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Forgotten Memory

When Edward loses all memories of Bella, the two of them must work to regain their relationship, his memories, and figure out the mystery of how it all happened.


5. Chapter 5

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“I’m sorry, Bella,” Alice apologized. “The Volturi have been very clever in their thinking. They didn’t consciously decide anything until they were on their way here. I never thought about what to do if they figured out the flaw in my visions…”

“What do we do?” I asked. I looked at Edward. He wouldn’t turn me; he didn’t even remember me. So, my only hope was Alice.

“You have to do it, Edward,” Alice said, surprising the both of us.

“What?” Edward said. I was staring at Alice in disbelief as well.

“You told Aro that you would turn her. Specifically you.”

“Do you think they’ll be able to tell the difference? Venom is venom,” Edward countered. I suddenly felt as if they were playing Hot Potato, neither of them wanting to be the one to end up with the potato, aka me.

“And don’t you think that Aro would check in our minds to make sure that it was you who turned her?”

“Why would he?”
“Because Aro is meticulous, and, even if he forgets, Jane or Felix, who are more than looking forwards to a fight, will remind him.” Alice smiled grimly, but somehow still triumphantly. “It has to be you.”

Edward sighed, turning to me.

“I could kill her,” he whispered, still talking to Alice.

“You promised Aro,” Alice said softly.

“I trust you,” I said, speaking up. Edward’s eyes focused on me. “I trust you,” I said again. “You won’t kill me.”

His expression was still hesitant.

“It has to be now, Edward,” Alice said softly. I saw a flash of pain across Edward’s face, before he sighed.

“Alright,” he agreed sadly. I battled with myself. Part of me, the irrational side, felt rejected, and wanted to run and cry. The larger, more rational side of me said that it was simply his morals getting in his way. I mean, I would feel unsure, were it me, to have to choose to turn a ‘stranger’, or let them die…

“Come on, Bella,” Alice said, leading me up to Edward’s bedroom. She sat me on Edward’s couch.

“I know this is hard,” Alice said. I looked down at the carpet. “I’ll try to jog his memory while you’re … changing… I promise, we will figure this out. We’ll get his memory back. Alright?”

I nodded once, not trusting my voice not to break.

Edward came into the room, then, sitting beside me on the bed. He turned to me, his eyes sad.

“I’ve never turned anybody before,” he said. Something I already knew.

“I trust you,” I repeated. He nodded slowly, before taking my hand, and pressing it to his lips. I could see the indecision in his eyes, even as he pulled back his lips to expose venom-coated teeth. Even as he bit me. Especially as he bit me.

And then, I was not aware of anything but the fire that was burning me.

A/N: Now, I’m not going to go through the whole three days. In fact, I’m going to skip them. You all know how it goes; you’ve probably read about it a hundred times by now. So, to save you from dull repetitiveness, I’m skipping the three days completely…

The fire stopped, and I opened my eyes, searching for Edward’s face. I didn’t see anybody, only walls.

Not the same walls that I had seen when Edward had bitten me.

Where… where was I?