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On the surface

Niam has no one, except the memories of her dead parents. On the surface she seems fine. hardworking, friendly. but she's not. she's upset with herself. And lonely. She needs someone who will look into her soul and save what she has left. Teen rating for darkness...

This was exceptionally easy to write. So lots of updates i hope. This is before Bella comes on the scene (and no, Edward is not going to get off with Niam) and before the Cullen's go to Forks.

19. Chapter 19

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I went downstairs.

"Hey Carlisle, Esme. Edward said you wanted to speak to me?"

"Yes. We were wondering when you were going to tell Niam about us"

"Already done," I said, "I just told her"

"How did she take it?"

"Fine. Well, at first she thought I wanted to get rid of her by making up ridiculous stories. Then I moved too fast for her to see so that convinced her. So, now she believes me. I think it went okay, I mean, she didn't scream or try to run away"


"Oh, and she can get out of bed now. She can walk again. I don't think she should go back to school just yet, but I think she can extend her range. We just need to focus on her vision"

"Okay then. We'll try and get her to eat downstairs, integrate her a bit more with the rest of the family"

"Jasper? Do you care about her?"


"I mean, really care about her?"

"Yes" I said. Esme smiled at me.

"You realize at some point you may have to turn her"

"I know. But right now I just want her to get better and learn to trust people and know they won't use her"

"Yes. I was wondering about therapy perhaps. It could help"

"Possibility. Can I go now?" I asked. It made me anxious to be away from Niam. She was so strong but she was also fragile. I needed to do something about that. I mean, at some point she'd want to go to college, leave here. I could try to get in to the same school but what would I do if I didn't get in the school? Get a hold of yourself Jasper. You haven't even kissed Niam and you're already planning a future! I mean, she might want to go and have a different life. She might not love me as she got old and I didn't. I groaned.

"Jasper?" asked Esme.

"Sorry. Just thinking about stuff. So can I go?"

"Yes. But...Jasper...I really think that you, Edward and Alice should sit down and talk"

"I have nothing to talk to them about. They lied to me and Alice has been rather nasty to Niam. She tried to leave earlier because Alice got annoyed at her"

"That's not good but I still think you should talk"

"No" I said. I left the room before any more attempts could be made to sway me. I went upstairs. I paused briefly outside the room that had once belonged to Alice and me. Now it just hurt. The stench was Edward and Alice. Any trace of me had been destroyed. How had I not noticed before? The smell right now was...surprisingly weak. Edward hadn't been there in a while. The door opened.

"Jasper. I want to talk to you"

"Fine. Talk"

"In here?"

"No. I'm in a hurry"

"To get back to your bitch"

"Shut it Alice. Speak now or not at all. I promise you I will never talk to you again"

"Fine...well, things between me and Edward aren't working out and...I'd be willing to take you back" those words infuriated me. I did something I never thought I'd do. I slapped a woman. Alice's head shot back. She didn't cry out just turned back to face me.

I pushed her against the wall and hissed, "I love Niam. I wasn't trying to get back at you for anything though I had cause. Now I just want you to stop interfering in my life and Niam's, she's had a hard enough time without you getting involved. You ruined your chances with me. So, if your life has gone crappy because of your decisions, that is your fault. Not mine. Goodbye" I left her, speechless and went into Niam's room.

Oh god.

Edward wasn't there.

More importantly, Niam's bed was empty.