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Tortured Eyes

Isabella Swan supposedly died 25 years ago, and while her body was never found the funeral confirmed her fathers worst fears. His little girl was gone, forever. But Bella didn't die, no she got a fate much worse then that - she had to live for eternity without that which made her life worth living. - - - Like Choices, this story has been changed a bit. Rereading it will explain most of the changes. - -

Try and enjoy it, dearies. I promise there will be happier chapters.

4. Seeing Bella

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“Alice, how could you not tell me?” Edward’s voice was strained, he was standing across the room from his little sister, who was perched on the couch. “Because, you needed to see for yourself.” She told him calmly, smiling. “If I had told you, you wouldn’t have believed me.” She added at his look.

She’s here, Edward, but she needs time to trust you again. Just give her time.

Alice gave him a hard look after her silent order, “Alright?” She asked aloud, and smiled at his nod. “Wonderful! Now, Carlisle, don’t you think it’s time we went and met the Night’s?” She asked, turning towards her ‘father’. The blonde man ran a hand through his hair, “If you think it’s a good thing to do, Alice…” He trailed off and watched his daughter, who was clapping her hands together happily. “Yes! Now, if we all go we’ll overwhelm the family,” She paused, looking around the room, “Carlisle, Esme, and I will go.” She held up a finger at Edward’s attempt to disagree, “No. Give her time, Edward, like I said.” Her tone was softer now, more cautioning. “Right now she’s torn between leaving and staying, if she sees you the outcome is almost definitely her leaving.” Alice finished by giving him a quick hug and a sad smile, “Be patient.” She murmured to him before she turned and clapped her hands together, again. “Well, let’s go!”

- - - - - -

Bella had retired to her room, where she sat staring at the wall and thinking. After her family got home, they had demanded some sort of explanation. Well, Dawn had demanded, Laura and David had merely watched her, giving her the choice to not tell them if she wished.

But she told them, what else could she really do?

“I met him when I was human.” She had decided to begin there, but had skimmed over most of the events of when she was human, mentioning only Victoria. “She was the one to change me, although I came across her later and…” Bella had merely shrugged here, choosing not to explain that part – but the gist of it was understood nonetheless.

“I can’t believe he left you, Bella.” Dawn was outright with her rage, rubbing her hands together as if to get rid of some of the anger that way. Laura had simply hugged Bella, pulling her against her tightly as a way of comfort. David had been silent the entire time, his eyes the only betrayal to his emotions. He was angry, but some other emotion lurked just beneath the surface.

It was some time before Laura asked if Bella wanted to move, she explained that no one would mind, that they understood why, but Bella had shook her head. “I’m not letting him run me off.” She had been firm on that, she was mostly angry with herself – angry because she had never gotten over him, but also angry because she had even considered leaving this town because of him.

Running her fingers through her hair Bella sighed, she wished for the hundredth time she could sleep. She had so much room in her mind; it left too much space to consider everything.

She heard the car long before it reached her house, and when it pulled into the driveway she sat up, curious. Why was a car coming here? Unless… She shook her head roughly, no, he wouldn’t. Would he? But that wouldn’t- “Bella, we have visitors.” Laura’s voice wasn’t raised above its usual level, but Bella heard it even from her room. She stood quickly and straightened her clothes before she left her room and walked down the stairs.

Bella paused halfway down, looking over the vampires that stood in her living room.

They were easy to recognize, but still felt almost like figures from a dream, Alice stood in front of everyone – beaming with a knowing look in her eyes, while Carlisle and Esme stood slightly behind their energetic daughter. It felt strange to see them again, standing in her living room of all places. “Alice, Carlisle, Esme.” Bella nodded her head in greeting as she descended the last of the stairs and came to stand beside her family.

As soon as she stopped beside them, her family circled her like a barrier, studying the other vampires carefully. Bella made no comment on this, but it wasn’t lost on the Cullen’s. “We came to say Hello.” Carlisle explained and gave them all a comforting smile, “and to see if…” He trailed off, unsure of how to phrase his question.

“To see if we were a threat?” Bella spoke with more emotion then she had intended, but she slipped form her family’s ranks quickly. She had every intention of showing the Cullen’s that she was stronger then she used to be.

Carlisle smile was a little more uncomfortable, “You know we would never think that, Bella.” He spoke softly, unsure how to communicate with the woman he still considered his daughter. He was surprised when Bella smiled back easily, although he saw in her eyes that it was forced. “It’s the easiest way to phrase it, Carlisle. Now, my family does not feed from humans – as you can see by our eyes. We’ll stay out of your way. We just want to live in peace.” She kept it short, crossing her arms as she waited for them to say something.

It was Alice who finally broke the silence; she rolled her eyes and then threw her arms around Bella in a tight embrace. “Bella!” She pulled back to grin at her stunned friend, “I’ve missed you so much.” She added, ignoring the way the Night’s moved around them as if waiting for some sign to attack. Bella waved her hand at them before hugging Alice back, the gesture had surprised her – but she welcomed it. She had missed her once sister. “Alice, it’s good to see you.” She admitted finally, smiling weakly at her. “Same to you!” Alice grinned before she pulled Bella down onto the couch and started catching up.

Laura strolled over and introduced herself to Esme, and after a look David did the same to Carlisle. Dawn grinned happily before she snuck upstairs. It was nice, her family was really happy for once – or, at least Bella was. Which meant the rest of the family was happier, naturally. Maybe this new family wasn’t so bad, if it meant she could see Bella smile more.

But then Dawn remembered what Bella had said about one member of the family and she couldn’t help but growl, as long as they kept her away from some people, this family might be a good thing.

Dawn stared into her mirror, wondering what the next few weeks would hold for the Night’s, and now the Cullen’s.