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Forgotten Memory

When Edward loses all memories of Bella, the two of them must work to regain their relationship, his memories, and figure out the mystery of how it all happened.


6. Chapter 6

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Where was I? I looked around me, taking in my surroundings. Golden walls, matching rugs and curtains; the style was uncannily similar to that of Edward's room. There was just one subtle difference. There was nothing in this room except a couch, a topaz, leather couch, on which I sat.

Where was everybody else? Where was Alice, where was Edward?

"Alice?" I called silently, too distracted to care much about the different tone that was my voice. "Edward?"

"They're out," a familiar voice said. I froze. When did they get here?

"Emmett?" I said in disbelief.

"In the flesh," Emmett said, opening the midnight black door. I expected to see the grin that normally occupied his expression, but was surprised to see that his expression was sad.

"What's wrong, Emmett?" I asked, moving forward faster than I was used to. "Where are Edward and Alice? What happened with the Volturi? Where are we?" The questions all came out in one big rush, and Emmett actually cracked a smile.

"Edward and Alice are talking in private. I'm not sure where. Alice is trying to get Edward's memory back, or at least to show him what he should remember. The Volturi were never a problem, once you were turned. They came when you were Changing, and simply left, asking that, once, or if, you discover an ability, that you visit them. Alice called us a few hours before Aro got here, so she was able to fill us in. And right now? We're in one of our older houses. One in California, in fact."

"California?" I echoed in disbelief. "How? Wasn't it too sunny?

"Not in this town," Emmett said. "Welcome to Los Altos, one of the sun-less towns in California." He waved his arms as if this were the most exciting thing in the world."

I was about to ask another question, when a burning sensation in the back of my throat cut off my voice. Emmett chuckled.

"Right," he muttered. "Thirsty. Here we are." He picked a cup up from a dresser, and held it out to me. The smell was off, not as enticing as I thought it would smell.I realized something then, that surprised me.

"I don't want it."


"It doesn't smell good. I don't want it." I felt like a child, but it didn't smell at all like something I wanted to drink. In fact... "I want real food," I added.

Surprise colored his tone. "Well that's different." He disappeared for a moment, before returning with an apple. "Does this seem more appetizing?"

"Yes." I took it from him, and took a large bite. Emmett grimaced at the thought of the taste, but I thought it was fine, just like a normal apple.

"You have an interesting gift," Emmett said. "It should form quite an advantage. We'll still have to see about human blood, but animal blood seems to repulse you, rather than attract you..."

I realized something then.

"Why are we in California, Emmett?"

He sighed. "We broke the treaty, Bella. The dogs would have attacked us, if Carlisle hadn't reasoned with them..."


"The made a compromise. Since Edward had not choice in the matter of whether to turn you; believe me, no one wants you dead; Sam excused it. But just that one time. Plus, we had to leave, and never come back. We gladly agreed. Anything to avoid more fighting..."

"So it's my fault we had to leave." My voice was sad.

"Do you always have to see the negative side of things, Bella?" Emmett asked in exasperation. "You should be focusing on the good. One: you are a vampire. Two: We avoided a fight. And, most importantly, three: if things go as planned, Edward should remember you when he comes back."

I considered this, before grinning. "I guess I can focus on the good."

Emmett rolled his eyes. "Good. I don't need you all emo on me, Bella."

I jumped up. "So," I said, my voice offhand. "How long ago did you live in this house?"

"I never lived here," Emmett admitted. "Carlisle lived here a little bit before he moved to Chicago. He never sold the place; it's a good house, a good 'backup', and, as you can see, it's a very good thing he kept it. Otherwise, we wouldn't have a house."

It was my turn to roll my eyes. "Like you wouldn't have just bought another house?"

"And spend all that extra money?"

"Emmett," I laughed. "Spending more money than necessary is in your 'genes'. All of you do it. Not as bad as Alice, but still..."

"You know," Emmett said, changing the subject. "We have nothing to do now....So....want to wrestle?"

Was he serious? Of course he was thinking of challenging again...


I won. Five times.

"I hate you," Emmett growled playfully, after losing five times in a row. He was pouting in a corner. "Stupid new vampires, being unnaturally strong... That has GOT to be cheating or something..."

I laughed, "Oh, please, Emmett. You challenged me, remember? Just deal with it; You're weak compared to me."

He pouted again. I grinned.

"Now," I said, standing up from the ground. "Are you going to show me around the house or what?"