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For the Love of Renesmee

Teenage Nessie Bella and Edward return to Isle Esme for their second honeymoon, leaving Renesmee back in Forks all alone with Jacob. Bella wants to tell Charlie and Renee what she, the Cullens, and Renesmee are, but Edward is dead set against it. Will Bella go against Edward's wishes about keeping quiet at the cost of changing her parents? And can Edward control himself around Jacob? Slightly OOC. Not much though. Slightly AU. Some Lemons. A little graphic in later chapters. I made the banner. So, I've been thinking about writing a series out of this story, so I need your opinion. Tell me in a review if you think that I should continue with it or not.


9. Secrets

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Bella's POV

"Oh, my God, Edward!" I practically screamed. The birds in the surrounding trees flew away in fright. "What were they doing there?!?"

"You do not think that they came there to-"

"Please don't even finish that sentence! I don't even want the mental pictures that are flooding into my mind right now. Our little Nessie can NOT be having sex at the age of five!"

"Now, Bella," Edward said to me, trying to make me understand. "She's not really five. Now I know that you like to think that she still is, but just look at her! Does she look five to you? I didn't think so. She's grown up in the last few months, and her and Jake have been together ever since she was born. They love each other. We didn't wait that long. I don't think that we could wait that long."

I stormed away from him. I should have let him go home in my clothes. Let Emmett see him in that! The questions would never end. Public humiliation is exactly what he needed.

We had reached the road at that point, so I pulled out my cell phone. Three bars. Perfect. I let my fingers make the familiar prance across the keys. My mom picked up after the second ring.

"Hello?" she asked, completely out of breath.

"Hey, mom. Why are you breathing hard?"

"Um... Don't worry about that. Phil, stop it!" She whispered these last words. "Phil, seriously! Later, okay! I promise!"

Was it not enough that I thought my daughter was having sex, but that I just might have interrupted my mom and Phil? Could this day get any worse?

"Anyway, Mom. I just thought that it was time that you came to see Renesmee. She's gotten big. You would absolutely adore her now. Do you think that you can come in this weekend? There are some things that Edward and I need to discuss with you."

"Of course, honey. I can make it. I'll be up that way anyway because Phil has a game in Seattle. Is your dad going to be there?" She asked in an undertone.

"Yes, Mom. What Edward and I have to discuss with you only involves you and Dad. Phil can come, but he can't be there when we talk. It's strictly between us, and I don't want more people knowing than necessary."

"Okay, honey. I'll see you this weekend. I love you!"

"Love you, too, Mom."

Click. The line was disconnected. I put the phone back into my pocket and began chasing after Edward who ran past me. In five minutes we were at our little cottage.

"Oh, my God! That feels so damn good!"

Needless to say, we were at it again. We couldn't control ourselves. I swear its an addiction. I think I need help!

Edward was on top of me, and he showed no signs of stopping. I hoped he didn't! He was thrusting into me with such a force that I thought he was going to break the bed again. I didn't want a repeat of what happened on our second honeymoon.

"Edward," I whispered. "I think we need to take it a little easier. I don't want Nessie walking in here and seeing a mess like the one on Isle Esme. That one was just taking it a step too far."

"But I don't want to," he whispered in my ear. He began trailing kisses down my jaw, my neck, my chest. My breathing became ragged and uneven.

"Then do it like you mean it!" I screamed. He thrust harder still. Once he came, he pulled out. He then proceeded to my open mouth and started all over again.

"I'm next!" I said. He put his head between my legs and began licking all around but where I wanted him.

"Please stop torturing me!" I looked at him in the eyes, and he gave me his crooked smile. He plunged his tounge into me and I screamed. It felt so good.

"Mom!" I screamed, running towards her in the airport. It's been so long since I have seen her its ridiculous. I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek. I missed her so much.

"Where's Nessie?" she asked me.

"At home. Mom, I don't think that you're quite ready to see her yet. There are somethings that I need to tell you, but not here. I don't want anyone over hearing us. It would ruin a lot of things for a lot of people in the world."

"That big, huh?" She asked me. I hooked arms with her and took her out to the car. I called Dad on the way and told him to meet me at our house. But when I said our house, I meant Edward's.

I turned onto the muddy lane and wound my way through the thick underbrush. The big house loomed in the distance, and when I put the car in park, my dad opened my door for me.

"Hey, Dad!" I hugged him shortly. I drug both of them inside and sat them down on the couch. Edward was leaned against the mantel, waiting for us. When they were all settled in, Edward began speaking.

"Charlie, Renee, there are some things that we need to discuss with you about your granddaughter. There are certain reasons about why we couldn't let you see her, and believe me, you'll have to see it to believe it. Renesmee?"

Renesmee walked into the room from the hall way. Charlie almost passed out and Renee just stared.

"Hi, guys."

"As you can see, she's not human. She's a vampire."