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My angel's song

Passing through Phoenix, Carlisle has troubles with his car and the whole family is stucked there for a night. Wandering on his own, Edward meets eight-year-old Bella Swan.

I dreamt this like a week ago and couldn't get it off my head. lol. None of this characters belong to me, they belong to SM, and I'm not making money out of this... If I was, I'd be on a sunny beach, drinking orange juice.

1. Chapter 1

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We were just passing trough the city. Phoenix would not be a good hiding place, the sun shone here every day. Carlisle’s car had broken, something about the carburetor, and Rosalie was taking a look at it. To pass time I decided to roam around the dark streets.

It was close to midnight, and everyone was asleep. In one or two windows I could see light, but the curtains were closed. It made me feel alone, like I wasn’t supposed to be here, like I had no place I belonged too. True, I had a family, but I had no soul mate, like Carlisle, Rosalie and Alice did. My father had Esme, Rosalie had just found Emmett and Alice had paired up with Jasper before meeting us. I was alone.

I was thinking these things when I heard a giggle coming from a close park. From the children’s sector to be more precise. The scent that hit me was mouthwatering, but knowing the little child was an innocent, I stopped breathing, trying to find the child’s thoughts in my head. Hearing someone’s thoughts when I felt like draining them always grounded me, knowing they had a family to go back to, a job, dreams and a life… I made myself think those things so I wouldn’t lash out at them.

I couldn’t find them. I could smell the kid and hear it laughing, but there were no thoughts accompanying the human. Straining my gift further away I heard a man thinking about dinner and a woman thinking about a green dress she had just bought… but nothing from the child. I grew curious.

Knowing it was a mistake, I got closer, wanting to take a look at the child. It was a little girl, perhaps eight years old, with wavy, dark brown hair, pale skin and chocolate eyes. She was wearing a bathrobe over her pink pajamas and she was swinging high… almost too high.

Looking into her face, I felt the need to protect this innocent child. To guard her from the world, from the pain this life would bring her; and then laughed at the irony. Wasn’t I the most dangerous thing to her now that I wanted her blood so much? I didn’t dare to take a breath, knowing that the closer I got the more I would want to kill her. At least, I told myself, I wanted to get her home, her parents would be worried not knowing where she was… and she was doing something reckless by being alone it the park at this late hour.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice the girl jumping from the swing when it was at the highest point in the arc. I only noticed it when I heard the hard thump of her body hitting the ground and her cry of pain. She started to sob immediately, holding onto her leg.

“Mommy,” she kept calling, but not loud enough to be heard from any of the nearest houses. Still not taking a breath, I ran to her side. She didn’t see me run, which was good, but she was startled the moment I helped her sit up, probably reacting to my cold touch.

“Are you okay?” I asked, using almost my entire reserve of oxygen. If I wanted to talk, I would have to breathe soon.

“No, my leg hurts,” she complained, pouting. “Who are you?” she asked. Before answering, I took a look at her leg. The bone was not completely broken but it definitely had a fissure, judging by the way her leg was rapidly swelling.

“Where’s your house?” I asked and that was it for my air. I decided not to talk to her any more if it was not necessary.

“831, Cactus,” she told me, pointing her small hand towards the general direction of the house. It was only three blocks from here.

Carefully, I picked her up, trying my best not to jostle her and avoiding direct skin contact. I didn’t want to scare her. She was quiet all the way, but a few tears escaped her eyes. Once I reached the door to her house, I sat her on the door, ringing the bell twice before disappearing. I heard her gasp and then the rushed footsteps of a woman running towards the door.

When she opened the door I immediately knew she was the mother, they were identical. The woman was still in her blue silk pajamas and the worry was evident in her face. At least I knew my angel was in good care… my angel? I had to stop thinking that way, she was just a kid for crying out loud!

“Isabella!” I heard the mother say as she rushed to pick the child up from the ground. She cringed, but made no comment, hugging her mother back. “What happened to you, Bella? I was so worried!”

“I fell from the swing, mom,” she said. “My leg hurts,” she then complained, pointing to her right leg. The woman carried her inside, closing the door and I heard her calling an ambulance. Human females were overprotective of their children.

“How did you get here?” I heard her question her daughter after talking to the receptionist at the hospital.

“A man carried me home. He just appeared there after I fell and disappeared after ringing the bell,” Isabella explained, wonder coating her words.

“A man? Who was he?” her mother asked, even more worried.

“I don’t know…”

“Well, I’m calling the police first thing in the morning… he could be a stalker, or a freak or God knows what…”

“Mom? It’s okay. Can I have a glass of water before the doctors get here?” I heard the girl said, probably trying to calm her mother down.

I smiled and ran back to my family, knowing I had to stay away from the girl, but also knowing that I couldn’t. She was so brave and smart and I wanted to know why her thoughts were impossible for me to read. Thinking about that, I noticed I had not heard the mother’s thoughts either. I had picked up the general lines of her emotions but I had not heard a clear voice… No wanting to dwell on that anymore tonight, I allowed the darkness to take me as I ran, all the way thinking about my angel and praying to a God I knew didn’t love me to take care of her, to keep her safe from the world… and specially my world. The following day, after getting home, I sat at the piano to play a new song, her song, my angel’s song.