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I am Reneesmee

Tara is pale athletic and beautiful. But when injction marks start to show up on her arms as well as recieving an unexpected visitor in her bedroom will she discover she is not really who she thought she was?

I hope you like it don't worry it will get more interesting.

5. Chapter 5

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The wind was cool on my skin as I stepped out my first story window. Fatigue no longer hindered my muscles. My bare feet hit the pavement with a satisfyingly ringing silence. The dirt and rocks covering the concrete like a fine powder felt like goose down under my feet when my mother and I “accidentally” ripped my pillow at my 7th grade sleepover.

My thoughts instantly darkened at the thought of my mother. No matter how much I wished to be reunited with my real family leaving the people who raised me would be the most difficult thing I’d ever done in my life. The only memories I had of my true parents were a scant few, compared to the many years worth I’d gained with my par… foster parents.

I realized a hand was passing back in forth in front of my face. To my eyes they seemed to move at a normal speed but my peripheral senses told me that it was moving much faster. I smiled up at Jacob who had caught me drifting off. His answering grin was warm and loving. I felt my heart jump in my chest, and I instantly cast my eyes down a light flush adorning my cheeks. I felt Jake’s warm hand brush over my cheek lightly causing my subtle blush to spread all over my face.

“Ahem,” Seth said in his deep throated way. I turned my face toward him surprised to feel the silence penetrated. Upon seeing my face a wide knowing grin split his face. “The fainting the blushing you are most definitely Bella’s kid.”

Eager to change the subject I asked a question that had been stuck at the back of my mind.

“ Where exactly are we going?” I looked at Seth quizzically afraid to see the expression on Jake’s face. To answer my fear Jake replied in a slightly pained tone.

“We left Forks about nine years ago after a few people became suspicious and after a few times of moving around we settled in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania.”

“What’s so special about Pennsylvania?” I asked we had briefly discussed Pennsylvania’s history in social studies but all the important stuff had happened in Gettysburg and Philadelphia.

“Nothing in particular it just happens to be in overcast 2/3 of the year.” He replied in a dismissive tone. In my mind I calculated the distance from here (just outside of NYC) to Mechanicsburg. I came up with a rough estimate of 350 miles. I stared at my feet in confusion how were we going to cross that much distance barefoot.

I looked up intending on voicing my opinions to find to a large sand colored wolf obstructing my view. His facial expression (if you could call it that) was of complete delight at my surprise. I grimaced at Seth knowing he was in some animalistic way he was laughing at me. I glanced at Jake relieved to see he was still on two feet. I approached him with confident steps not feeling as observed with Seth in wolf form.

“How are we going to…”I gasped as my sentence was cut off as I was swept up into Jake’s strong arms. I felt serene and small there, and I allowed myself to settle into his arms and close my eyes.

“Does that answer your question?” Jake asked amusement lacing the edges of his voice. Opening one eye glimpsed once again at his smiling face. I closed it again as we proceeded to the edge of the woods behind my house. Content in his arms I savored the warmth of Jake’s embrace as I felt the adrenaline leave my veins.A muted whisper escaped my lips as I drifted off to sleep.

“Wake me when we’re home.” I fell asleep the word home sweet on my tongue.