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Forgotten Memory

When Edward loses all memories of Bella, the two of them must work to regain their relationship, his memories, and figure out the mystery of how it all happened.


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Edward,” he very nearly snarled. “What are you doing on LaPush property? This had better be good…”

Edward glared at the werewolves, who all had shivers running down their arms at an alarming pace. Especially Jared. He looked like he was going to “phase”, as Jacob had previously called it, any second.

“We just need to get through,” Edward said, speaking through his teeth.

Embry laughed. “You think we are going to just let you through here? You’re not allowed on our property, leech. You know that.”

Edward glanced at me and back to the werewolves. I slid silently down his back, and he took a protective stance in front of me. I noticed Jacob tense in reaction, clenching his teeth.

“What?” Embry asked. “Got nothing to say to that? It’s not like you can forget or anything. I know how your memory works, leech.” If only you knew, I thought silently. That’s exactly what happened.

I tried to move forwards, past Edward, to explain, but Edward held out his arm, shaking his head.

“Move, Edward,” I said firmly, pushing on his arm. Confused, he looked at me. I stared back determinedly and nodded. Reluctantly, he dropped his arm. I walked over to the group of werewolves who now were looking very confused. I walked right up to Jacob, who smiled briefly at me in greeting.

“That’s exactly what happened,” I said. Confusion flashed across Jacob’s face.

“Nonsense,” Sam said, shaking his head. “I know how vampire memory works. They remember every little detail about every little thing. Don’t tell me he forgot anything. I know it’s not true.”

“Really,” I insisted. “He doesn’t remember. He doesn’t remember anything.

“He remembers you,” Jacob said accusingly.

“No,” I said softly. “He doesn’t. He doesn’t remember me at all. I made him meet with me so that I could try to help him remember. We’re on our way to the airport now, to meet with Alice. She’s going to try to help me get him to remember.” My voice was low as I spoke.

“How can a vampire forget?” Jared asked, still eager for a fight. He was simply glaring at Edward, who was glaring right back at him.

“I don’t know,” I said, exasperated. “That’s another thing we’re trying to figure out. We think it has something to do with the Volturi,” Jacob’s eyes narrowed as I spoke their name, “but we’re not really sure…” I trailed off, looking away from them, back towards Edward, who was looking at me with an unsure expression.

Nobody said anything. I was suddenly nervous. Would they believe us? Would they let us through, let us get to the airport, or would they think we were lying and attack? If they were able to take down Laurent so easily… I shuddered at the thought of them fighting Edward.

“I believe her,” Jacob said quietly. Everyone turned to look at him.

“You can’t be serious!” Jared exclaimed.

“Are you crazy?” Embry asked. “They’re lying.”

“We’re not lying!” I insisted.

“Prove it,” Embry said, turning to me.

“Leave her be,” Jacob warned.

Embry held up one hand. “Prove it to me, Bella. Prove he forgot.”

“Fine,” I said. “Ask him anything. Your names even. He doesn’t remember anything.”

They all stilled for a few minutes, thinking. Edward still watched me, unsure. After a minute, Sam opened his eyes, turning to Edward. Edward looked back at him, and I couldn’t understand his expression.

“The answer to this question is so absurdly obvious, but it would prove what Bella is saying,” Sam said. “What is the name of the vampire who both your coven and our pack are searching for?”

Victoria, I instantly realized. He was right, it was easy. But I grinned. This was perfect. There was no chance he knew the answer.

Edward’s expression was blank, and Jacob frowned as I slowly walked back to him. Edward looked down at me briefly before looking back at Sam.

“I honestly have no idea,” Edward said calmly. Jared growled.

“How do we know he’s not still lying?” he asked. I groaned.

“Jared, we’re not lying. Do you honestly think I would lie about this? I mean, when have I ever wanted any of you to fight anyone? Let alone each other…” I glared at him, and he seemed surprised as he thought about this, realizing, I hoped, that we weren’t lying. He sighed in resignation.

“You have five minutes to be out of our property,” Sam said sternly. Edward nodded, pulling me up onto his back.

“Thank you,” I said, looking specifically at Jacob.

“Bye, Bells,” he whispered.

“Bye Jake,” I whispered back, just as Edward began running again.

“That was… interesting,” Edward said once we had been running for three minutes.

“I told you they wouldn’t react well… The airport is right over there.”

