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I am Reneesmee

Tara is pale athletic and beautiful. But when injction marks start to show up on her arms as well as recieving an unexpected visitor in her bedroom will she discover she is not really who she thought she was?

I hope you like it don't worry it will get more interesting.

2. Chapter 2

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I was walking down toward the cafeteria as I quickly glanced at my arm again. Damn it, those marks were still there!! I had been worrying over them ever since Marissa pointed them out. The marks were as small as the head of a needle and did look like injection marks. I couldn’t blame Marissa for assuming the, worst well yes I could. The fact that teachers are already suspicious about my flawless record and undeniable athletic ability. That along with the fact that I’ve had perfect grades since second grade. No matter how many oral reports I gave none of my teachers ever thought my thoughts to be mine. So if these were injections I can’t go to the nurse. That old biddy will tell all my teachers I ‘m cheating and on some kind of drug.

“Hey Tara!” came a shout from behind me. I turned around to find Kyle Miller running down the hall waving at me. He taken an interest in me this year. An interest I would gladly shake off. But Kyle wasn’t like Marissa. He was more…how do I put this nicely? Oh yes completely and utterly resilient. A never ending flood of… well there isn’t exactly a worse that insult I can say to him other than… well his name.

“Leave me alone Kyle! I’m not in the mood to put up with your crap!” I yelled back at him as I self consciously picked up my pace. But being the Kyle I know and hate he sped up and put his arm around my waist.

“ From what I remember baby your always in the mood,” he whispered lustily in my ear. I tried pushing his lanky form off of me but found myself suddenly weak. Like I had been drugged. My thoughts suddenly went to the marks on my arms. Had I been drugged? If so by who? Kyle? No way the boy couldn’t even figure out how to tie his own shoes.

I could almost feel the adrenaline drop into my system as I gave Kyle a final shove. He sped back tripping on his on legs and landing on his butt. I ran and ran fast. I ran out the main entrance of the school.

I ran until I passed by anything familiar. I stopped running as soon as I saw a pay phone. Digging my lunch money out of my pocket I deposited it into the change slot and dialed my house phone.


A small dark haired girl running at an amazing speed through the woods instantly stopped. A small smile crept upon her face as she took in the image behind her eyes. Slowly she looked up at her companion, an abnormally large russet wolf.

“She’s coming home.” She said. Instantely the large wolf was replaced by a young Native American man. The look of complete wonderment on his eyes change to one of deep thought. A satisfied grin split his face.

“I’ve got a plan.” He said in his deep voice.

“I know.” she replied an equally devilish look in her eyes.