

10. Chapter 10

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I was dog tired the next day and convinced Lance to let me stay at home. I couldn't face school. Or Jasper. I simply lay in bed with my head under the pillows. I couldn't believe I'd told him about my parents. He probably thought I was insane. Time was dragging by. I wanted this week to be over. I buried my head in the pillows and closed my eyes.

BRING! The doorbell rang. I groaned and crawled out of my bed. I heard someone banging downstairs and I hesitated. Instead of answering the door, I crept over to the bedroom window and looked down. Jasper? What was he doing here?

"NIAM! I can see you!" he called. I ducked behind the curtains. He hammered on the door again. I ignored him and sat by my bedroom door.

"Niam! Please! Let me in!" he called again, "I want to talk to you!" I felt the first tears trickle down my face. I couldn't face him after confessing that I murdered my parents.

"Niam, I'm not leaving until I get to talk to you!" he shouted. No, go. Leave, please. I muttered my pleas to myself as I heard him calling. Then he sighed and I heard a car drive away. I peeked out of the window. He had gone, or he was doing an exceptional job of hiding. I sat on the end of my bed. Jasper was the only person I'd ever told my story too.

I hadn't even told my siblings this, yet I'd told a complete stranger. Why? Why was it that I always felt safe around him? I didn't know. I peered out the window again and spotted something. There was a package on my doorstep. I snuck downstairs and stuck my head around the front door.

I darted out and grabbed the object. There was a note attached.

Saw this today, thought of you. I know you like books. I want to talk to you. If you want, I'll be in the forest until ten at the spot we met at last night. Meet me there if you want to chat. Jasper.

I sighed. Then I realized there was something else written underneath.

Oh and here's the homework you missed. The teachers show no forgiveness.

I smiled bleakly. It was nice of him. The package turned out to be my homework and a book entitled The Scarlet letter. It looked old. It was a first edition. It must have cost him a fortune. I put it down on the coffee table. I wanted to meet him but I didn't know how I'd get away from Lance. I went back upstairs.

"Niam! Get down here!" shouted Lance, half an hour later when he got home. He sounded angry. Worse, he sounded wasted. I walked slowly downstairs. He was holding the book Jasper had given me and the note. He was shaking in rage.

"You SLUT! YOU BELONG TO ME! HOW DARE YOU DATE SOMEONE ELSE?" He shook the note in my face.

"I'm not dating him!"


"Shut up!" I shouted.

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO SHUT UP YOU FUCKING COW! YOU ARE MINE!" then he grinned a drunken grin "Well, I think lover boy's gift would make good fire wood!" he tossed the book into the fireplace. I screamed.

"Stop it!" I tried to grab the book but the fire was roaring merrily over it.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU!" I shouted at Lance. His drunken grin disappeared. He slapped me.

"DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU SHOULD BURN LIKE YOUR BOOK!" He grabbed my collar and held me close to the flames, so I could feel their heat. Then he tossed me to the ground. I cried out in pain. He picked up the little coffee table and hit me with it, shouting obscenities at me as he did so.


He beat me until I was bleeding and barely conscious. I begged him to stop but he wouldn't. Then he kicked me once for good measure, spat at me and walked out. I was left crying on the floor. I could barely see for blood and tears in my eyes.