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My Life in Forks

Kristy Sander is a half-vampire. After her mother's death, she travels to Forks. She joins the Cullens and meets the wolves, becoming an object of imprinting. Has her life forever changed? And a special thanks to JacobBlackFan41. Everyone go read her fabulous story after reading mine. My Life In Forks MY AMAZING BANNER WAS MADE BY: Eternitys_Charm BTW: I'm considering deleting this story... let me know what you think? Even if you say I should!


19. Chapter 19: Hitting the town!

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We went to the middle of the city. We all decided to go to a concert. Some Spanish band that was very popular was playing. We all understood Spanish but we left the concert. We decided to head back to the hotel. Everywhere we went, people stared. Embry's reaction was funny when I was hit on. He spoke English.

“Hi, I'm Andres. You are?” he asked expectantly. “I am Kirsten.” I used a fake name.

“So-o I know we just met but what are you doing tomorrow?” he asked confidently.

“Going out with me. Hi, I'm her husband.” Embry hovered over him. Andres looked scared and retreated. I laughed at him. I really loved his Embry's jealousy, it was so hot on him. We all walked back to our hotel.

We said good-bye to everyone and walked to our suite. I got to the door and jumped into Embry's arms. We swung me around in a huge bear hug. I laughed. He set me down. I put my arms around his shoulders and stretched, as high as I could, to kiss his lips. He kissed me for a moment then, he moved to my throat. He kissed me softly up my throat, to my jaw, back to my lips. I took his jacket off, then his shirt. He unzipped my dress. It fell to my feet. I took his pants off, all was left were his boxers. I was in my undergarments too. I turned to push him onto the bed. I was on him. My hands moved up and down his bare chest. In his chest, he moaned. We pulled away for a moment, gasping for air. “Ah, Kristy.” he sighed. “Embry.” I sighed back. I kissed softly from his chest to his lips. He eagerly kissed me back.


I woke up very early in the morning. I looked out the window, with heavy light streaming in. I stood up to walk on the large white balcony. I opened the door quietly and stepped out. There were tons of flowers and plants and a huge table with some chairs. I went to sit down in one of the very padded, comfy-looking chairs. Something moved near me. I stared out in the direction of the other patio, which led to Edward and Bella's suite. It moved again. Edward. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“You scared me Edward!” I said. “Not Edward.” a dark voice said. “Help!” I shouted, not knowing why. Edward and Bella dashed out of their suite. Embry burst out the door in only a pair of cargo shorts. “Why are you here, Demetri?” Edward spit through his teeth. “Demetri?” that name was a name that made me shiver. “ That's you?!” I was pretty mad. “You're the one?” I asked him.

“Yes.” he tried to flash a seductive smile, it was gross to me. “The one what?” Bella asked.

“The one my father, no my creator, tried to set me up with. After he was paid by this pervert.” I jerked my thumb toward him. Embry growled. Edward hissed. Bella probably put her shield around us. We all stared at Demetri. He looked at ease.

“You have a lot of nerve.” Edward was the first to speak. “And you came alone?” he asked him. Demetri nodded. The rest of the Cullens came through the door. Jasper and Emmett crouched at the look of Demetri. “I think you might as well take a good look at me. I am what you paid for.” I turned around. “It would have been worth every penny.” he looked at me. “I'm married.” I held up my ring.

“Oh. You're father said you would have been best. He didn't mention a husband.” he looked down a little, taking in my body. “Well at the time there wasn't. I'm very sorry.” I told him. “For what?” he asked. “Sorry you will most likely die.” I told him. He sprung at me.