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I am Reneesmee

Tara is pale athletic and beautiful. But when injction marks start to show up on her arms as well as recieving an unexpected visitor in her bedroom will she discover she is not really who she thought she was?

I hope you like it don't worry it will get more interesting.

3. Chapter 3

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I was exhausted. I was never exhausted and yet suddenly I was. Lying on my bright orange comforter I could almost hear my bones screaming at me. I groaned and rolled over onto my side trying to find a part of my body that wasn’t sore. What had I done to disserve this awful fate? I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t even do more than five minutes of gym for crying out loud. I wouldn’t mind have one of those out of body experiences people talk about right now as long as the pain goes away.

Suddenly I sensed someone was near by. Then I heard several loud footsteps. I remained motionless on my bed. Then the sound of low voices and grunts met my ears. I distinctly heard the sound of bare feet slapping against cement. A sound familiar to me from several years of swim classes at the YMCA. I sat up hesitantly wincing as my sheets rustled loudly with the slightest movement. I felt my heart pound in my chest. Fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings.

I stopped breathing as I heard my window begin a silent journey upward. Knowing I had little time I crawled of my bed toward the little display case that rested at the foot of my bed. Kneeling on the floor I lifted the glass lid and reached in for one of the authentic kimono swords. The hilt bearing the design of a fierce dragon outlined in gold. I slid the shining steel blade out of its cradle like hilt. This blade hadn’t seen battle for centuries. That was about to change.

I peered at the window to see a large dark hand placing it ever so gently into its resting place. After the hand came an arm then a shoulder. A bare leg followed next several inches more revealed the hemline of a much used pair of black running shorts. As if an evil villain in a play the man ducked his head in and raised it with dramatic flourish. I chose that time to attack raising the blade above my head to bear down upon the exposed shoulder of the intruder. We both cried out were both startled to feel the blade meet flesh. We both cried out in similar tones. Though his in pain mine in horror.

Time seemed to slow. A trickle of blood fell from the shoulder wound. And then there was no more blood. The gaping wound no longer there. Just a pale pink line barely visible in the dim lighting. And then there was no more light, no more intruder. Just a screaming darkness.


She slumped to the floor dead weight. The samurai style sword still in her grip.

I flung myself fully into the room not caring if any one heard me. I grabbed her limp body thankful to see she had not landed on the sword.

“Jake what’s wrong? Oh crap what happened?” said a familiar voice behind me. I only half heard the words already knowing their meaning.

“She thought I was an intruder, she tried defending herself with that sword.” I replied tilting my head to where I had placed the sword. I saw Seth’s eyes widen in excitement. He picked up the sword by the hilt with care as if it was made of porcelain.

“Jake this is a traditional samurai sword. Do you know how rare these things are? Not to mention expensive.” he replied in an enthusiastic voice.

“Dude stay on task!”

Right sorry um…”

“What’s happening?” asked a voice from the darkness. It was soft and could have belonged to a small child. I look down once again at here delicate face sad to see her eyes up close. I sighed heavily. Carlisle’s work was to flawless for his own good.

I was suddenly distracted by a struggle to hold onto the pale girl as she tried to twist out of my grasp. When the attempt proved unsuccessful she drew in a sharp breath as if she was going to scream. I clamped my hand over her small mouth just in time to muffle the expected scream.

Then she looked directly into my eyes and distant recognition filled her eyes. I removed my hand seeing as she was no longer trying to scream.

“Jake.” My name seemed to echo off the walls.