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What could have been, never was

The rest of the night was a painful blur. At last, they walked away, thinking I was dead. But I wasn’t. I lay there in the dark street on the cold April night, hating Royce and waiting to die.

Rosalie on the last night she was a human. i really like her story so i decided to write one from the night she was changed into a vampire. enjoy :) oh and review! plz!

1. Chapter 1: Night to remember

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“Oh, Vera! Henry is the sweetest thing!” I cooed as I held my best friend’s baby in my arms.

I was sitting in Vera’s living room with her and her husband George. I often came to visit and help her with little Henry. I was honestly jealous or her. But my dreams would be answered as soon as I married my prince charming, Royce.

“Isn’t he? I’m so blessed!” Vera answered lovingly. “Are you and Royce going to have any children?”

“Oh, I hope so! Wouldn’t they be lovely? Fair haired and beautiful, playing on the lawns of our estate.” I said with a dreamy look in my eyes.

Vera looked at me a little jealously - Just the way everyone else did. Everyone wanted to be me - Rosalie Hale. Of course I didn’t blame them. I was beautiful, blond, and had the most perfect life. Sometimes I wonder why they didn’t name the Barbie dolls after me.

“Oh!” I said as I noticed how dark it was outside. “I really should go. It’s getting late.”

I kissed little Henry on the forehead and said, “Goodbye darling. Auntie Rose will be back tomorrow,” then I handed him to his mother.

“Thank you for joining us for dinner, Rosalie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Vera said as she walked me to the door with her baby in her arms and her husband by her side, his arm around her waist.

George kissed her cheek when he thought I wasn’t looking. And for some reason, that bothered me. Royce never kissed me like that - so lovingly and sweetly. But I shoved that thought aside. Our wedding was only a week away, and I loved him, no matter how he kissed me.

I stepped out the door and started walking down the dark street. It was unusually cold for a late April night. I pulled my jacket closer to me as I walked, hoping the weather doesn’t effect the wedding - I didn’t want to have to move it indoors. That would ruin the whole affect of it.

I was only a few streets away from my house. The street lamps made the dark street look eerie. I quickened my pace.

Then I heard loud laugher and looked up. There was a cluster of men standing under a broken street lamp. They were drunk. Fear overtook me and I walked even faster, determined to get home and away from them. Oh, how I wished I had called my father! But the way was so short, it would have seemed silly.

“Rose!” one of the men suddenly yelled.

I stopped and looked at them more clearly. I hadn’t noticed how well dressed they were, or how familiar they looked. It was Royce and some of his friends.

“Here’s my Rose!” Royce continued to shout, while the others laughed stupidly. “You’re late. We’re cold, you’ve kept us waiting so long.”

I had never seen him drink before. Only at parties, but he never drank a lot. Now he was hopelessly drunk, but he was still my Royce. Harmless.

All fear left me as I walked over to my fiancé.

“What did I tell you, John.” Royce crowed, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer. “Isn’t she lovelier then all your Georgia peaches?”

My heart rate began to speed up. I felt a little scared. But he was still my Royce, and he would never hurt me.

The man called John looked me over like I was a horse he was buying.

“It’s hard to tell,” he drawled slowly. “She’s all covered up.”

They laughed. Royce was laughing, too. Fear swept over me again. I was shocked as Royce ripped the jacket from my shoulders. It was my favorite - a gift from him.

“Show him what you look like, Rose!” he laughed.

Then he tore my hat out of my hair. The pins pulled my hair from the roots and I screamed out in pain. Why was he doing this to me? I thought he loved me!

They kept laughing. It seemed they like the sound of my pain. And that really scared me.

They ripped the earrings out of my ears, which left my ears bleeding. Then the bracelets were pulled from my arm, surely breaking my wrist.

The rest of the night was a painful blur. At last, they walked away, thinking I was dead. But I wasn’t.

I lay there in the dark street on the cold April night, hating Royce and waiting to die.