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Tortured Eyes

Isabella Swan supposedly died 25 years ago, and while her body was never found the funeral confirmed her fathers worst fears. His little girl was gone, forever. But Bella didn't die, no she got a fate much worse then that - she had to live for eternity without that which made her life worth living. - - - Like Choices, this story has been changed a bit. Rereading it will explain most of the changes. - -

Try and enjoy it, dearies. I promise there will be happier chapters.

3. Volvo in the Parking Lot

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As they pulled up to the school Bella couldn’t help but notice the shiny silver Volvo that was parked in the far corner of the parking lot, and she couldn’t ignore the feeling that swam in her stomach. It was something between fear, nervousness, and… guilt? Or love? Had she mixed the two emotions up?

“Bella.” Laura brought her from her silent thoughts and motioned for her to get out of the car. Bella nodded a little and pulled herself up, she was mentally cursing herself now – she felt weak, just the idea of seeing him was sapping her strength. She didn’t feel like a leader anymore, she felt like a teenage girl wondering if the boy who left her was inside the school that her family now pulled her towards.

Sighing internally Bella squared her shoulders and flipped her hair back over her shoulder, doing her best to regain some composer. Laura and David, the only two who seemed to really notice this, exchanged glances with each other before they moved ahead. Dawn walked beside Bella and kept her company until they parted ways for their first classes of the day.

Lunch, for once, could not some quickly enough for Bella. Despite the fact that she did not eat, she was eager to see the new family. Eager, afraid, excited, worried, the emotional rollercoaster she was on was making her almost dizzy, if that were possible for a vampire. The pain, at least, had muted itself, for now.

The pain came back when she entered the lunchroom and after a quick scan of the faces she realized neither his, nor any of the other she searched for, were there. She filled a tray with food she would not eat and followed her family to their table, sitting down she watched the door and waited. They had to come to lunch, didn’t they? Or… had she been wrong, like she hoped? Perhaps it really wasn’t that family. “Bella!” Dawn sounded surprisingly exasperated and Bella looked away from the door towards her family. “Yes?” She asked, realizing she had no idea what they had been discussing for the last five minutes.

Dawn gave her an annoyed look before continuing her subject and Bella did try now to listen, for Dawn’s sake. “Anyway, as I was saying before someone zoned out,” Bella smiled a little, Dawn didn’t care if she zoned out unless it was something Bella needed to give permission for, or something Dawn knew she couldn’t get away with on her own, “I was thinking we could use another car – not something too flashy, you know – but it’s just… you all have cars and I don’t…” She trailed off, putting up a cute pout. “And I really liked that Volvo out in the lot, I’d let you drive it and everything.” She promised, but Bella’s face had hardened. “Not a Volvo.” Bella said and turned away, showing the end of the subject. She was not in the mood to discuss that type of car, in fact she would rather forget any Volvos existed. It was in a Volvo she had spent many of her happiest times with the most important person of her life. It pained her to think of… well; the matter was that she couldn’t look at a Volvo without feeling pain. Having one of those was out of the question.

The table fell into silence, but Bella didn’t care. Dawn would get over this quickly enough and move onto something else, it wasn’t that her youngest sister was shallow – she simply settled on light things. Laura and David were, well, Laura and David. Bella had found them together – and they had been together the entire time she had known them. Their relationship was very subtle, but it was nearly as strong as Bella had once thought her relationship with Ed- no! Damn it! She forced her thoughts to do in another direction and looked towards the door again.

She froze, and forgot to breath – something much less dangerous now that she wasn’t human.

They glided into the room gracefully; the short pixie-like girl shot her a wink before glancing at the figure that followed behind the four. Bella blinked once as she studied the hunched form, and it took her a few extra seconds to recognize the tousled hair and the lean body, it was him. But, he looked so broken and his eyes, his eyes… looking into his eyes Bella saw a mirror of her own pain, her own torture. How could that be? Who had hurt him so badly? This wasn’t right, this wasn’t right.

An involuntary gasp of pain came from Bella’s lips, too low for a human to hear but enough that every vampire in the room looked towards her briefly, and her family moved slightly closer. “Bella, what’s wrong?” Laura whispered into her ear, eyeing the vampires across the room. She hadn’t thought there was anything to fear, although her practical side had known some sort of conversation would need to take place, but while she was considering this her leader had got rigid and then bent over, her arms wrapping around herself unconsciously. Laura’s brows knit together and she sent a helpless look to David, who merely nodded and stood. “I think lunch is over for us.” He murmured to his family, taking charge for once.

Everyone at the table complied, although Bella didn’t seem aware of what was happening, following silently after them as they left the room. With her back turned to the group of vampire across the room, she didn’t notice how Alice moved to block Edward from coming after her, the petite vampire giving him a meaningful look that then went to her entire family. “Later.” She informed them solemnly, and they could do nothing but trust in her, even if it caused them pain to stay from the vampire that looked so very much like her, like Bella, Edward’s Bella.