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I am Reneesmee

Tara is pale athletic and beautiful. But when injction marks start to show up on her arms as well as recieving an unexpected visitor in her bedroom will she discover she is not really who she thought she was?

I hope you like it don't worry it will get more interesting.

1. Injections

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“Campbell! What the hell are you doing?” screeched my obnoxious gym teacher Schloder.

“Sitting,” I replied nonchalantly, “and you?”

“Sitting there is no sitting in gym class! Get your lazy butt off the bench and run laps like the rest of your classmates!” yelled Schloder so loud I think a vein just popped in her neck.

“ If I must.” I replied with a sigh. I pretended to be admiring my new electric blue nail polish.

“Yes you must. Now Go Go.” She retaliated violently pointing her finger toward the track. I stood up without much speed and started jogging as slow as possible. Soon enough I was right beside my best friend Shannon. She was the most athletically challenged person I’d ever met. The class had only done about three laps and she looked like she would fall over if a fly landed on her shoulder.

“You shouldn’t keep doing that to the teacher one day your really going to get it,” said Shannon huffing and puffing from using almost all her air to talk, “besides you’re the best athlete in the class you don’t even need to blow off gym for fear of dying.” Several breathless coughs and the beginning of a hyperventilating session followed this remark.

I patted her back several times until her normal wheezing breathing pattern returned.

“All right class I’m very impressed with your efforts today head to the locker rooms.” Yelled our chubby kind male gym teacher. Where was he when I was getting yelled at?

I glanced at Shannon by my side. I pleaded to her with my eyes. With a staggering sigh she nodded. A broad smile escaped my motionless face as I broke into a run. My feet hardly touching the ground. I could almost feel daggers at the back of my head as jealous athletes lost ground to me. It only made me push harder. I didn’t break stride once until I finally reached the girls locker room.

It was empty.

I had already dressed and was brushing my dark hair when the other girls finally arrived. But one pair of eyes were set on mine.

Marissa Randaal’s. I gave her a quick run over with my eyes. Her curly blonde hair was pulled back into a crude ponytail. And even though she was the most athletic girl in class, beside me, her tanned skin was covered in a sheen of sweat and her uniform a little rumpled. She approached me with graceful long legged strides. A deep scowl came over on her thin face.

“ I don’t know how you do it Tara but I know you cheat somehow!” suddenly she grasped my arm her skin looking even darker against my pale white complexion. “What are you on steroids our something?” She said pointing to several black dots on the inside of my forearm. My brow knitted in confusion.

“Don’t even try to deny it I know injection marks when I see them.” She smirked.

“You would seeing how the doctors had to inject you so many times during your last breast enhancement.” I smiled up at her furious face devilishly. Unable to respond she stomped away with a lot less dignity then before.

I looked down at my forearm again examining the black dots questioningly. Hesitantly I touched one. Searing pain shot through my arm. Injections? What the hell was going on?