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For the Love of Renesmee

Teenage Nessie Bella and Edward return to Isle Esme for their second honeymoon, leaving Renesmee back in Forks all alone with Jacob. Bella wants to tell Charlie and Renee what she, the Cullens, and Renesmee are, but Edward is dead set against it. Will Bella go against Edward's wishes about keeping quiet at the cost of changing her parents? And can Edward control himself around Jacob? Slightly OOC. Not much though. Slightly AU. Some Lemons. A little graphic in later chapters. I made the banner. So, I've been thinking about writing a series out of this story, so I need your opinion. Tell me in a review if you think that I should continue with it or not.


16. D-Day

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Renesmee's POV

My cell phone started ringing so I hadned it to my mom to answer it.

"What, Alice?" my mom said as soon as she hit the talk button.

"Put this phone on speaker," I heard Alice say from the other end. "RENESMEE!" she yelled, making sure I could hear her after my mother turned on the speaker.

"Yes, Alice?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"I know what you're wearing tomorrow," her sing - song voice echoed from the other end.

"What, Alice?"

"A hospital gown. And a sweaty face!"

Everyone in the car started laughing. I couldn't decide who was laughing more, my dad or Carlisle. But their laughter was extremely contagious. I started laughing really hard and eventually I couldn't stop.

"Alice! Don't - make - me - laugh!" I gasped out. "These - babies - are - gonna - come - shooting - out - of - me!"

By that time we were pulling up to the emergency room entrance. Carlisle got out of the car quickly and rushed inside. He came running back out with a wheel chair for me. He threw open the back door so that both doors were open. My dad got in the pack and picked me up half way while Carlisle reached in to grab my legs and lift me up and out of the car. They sat me down in the wheel chair as another stabbing pain coursed through my body.

"Ahh!" I screamed. But this only make Carlisle move faster. He pushed me at a human's sprint through the sliding glass automatic doors.

"Kim," he said to the receptionist, "can you page Sally for me?"

"Certainly, Dr. Cullen," she replied, picking up the phone on the desk.

"I'll be in Delivery Room 1," he said to Kim. He rushed by the receptionist desk and pushed me into the delivery room. My mom, dad, and Jake followed suit, closing the door behind them. Sally, the nurse, was already in the room.

"Alright," Carlisle said, spinning around to face my parents, "Bella, you stay here and help - Edward, please go and fill out Nessie's paper work - Jake, hold Nessie's hand. God only knows she'll need it."

After Jake helped Carlisle get me on the bed, he held tightly onto my hand. My dad left the room while my mom helped me put on a hospital gown.

"Rose, Alice," Carlisle said quitely. Rosealie and Alice entered the room; they must have been waiting outside the door. Nurse Sally looked as if she were about to protest, but a knowing look from Carlisle kept her quiet. "Sally, I don't think I'll be needeing you, after all." Carlisle said to her, gesturing to Alice and Rosalie, showing her that he was perfectly capable of doing this with out her help.

Sally looked from me to Carlisle and back again.

"Have fun," she said sarcastically to us, looking thoroughly pissed.

"HURRY UP, CARLISLE!" I screamed at him after another pain shot through me. These things were getting closer together, and Carlisle knew it. Alice came over and geld my other hand, but Rosalie just stayed by the door.

But when Carlisle 'hurried up', I didn't want to do this. I mea, I didn't want my grandfather to be down there... it was just embarrassing!

"Nessie, please!" Carlisle said, once he sat down at the foot of the bed and saw that my legs were clamped together tightly. "You're just making this more difficult than it has to be."

"You have no idea how embarrassing this is!" I said to him.

"It's okay, Nessie. I do this all the time. Dow you want Alice to help me?"

"Please?" I asked, looking up into Alice's butterscotch eyes.

"Of course," Alcie said to me. Alice motioned for Rosealie to take her place, but Rose looked unsure.

Rose gave in quickly upon seeing the warning look upon Carlisle's face. Alice's cold hand barely left my warm, sweaty one when Rose's chilly hand replaced Alice's hand.

"Alright," Carlisle said through the silence. "Nessie, You're going to have to let me check and see if you're dialated all the way."

I slowly opened my legs and Carlisle set to work. Just after he started checking, one pain after another coused through my body from my lower abdomen.

"AHHH!!!" I screamed, trying to sit up. Jake put a comforting hand on my shoulder. But I knew he was trying to hold me down. "Please make it stop! Please!"

"It'll be over in a bit," Carlisle reassured me. "It's time!

"Alright, Nessie. When I tell you to push, I want you to push as hard as you can, alright?"

I just nodded. I couldn't speak. I knew that if I tried I would just wind up screaming.

"Okay, Nessie - PUSH!"

I pushed. I pushed as hard as I could, screaming out loud, my nails digging into Jake's and Rose's hands.

I stopped pushing, my breath ragged, my face sweaty. Who knew child birth could be such a workout?

"Push again!" Carlisle said loudly.

I took in a deep breath and pushed again, this time feeling something shoot out of me.

Carlisle took a big pair of a scissor - like instrument and handed it to Jake. Jake's hand left mine as he took the scissors in his hand and cut the umbillical cord of the crying baby.

"One down, one to go," I said with a smile.

"One more big push, Nessie," Alice said to me.

I gave my biggest push yet and heard the cry of another baby. Then I passed out, a smile upon my sweaty face.