He slowed to a walk, sliding me off of his back as we approached the airport. As soon as we got into the terminal, I saw Alice. I grinned, and she smiled back happily.

“Your flight got in early?” I asked. She nodded.

“So,” she said, “shall we go to our house then to talk?” She was looking at Edward, and he shrugged.

“As long as you show me the way,” he agreed. Alice frowned.

“No, Alice. I honestly don’t remember anything. I’m tired of people asking me that,” he said impatiently.

They started arguing then, faster than I could detect. “Guys?” I tried. No luck. I looked at my watch.

One minute now to get out.


No one was paying attention.

“Alice!” I screamed. Alice, Edward, and quite a few people in the terminal, all stared to look at me.

Thank you,” I said in exasperation. “We have to be off the LaPush property by the end of this minute.”


“The dogs didn’t react well to our being on their property,” Edward explained. “They gave us five minutes.”

“Why are we still standing still then?” she asked, already running towards the exit at a speed that could barely pass as human. Edward scooped me up into his arms and ran after her. Once they were out of the airport, they began to run at full speed towards the boundaries. I wasn’t sure if we made it out in time, but none of the pack came up to us. I sighed in relief.

Edward slowed when we reached his house, before setting me down on the ground.

He surprised me by laughing when he saw the graceful white house.

“It looks so much like the house in Denali,” he said. “Is it the same design?”

“Yes,” Alice answered. “Esme loved their house, so she borrowed a copy of their design plan and built this house loosely off of that.”

“Let’s go inside.” He was gone before I realized that he had moved, leaving me alone with Alice.

“He really doesn’t remember,” Alice said, taking her time in approaching her home.

“No, he doesn’t,” I sighed sadly. “Hopefully, though, seeing his house will jog his memory.”

“Hopefully,” she agreed. Then she frowned. “But what I’m trying to figure out is, what on Earth could have completely decimated a vampire’s memory like this? I thought it might be the Volturi at first, but I don’t think anyone in their ranks can do that. Of course this is only my assumption; we would have to ask Carlisle to even be slightly sure.”

“Only slightly?” I echoed, confused.

“Carlisle hasn’t lived with the Volturi for more than a hundred years, Bella,” Alice reminded me. “Who’s to say that they haven’t welcomed more members, or turned any of their human accomplices?”

Alice sighed then. “But now, we should probably see if he remembers any of this.”

I nodded, and then followed her inside.

Edward was a blur, running up and down the stairs. He didn’t stop for a moment, only ran from one room to the next, taking everything in at once. Finally, he reached his room, and stopped completely.

Alice ran me up so that we were only a few feet away from him. His expression was sad, and I thought that I could see a hint of worry.

“Edward?” I said quietly. He turned towards us, but looked at Alice instead of me.

“This room was mine?” he questioned. She nodded. His frown deepened.

“It smells like her,” he said inclining his head towards me for a moment.

“You two were together for a long time,” Alice said. Her hand was rested on my shoulder. I looked up at her, but she was watching her brother. The concern was obvious.

“I’ve tried and tried,” Edward said, very slowly. His words seemed to be paining him. I yearned to comfort him, but stopped myself. He didn’t remember me, so it would be as if a stranger came up and tried to comfort him. “I’ve racked every inch of my memory, and yet I can’t remember a single thing about this place. Everyone knows me, even the werewolves know more about me than I do. How is it that I can have simply forgotten? It shouldn’t be possible, and yet,” he paused, staring without seeing into his room. “And yet… I’m proof of such an occurrence. Alice, you remember. Bella, so do you. Every creature but me remembers. Why?” He broke off then, and Alice’s grip tightened on my shoulder, so much that it became uncomfortable.

I started when Edward’s head suddenly snapped up, focusing on Alice. I tried to turn towards her, to see what was wrong, but her grip on my shoulder was not letting me move. I winced as her grip tightened again. Whatever she was seeing, it was not good.

Edward walked swiftly over to me, effortlessly releasing Alice’s hold on my shoulder. He brought me closer to him, and I could smell the sweet scent coming off his skin. He didn’t release his hold on me, though, when I chanced a glance at him, he was only looking at Alice.


It wasn’t Edward who spoke. I looked over at his sister, and she was out of her vision. Her expression was calm on the surface, but her eyes held traces of panic.

“What’s wrong, Alice?” I asked. Edward tensed in response to her thoughts.

“The Volturi. They’re coming. Tonight.”