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On the surface

Niam has no one, except the memories of her dead parents. On the surface she seems fine. hardworking, friendly. but she's not. she's upset with herself. And lonely. She needs someone who will look into her soul and save what she has left. Teen rating for darkness...

This was exceptionally easy to write. So lots of updates i hope. This is before Bella comes on the scene (and no, Edward is not going to get off with Niam) and before the Cullen's go to Forks.

14. Chapter 14

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I was stuck in bed for the next few days. Jasper was always there when I woke up in the morning and he was the last thing I saw at night. The hours while he was at school were tedious. I knew he'd prefer to stay at home but his father insisted. I would listen to music during those hours. I couldn't even read! When Jasper was home, he would read to me even when I pointed out he had better things to do. But after several days of this, we had an unexpected visitor.

I was talking to Jasper about his day at school when there was a loud banging downstairs. I glanced anxiously at him and I think he smiled. My vision was slowly improving and I could just about see close up objects in detail now. Carlisle was talking about taking me into hospital to check what was wrong. I heard a loud voice. Several, protesting. I had already met most of the family, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. I knew there were two others but I hadn't seen them. Well, I'd seen one from a distance but that was it. Emmett was funny but I only saw him occasionally.

"Niam!" said a loud, bright voice. I struggled to see the person through bright lights.

"Natalie?" I mumbled.

"Yes sweetie. Oh God, why would anyone do that to you?"

"What...you know?" had Lance actually told her the truth. Of course not.

"Yes and I am very disappointed with you. When dear Lance told me that you'd run away and got mugged. He said your friend-Jasper?-had found you and taken you to his house to look after you. Lance was devastated! But how could you run away? I mean, he was supposed to look after you and like I said, he was so worried"

"I bet he was" I muttered.

"See, you understand! Right, get up! We can get you back home!"

"No" I said, quietly. She still heard.

"What? Of course you're coming home!"

"It's not my home," I said. I felt Jasper's hand brush mine. I locked fingers with him, trying to gain strength from the cool digits.

"It is your home. And once you are fully better, we are going to have to punish you for running off like that. I thought you were responsible enough to be left alone with Lance" I felt her tug off my sheets.

"Well...get up"


"Now, Niam"


"Don't you dare speak to me like that!"

"I dare! What Lance told you was a bunch of lies! I didn't get mugged! He beat me, nearly to death! I was bleeding to death when jasper found me and it was from a source much closer to your home, never mine"

"Stop telling ridiculous lies!"

"I'm finally telling the truth. I've been lying the entire time about your ‘precious son'. He's not so innocent after all! He's been raping me practically every day since I came to your house! Do you know why he went for me? Because I'm an easy target! And do you know what? I wish he'd been right, I wish I had run away and got mugged, it would at least be better then what he did to me"

"Stop it!"

"No! I'm speaking out! In fact, I don't wish I'd run away! I wish I'd died! I wish I'd died when my parents did, then I'd never have had to come to this stupid place and meet that bastard! If you don't want to believe me, go back to your fucking bastard son! Worship the ground he walks on and let him abuse little girls! Because I am done putting up with it Natalie!"

"You are a filthy liar! After all, we've done for you! I wish we'd never taken you in you ungrateful brat!" with that, she stormed off. I collapsed back into my pillows. I felt Jasper squeeze my hand.

"Oh God..." I must repulse him now. I mean. He'd known what Lance had done to me but never that much.

"I still like you Niam"

"How do you do that?" I muttered.

"I think you are an incredibly brave girl who put up with to much and I can only imagine what you'd be thinking. I'm glad you spoke out. If you hadn't, I would have and that would have been much louder, shorter and ruder"

"The others heard that, didn't they?" I asked.

"I think so. Judging by the fact that most of them have congregated in the room," I groaned.

"It's okay Niam" said a calm voice "No one thinks any worse of you now we know what you've put up with" I still felt rotten.

"I have nowhere to go now," I whispered.

"We'll sort that out when you're completely recovered. Now, I think, everyone out! The patient needs rest after all that yelling!" I heard them trooping out.

"You too Jasper" I felt him release my hand.

"No, can he stay?" I asked, practically begging.

"Okay, but you need to sleep! No talking"

"Not a word" I promised. Jasper settled in the chair next to my bed and his hand once again found mine.