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On the surface

Niam has no one, except the memories of her dead parents. On the surface she seems fine. hardworking, friendly. but she's not. she's upset with herself. And lonely. She needs someone who will look into her soul and save what she has left. Teen rating for darkness...

This was exceptionally easy to write. So lots of updates i hope. This is before Bella comes on the scene (and no, Edward is not going to get off with Niam) and before the Cullen's go to Forks.

2. Chapter 2

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I waited in Mark's car. I knew he'd probably be chatting up some girl he'd met and would take ages. I picked up the book on the top of my pile and opened it. Even though I'd only got it yesterday, I was already three quarters of the way through it. I tried to focus but my thoughts kept drifting. The boy's honey hair and shining golden eyes.
"Do you ever stop reading?" my sister's voice interrupted my musings.
"Hello Safira, good day?"
"Oh yes! We met some fiiine boys!" added Safira's twin sister, Soraya.
"You didn't answer my question Niam! Do you ever stop reading?" Safira trilled.
"Yes. I stopped for exactly an hour, to do my history lesson," they laughed. It was true; I had my head in a book most of the time. But that was just a distraction from normal life. We all had our distractions, mine was reading. Safira's was dance, Soraya's was singing. And Mark's was making out with random girls he'd only known for a day. True to form, one moment later he appeared with lipstick smeared on his face.
"Who was it this time?" I sighed.
"Abi White, from my gym class. Man, she is hot!" he said. I rolled my eyes.
"When are you dumping her?" I asked.
"I'm not going out with her! So I don't need to dump her!"
"You player!" laughed Safira. That was one word for him. Another was womanizer; he was turning into dad. As if they could hear my thoughts, silence echoed through the car. Thank god, dad was dead. It's a shame he took mum with him.
"Niam, you have to get over that. It wasn't your fault!" said Mark. I sighed and laid my head on the back of the seat as Mark started the engine. It was my fault. I could have stopped her from going. None of the others understood, they weren't there. They all thought that I was just upset that they had died, and I blamed myself because they were driving me to my recital. But it wasn't that. My secret, which I would take to the grave. My hand touched my arm, where the long scar was when the glass had sliced through my arm.
"Do you know what you need Niam? A guy! Someone you could be nerdy with" said Soraya.
"Like any guy will date a girl called Niam," I said quietly. Sometimes I wished I'd been given a normal name. Mark was lucky, mum couldn't think of a jewel that could be a boy's name. So dad got to pick. Even Soraya was okay. I got stuck with the weird one. My sibling decided to let me get on with being moody and depressing and chatted about their second day at school. When we got to the house, I wouldn't ever call it home; I went up to the room I shared with Cara. Cara was another adopted child, who had been taken into care after her mother went to rehab. Her father was in jail. At least she still had them. I'd gone with her once to see her dad, and it was obvious he adored her. Cara wasn't home yet, she had cheerleading practice. I thought someone who was constantly cheerful would get on my nerves but she was a great friend. I had nothing better to do, so I got to work on my homework. That was one of the few things I ever did. Read, write, do homework, eat the food I was given, sleep. And remember (which I tried to do as little as possible). I didn't talk to my adopted parents. Natalie was okay. Kind and a good cook. I suppose, even Larry was okay. It was their son I couldn't stand. They only had one kid, Lance. I couldn't stand him. And I knew, the moment he got home he'd try and see if I was alone. Cara wouldn't let him anywhere near me (another reason why I liked her). I tensed as I heard a car approach. But it passed the house without stopping. I relaxed and flopped onto my bed. I picked up my book again and carried on reading. The door opened and I stiffened. But it was only Natalie.
"Hey sweetie" she sat on my bed and tried to hug me but I wriggled away.
"Dinners in an hour. But that's not the reason I came up here. Larry and I are going away for a week, with Cara. It's the cheerleader competition and she wants to see it. Mark is going round his friends house for the week, and Soraya and Safira are going to stay with Amber and her parents" Amber was our cousin. Her mum didn't like me (she blamed me more then I did) but she adored the twins. Is that the reason why they're not looking after us instead of a foster family we've never met? Partly. We stayed there for the first week but Amber's mum kept picking fault with everything I did. So the social said they'd relocate me and my siblings said we had to stay together. But Amber's family was where the twins went when Natalie and Larry went away. I didn't say anything, waiting for her to continue.
"Lance will be here with you" oh god. No. I'd been stuck here with Lance before, but normally there was at least one other person. I didn't want to be stuck alone with him! But I didn't say anything because while Natalie was nice and all, you criticised her son and she got mean. She would refuse to believe any of the stuff he would do to me.
"So, Monday, we're off. Amber is going to pick up your sisters. Mark is driving to his friends and Lance is to pick you up" I tried to suppress a shudder.
"So, see you at tea time Niam" she left my room. I kicked a pillow across the room. I hated Lance.